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Comment Re:Friends (Score 1) 504

Dammit, I've been trolled again.

I'm trolling for pointing out the fact that everybody loses by using such 'tactics' when shopping?

Just about everything you say enforces why it is important to reward good companies for good products instead of seeking to cause losses for ones you dislike.

Also, you should know better after a decade in the repair industry than to buy a retail SKU notebook. Business class is the only way to go due to the better warranties and they aren't slapping this week's popular GPU on any old board to up the specs without concern for TDP.

I stick with Lenovo and HP. Board failure? A guy shows up to my house or office in 48 hours and replaces it on the spot at no cost. Screen looks wonky? The guy shows up and replaces it. There is no waiting months for whatever. Invest that energy you use for scamming return policies into better shopping practices and you won't have much to be bitter about. Trust me.

Comment Re:Best Buy salesmen (Score 1) 504

Not to mention is horrific social skills if he can't float through a place like Best Buy without a major debate with a sales person.

If someone is saying something stupid in a store, it is easy enough just to ignore them and go about your business. I think a lot of this thread is hyperbole or people insecure about their own position in life and need to smash the egos of people earning $6/hr working at a crappy retailer.

Comment Re:Who buys a computer from best buy? (Score 1) 504

I do purchase from Newegg, but I don't blindly trust their pricing scheme. They marked up SSDs massively when distribution channels were backordered. I was able to pick up a G2 160GB Intel drive for $440 when Newegg was taking orders for the same model for over $600.

They often over price accessories. Most recent one I've noticed is that NIA controller (some brain reading device) being like $120 after an 'instant rebate' but the same thing is sitting on the shelf at a local Microcenter store for $83. The same thing goes for their shipping rates often being flat on each product instead of by total weight of the purchase, so you end up paying way more for shipping than you ever would if you tried sending the same amount of stuff yourself.

Other things, such as CPUs and DIMMs, they do very well with and some of the shell shocker deals are pretty good. But, I would recommend looking around a bit before just blindly grabbing something from a retailer due to 'trust'.

Comment Re:BestBuy will never be allowed to "optimize" (Score 1) 504

As will HP or Lenovo. Any Smart Buy or Top Seller package will always come with Microsoft media and all the crapware on a seperate DVD so you can easily install just a copy of XP, Vista or Win7 (depending on which your SKU was assigned to) without any other software.

The only real snag with the 'big boys' business line is making sure you get 32 and 64 bit media up front. For some reason the support behind major brand systems often think Windows 7 licensing is tied to the bit level, which it is not.

Comment Re:Anonymouse Coward (Score 1) 504

Sorry, I work in distribution channels and Best Buy doesn't negociate based on what software is installed. If you get a part number KFA3544#ABA (made up part number) system at Best Buy, it will come with the exact same software image as the same part number from CompUSA, Newegg, or any other channel.

True, most companies would rather sell accessories as opposed to a computer system. Standard retail markup on just about anything we buy in a Walmart, Target, etc is 33% markup over distribution. The markup on a retail bought PC? Maybe 4-5% due to the endless competition and price wars over PCs. It is just a fact of life. Even most non-technical old people I know do know better than to spend a lot of money on cables, since companies like Monster Cables has drawn enough attention to anything cable-related for many years now. I really look at the big-box stores as "where to buy a cable/PSU/keyboard in an absolute emergency if working on a project due Monday and the system has an issue Saturday evening at 8PM".

I do call BS on the entire article. If these guys were so bright as to unveil a scam at BB, they should have been able to at least figure out what changed on the system. Incompetence all around, including TFA. They can't figure out why a machine is 1/3 slower when they get it back? Time to start writing articles on politics and leave IT alone.

Comment Re:Read the article (Score 1) 504

Well, the cables you find online will cost $2 but charge $6.50 to ship it to you in most cases. Anyone walking into a retail store gloating about how much better prices are on some website are usually doing nothing but annoying the poor $6/hr lady at the cash register who was told by management to ask customers if they want a warranty with all purchases.

Mind you, I am not sure why the guy behind you would walk out. It seems like anyone who has ever shopped at Best Buy or CompUSA knows after the first visit they will ask if you want a warranty with a $5 mouse, or whatever. It's much like going to McDonalds and trying to make a scene when they ask if you would like fries with your burger, or to upsize your meal.

Kudos, though. You seem like the type who is just out to annoy people making minimum wage and contribute to their disdain for customers and hate their jobs even more. If you would like to be productive, perhaps write the district manager of these stores and let them know how annoying you find suggestive selling. It probably won't get anywhere, but nor will ruining a cashier's day.

Comment Re:Friends (Score 4, Insightful) 504

So you go to Best Buy,

and rip them off...

That way we can make sure to encourage the retail chains in the US to remain as shitty as possible?

