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Comment Re:How can they tell its tidally locked? (Score 1) 575

The problem is, he said "whose lifetime is in the..." He did not say it was 20 to 30 billion years OLD, just that the star had a total lifespan of 20 to 30 billion years, meaning that whatever its age, it has a long ass time before it "dies" (well, becomes a black dwarf).

Comment Re:What engineering is really about. (Score 1) 407

I had a similar experience in the Navy too. For my certification in job I did from 2002-2004, my equipment was all randomized, every single setting and option was made to be something just ridiculous from normal, things were unplugged, shut off, and scrambled. I had to get everything back to 100% perfect functionality in less than 2 hours. Failure to achieve 100% was failure, kthxbye.

Comment Re:An F-15 is much bigger than a P-51. OMG BLOAT! (Score 1) 452

I built my latest rig approximately a year ago, and I have zero intention of upgrading in the next 12 months, and would even go as far to say that there's a 5% chance I will upgrade prior to 24 months from now. We're not really seeing tremendous leaps with hardware these days, nothing that would invalidate a $1000 custom rig for a long, long time.

Comment Chat with Newegg Customer Support (Score 3, Interesting) 194

Copy Print Exit 4:58:39 PM CustomerChristian Initial Question/Comment: Rebates 4:58:44 PM SystemSystem Jeremy has joined this session! 4:58:44 PM SystemSystem Connected with Jeremy 4:58:44 PM SystemSystem Hello my name is Jeremy. How may I help you today? 4:59:20 PM CustomerChristian Hi there, I was reading an article about how amazon refunded the microsoft OS price for a netbook that was purchased. http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2009/07/21/getting-your-microsoft-tax-refunded-1010-for-amazon-uk/ 4:59:35 PM CustomerChristian I was wondering whether Newegg would do that on a laptop I ordered, because I don't accept the EULA. 5:00:34 PM AgentJeremy We do not offer this return. 5:01:02 PM CustomerChristian Didn't think so. :) Perhaps one day when EULA's are challenged in court we can get this fixed. Until then, viva la microsoft tax eh? ;) 5:01:49 PM AgentJeremy Do you have any other questions, or is there anything else I can assist you with today? 5:01:53 PM CustomerChristian Nope, thanks. Send Session ID: 658231 Question40 Pick one of the following options: OK Cancel Timeout40 Do you wish to continue this chat session? Continue Session End Session

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