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Comment: Re:Waitasecondhere... (Score 1) 403

by geminidomino (#49585675) Attached to: Tattoos Found To Interfere With Apple Watch Sensors

Now if they didn't work on black people, you'd have a story, but nobody said the Watch would work over tattoos, and nobody asked either.

Actually, since you mention it, they were talking about just that issue not long ago (early last week, maybe?) before this "Tattoogate" bullshit started. Can't seem to find a link now, since it's all "tattoos" now and apparently you can't do "-keyword" in search engines anymore

Comment: Re:Sad to hear... (Score 1) 123

by geminidomino (#49585449) Attached to: Crowdfunded Android Console Ouya Reportedly Seeking Buyout

Except they did deliver and the only reason for the price increase was that Craig refused to file suit against the circuit company for destroying all those boards.

Fair enough, but in the long run, you still ended up with a weak business plan (and unwillingness to engage in the unpleasant sides of business) resulting in underpowered hardware at an extremely uncompetitive price.

Comment: Seriously, Slashdot? (Score 1) 153

What's the slashdot equivalent of "shitpost?" You might have at least mentioned that it's going to have a new renderer and support for extensions, rather than just farting out a 3 sentence blurb about the name.

However, only Edge will use Microsoft’s new rendering engine of the same name. ...
Developers will be able to take their Chrome extensions or Firefox add-ons and, with “just a few changes,” bring them to Microsoft Edge. Belfiore demoed a Reddit extension originally built for Chrome, running on Microsoft Edge.

And yeah, the "Reddit extension" in question is RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite).

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