I don't shop at Best Buy, but I disagree with the practice of wasting other people's time and money, which is what this is. It is much wiser to go to Microcenter and get a $10 SATA or IDE enclosure and just keep your old drive in it as a spare or to give to a friend who needs one. All my old 100-120GB drives from the turn of the millenium are happily housed in such units and come in handy when someone needs temp storage or truck around some data.

Doing it this way, the retail establishment has no reason to jack up prices further, keeps employees employed, and Startech or whoever made the enclosure got a sale for a manufacturing a decent enough product.

There is a thousand ways to royally screw over companies using warranty and return policies, they don't take much thought to discover and abuse, but I don't think doing so is the path to any form of enlightenment.

Comment Re:It's like bicycles... (Score 1) 349

Yes, but do you want to be running around supporting a 1,200 system deployment of the shittiest model Dell with an assortment of different motherboards, drives, lots of fans, and questionable build quality or 1,200 Wyse terminals that are identical in every fashion with no moving parts to fail?

Sure the prices get on up there for a good thin client, but it scales similar to going from GMA video to a Matrox or ATI dual head video card when comparing the nicer models to the most basic ones.

I guess if your IT people work for free, the Dell would be a better choice. Really, anyone wanting to put white-box or shitbox solutions in place of a proven thin client should not be in the position to make such decisions.

Comment Re:how (Score 1) 129

Remember when Fark and Facebook people beat out Slashdot in that IQ test? I suspect many neck beards are still ruffled over that one. Nothing but posts about 'HAHA WE R SMERT' up until the law of averages kicked in and a million excuses flowed forth until the thread was eventually locked.

Comment Re:You've got to be kidding me (Score 1) 245

I always feel think "wow, this guy's kids must be miserable" when I read all these crazy anti-capitalist/anarchist style posts on /. then I remember most are virgins still trying to look cool enough to maybe get some sloppy from that cool goth slut they admire so much.

I've gone from six figures to zero and back again. Living on rice and beans and stealing wood for the fireplace is not really as enjoyable as driving my Corvette around or playing games on my i7.

IKEA is trash, tho. It is furnishing designed with 20-25 year olds on a low income and small place in mind. Nothing you would actually stick in a loft or house.

Good luck feeding such a gigantic population without food corporations, fail to mention get a car, build a building, get to space, get electricity, have a TV, internet, get your teeth fixed, medicine, surgery, air conditioning, etc without corporations. If people here really were serious about leaving these things behind, they wouldn't be posting about it on /.. They could easily buy a plane ticket to the upper edge of the uninhabited Canadian wilderness and live off the land and never, ever deal with anything related to commercialization or government again, but nope, they'll just whine on websites like they have some kind of insight we've all somehow missed.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 528

I went to the trouble of logging in to say this and saw your post. I agree. Windows already allows a side-by-side window dragging that is very useful on a widescreen display and two documents.

The root of the window 'tabbing' issue is already addressed in Win7, too, but with a more visual versions of tabs on the new task bar. hover/click the icon and get a list of windows a particular application has spawned. You can make it look a little different, but the idea has already been done.

Honestly, I think it is time for KDE to do what they did long ago when they copied the Win95 interface. That made Linux feel better for noobs, thus a redesign with Aero in mind would do the same for a newer generation of noobs. I know, it's not fun for the fanbois, but it makes less 'leet' interface that would allow business users to have an easier time adapting.


Comment Re:What do you expect? (Score 1) 1006

I agree.

For what it is worth, when I run into someone who just needs to fiddle with photos they took on their fancy new camera; I always recommend the GIMP.

If they say "I want to learn to build a professional looking website and do all my own content creation including mastering video", then I'll suggest Adobe's suites.

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 285

It is pretty dumb to stick it in a metal box. That is only 43 notes. You can easily shove that much in a decently broken in wallet or $30 money belt's compartment.

Not that he should have gotten in trouble for such a small amount, just there are smarter ways to transport cash. Having had three suitcases lost by airlines, there is no way in hell I would put even my favorite shirt in a suitcase for the airlines to handle.

Hint; If you are moving american dollars around it is a good idea to rinse and iron them. Too many notes can set off a drug dog due to residues. Plus the ladies will think you are cool when you pull out crisp bills to buy your Starwars action figures.

Comment Re:What do you expect? (Score 1) 1006

As a long time user of Photoshop (13 years now?) I will boldy pop into this thread and inform you GIMP is like Photoshop from ~10 years ago minus easily obtained plugins. Going further, the CS4 suite has zero threat of losing market share to open source alternatives in the professional realm.

Blender, on the other hand, is quite useful for modelling in such an environment. It doesn't hold a flame to Maya, but there is much less of a rift than GIMP vs Photoshop.

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