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Comment California driving Californians out of California (Score 1) 158

If it weren't for the latest tech bubble keeping them afloat, California would be completely screwed.

California has:

* High state income taxes, and overall it's one of the highest taxed states in the country.
* Over $1.3 TRILLION in government debt, much in underfunded public employee union pension obligations.
* A regulatory and legal climate that stifles growth and drives businesses out of the state to lower tax, lower regulation, lower cost states like Texas.
* Schools that are some of the worst in the nation.
* Some of the worst roads in the nation, despite having some of the highest gas taxes in the nation.
* Widening income inequality, driven by coastal elites enacting policies that make it increasingly difficult for the poor and middle class to earn a living in California.

San Francisco is an extreme example of the case, since their land use regulations are even worse than the rest of California, and their rent control policies make it so hard to evict tenants that building owners choose to let properties remain vacant because it's all but impossible to kick a tenant out if you want to sell the property.

People can't afford to live in San Francisco because the city and state governments have made the decisions that make it impossible for them to live there.

Comment My public school system is great (Score 1) 158

because I live in a well to do part of town with high property values (and therefor taxes). If the public school system sucks in San Francisco with their property values being what they are then something is very, very wrong.

Those zoning decisions are anything but stupid. They're carefully thought out to achieve a certain goal. The question that's being asked in TFS is: is that goal forcing families and lower income people out of San Fransisco? A corollary to that is: is that an accident or on purpose?

Remember, the young rich people there need poor and lower middle class people to cook food, clean, fix toilets, etc, etc. They're gonna get those people one way or the other. Abusing them (in the form of 4 hour commutes or tent cities) is one option. Hell, it's the option most cities in second world countries pick. Is America going to go that route?

Comment AI investment will be interesting (Score 1) 117

since most stock "advisors" are actually salesmen who get commissioned for pushing certain stocks (and IIRC they'll even tell you that, albeit with the weaselistly words possible).

What worries me is that this is another case of increased efficiency in our economy. Inefficiency is a huge part of what keeps it all going. Now, it's certainly true that it's ridiculous to pay people to break windows to employ window makers; but I'm not convinced we're going to have anything for those window makers to do if tomorrow the number of broken windows drops 90%. We either need a solution to keep the money and resources flowing or it'll collect at the top like it always has.

Comment Your attitude makes me sad. (Score 2) 143

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. your philosophy"

Yes, you are correct, you don't need much math for some types of programming. However, it saddens me that you would attack a man for wanting to expand and master the study of computer science. He has literally devoted decades of his life to writing books to help programmers such as yourself get better at their craft. If you don't want to learn more about your trade, that is fine too. But don't get upset if you get passed over for a job in favor of some other guy who cracked open Knuth and worked all the exercises.

Comment I coulda used this (Score 1) 139

when I got creamed out on my road bike, assuming it can detect pedestrians. I was carrying the damn thing across a cross walk (with the little green walky man no less) and somebody ran the light. They clipped the wheel of my bike or I wouldn't be here right now. The lady stopped. It as broad daylight but somehow she didn't "see" me. Folks tune out when driving. That light almost never turns red so it didn't occur to her to stop. Put another way they're driving with their lizard brains. I'd rather they do it with an electronic brain instead.

Comment Competitors don't get it (Score 5, Insightful) 98

Oh so I can pay 2x and get something 2x faster. Wow. And I could pay 2x of $60 and get a whole chromebook or used laptop that was 8x faster. Or a I could buy a cheap android phone and have my rockchip with a touch screen and battery for that $60.

they just don't understand the price point logic of $35.

Likewise going the other way you can buy a cheaper and more powerful board like a Pine or an Orange PI, save yourself $10 in parts and then pay about $300 in time and effort (assuming your time is worth $50/hour) to get a linux distro and and all the needed packages that actually works on it. the orange PI's are junk because a usabale software set only gets ported a year or more after the board has been on the market. I bought one once, and had to download several different distro's for it till I got one with drivers that would support the Key board, Blue tooth, and screen I was using. And even then it was only using just 1 of it's 4 processors and no graphics acceleration from the Mali chip. that took hours to wade through. then when I tried to install other code the libraries didn't compile. Fast forward 3 years, and it works fine now but the rasperry PI 3 eclipsed it.

The whole point of the RPI is a bomb proof little circuit that has loads of well testd software so it's not the project, it's the thing you put into the project.

Comment They're just bumping their stock price (Score 3, Informative) 157

with layoffs. Believe it or not this is the result of deregulation of stock trading. It used to be companies couldn't buy their own stock (what with it being stock manipulation and all).That got changed during Reagan and when it did it started the trend to compensate executives with stocks; which in turn created all these perverse incentives for short term stock gains so the CEOs could boost their salaries. This is one effect of that. The constant mergers & acquisitions are another. It's one of those things like repealing Glass-Steagall that pretty much warped our entire economy.

The lesson? If you find that the behavior the regulation was meant to stop has stopped; well, maybe, just maybe the reason is there was a regulation to stop it.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 62

Just spoke to someone on another forum -- Ontario resident who has the misfortune to own a house with electric heat. And in the past year their bills went from high but tolerable, to just under $700/month -- with the heat turned down as far as it can be without all the pipes freezing up, and their kids walking around wrapped in blankets.

The anti-warming types who raise such a fuss every time we have a hot summer are silent when an unusually cold winter kills a lot of people, whether through direct cold or financial hardship.

Comment I'm not so sure they will (Score 1) 1460

After the shit show of the last election. Sure, Hilary had baggage. And the right wing press spent the last 20 years vilifying her to the point that a simple insecure email server of the type everybody in Washington ran (see:Colin Powell) helped sink her campaign. But she still shoulda beat Trump senseless. I'm guessing her and her supporters will get tossed out on their asses after a failure of this magnitude. This is defeat from the jaws of victory.

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