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Comment: Re:Safety? (Score 1) 212

by fwice (#43843587) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Safe Learning Environment For VMs?

Try reading the third line of the summary again. The bit where is says "segregated LAN" might interest you...

You made an incorrect blanket statement and I was pointing out a potential case to show this incorrectness.

You claim that having root on a VM is not a security concern -- and I am showing a case where that is incorrect -- even if that does not conform the submitter's problem at large.

Comment: FALSE ALARM (Score 3, Informative) 196

by fwice (#42185443) Attached to: Movie Studios Ask Google To Censor Links To Legal Copies of Their Own Films

It may have been some randoms doing DMCA illegally:


Update: now points to a parked page. Yet another sign that these notices may be fraudulent, and not authorized by the copyright holders at all. If that’s indeed the case it remains unclear what the purpose of these notices is. It would show how easily these DMCA notices can be abused.

Comment: Re:Signing Statement? (Score 1) 301

by fwice (#40030415) Attached to: Federal Court Rejects NDAA's Indefinite Detention, Issues Injunction

Pot smokers can choose not to smoke pot.

Gay people can choose not to have gay sex.

Neither group can control their desires.

Are straight people unable to control their desires? Should they be required to? Why should it be any different for gay individuals?

That's what makes this a larger civil rights issue, one worthy of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment -- a suspect class not receiving the same rights as a majority class under the law.

While I do not disagree that federal drug law reform is necessary, I do not agree with the decision to prioritise drug reform simply because more people are effected -- that starts to delve into the tyranny of the majority realm.

Comment: Re:Link (Score 4, Interesting) 108

by fwice (#38106672) Attached to: US Gives Raytheon $10.5M For 'Serious Games'

I've never heard of Raythorn BBN Technologies and I bet you haven't either. So here.

you would have lost the bet. BBN is pretty well known for networking related developments (first packet switch/router, first machine-to-machine messaging/email) and acoustic developments (UN Assembly Hall, forensic analysis of the JFK dictabelt & the Nixon Tapes, `Boomerang').

In fact, your computer probably has a fair bit of BBN code & configuration in it. Grep for 'BBN' in /etc, see what comes up.

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