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Comment Re:What engineering is really about. (Score 1) 407

I had a similar experience in the Navy too. For my certification in job I did from 2002-2004, my equipment was all randomized, every single setting and option was made to be something just ridiculous from normal, things were unplugged, shut off, and scrambled. I had to get everything back to 100% perfect functionality in less than 2 hours. Failure to achieve 100% was failure, kthxbye.

Comment Re:An F-15 is much bigger than a P-51. OMG BLOAT! (Score 1) 452

I built my latest rig approximately a year ago, and I have zero intention of upgrading in the next 12 months, and would even go as far to say that there's a 5% chance I will upgrade prior to 24 months from now. We're not really seeing tremendous leaps with hardware these days, nothing that would invalidate a $1000 custom rig for a long, long time.

Comment Chat with Newegg Customer Support (Score 3, Interesting) 194

Copy Print Exit 4:58:39 PM CustomerChristian Initial Question/Comment: Rebates 4:58:44 PM SystemSystem Jeremy has joined this session! 4:58:44 PM SystemSystem Connected with Jeremy 4:58:44 PM SystemSystem Hello my name is Jeremy. How may I help you today? 4:59:20 PM CustomerChristian Hi there, I was reading an article about how amazon refunded the microsoft OS price for a netbook that was purchased. http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2009/07/21/getting-your-microsoft-tax-refunded-1010-for-amazon-uk/ 4:59:35 PM CustomerChristian I was wondering whether Newegg would do that on a laptop I ordered, because I don't accept the EULA. 5:00:34 PM AgentJeremy We do not offer this return. 5:01:02 PM CustomerChristian Didn't think so. :) Perhaps one day when EULA's are challenged in court we can get this fixed. Until then, viva la microsoft tax eh? ;) 5:01:49 PM AgentJeremy Do you have any other questions, or is there anything else I can assist you with today? 5:01:53 PM CustomerChristian Nope, thanks. Send Session ID: 658231 Question40 Pick one of the following options: OK Cancel Timeout40 Do you wish to continue this chat session? Continue Session End Session

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