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Comment Re:Taxi establishment digging its own grave (Score 1) 210

If you want dispatching, you call a "car service" that costs less than the cab.

You mean more than the cab. Black car services are more expensive than regular taxis.

The reality is that before cell phones and smart phones dispatched cars were just vastly inferior and so weren't that numerous.

The services were vastly superior to cabs (Town Cars vs. cramped taxis, better drivers, no partitions, etc.), but they did require that you called a car service, so there was more of a lead time.

Comment Re:Uber in NYC *is* regulated.` (Score 1) 210

The complaints are about the low-cost tiers which are essentially the same thing as Lyft. Unlicensed individuals selling rides for hire through Uber as a booking agent. The drivers and vehicles aren't licensed as limos or taxis, and the cars don't have the special plates or stickers.

Except, in NYC, the low-cost tier (Uber X) IS licensed as limos, with drivers with Taxi and Limo Commission licenses, and vehicles with the special TLC plates. The only difference between Uber X and Uber Black in NYC is that Uber Black has nicer cars (think Escalades vs. Camrys). This is a big difference between NYC and the rest of the country. NYC doesn't have the "Bob and his Chevy working for a couple hours driving people around" aspect.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 2) 109

The voter roll is a matter of public record in pretty much every state, and for very good reason - if it's not public, there's no way for the public to cross check to make sure that someone in government hasn't been adding people who don't exist. Like a lot of public data, it's available to anyone who wants it, so long as they cover the cost of providing the data. Sounds like these 12 organizations have, in effect, a subscription.

Comment Re:Yet in the USA.... (Score 1) 91

Pretty much everyone in the Comcast, Time Warner Cable, or Charter footprints (about 2/3 of the US, combined) can get at least 100Mbps, if they want it. Charter doesn't even sell anything below 60Mbps anymore, and Comcast and TWC's standard package is now 50Mbps.

The competitive issue is the much lower speeds that most telcos offer.

Also, the backbone isn't the issue, it's the last mile.

Comment Re:Um, this is news? (Score 1) 217

Yes but with [b]Moor's law[/b] we'll beat that eventually, just as athletes running faster and faster will eventually exceed the speed of light. ;-)

Assume your best friend is telling the truth about your wife's infidelity without actually confronting her and hearing her side of the story?

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