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Comment Re:So Where Exactly is this 'Leaked' Document? (Score 1) 775

*Everything* about it is hearsay until either someone succeeds in getting an FOI request honoured or the thing gets ratified and it's too late to do anything about it.

Well you can stop using the Internet, right? I mean we weren't born with it. I guess I'll miss Slashdot and Google, but I'll be able to GO OUTSIDE!

And I won't be able to filter through the vast quantity of information. I wouldn't be able to manipulate the results, etc. Heck, I wouldn't even be able to pay my bills on time, because I have two choices for one of my bills: two-hour monthly drive + day off work or just use this nifty thing they call "Internet"

Comment Re:Fixed point numbers? (Score 0, Troll) 626

What the fuck is this? Who the hell even THOUGHT of putting this on Slashdot? It's common knowledge among slashdotters, because most of us are programmers or have dealt with programming in our past and by "most" I mean 999/1000 (no joke intended). You can find this in absolutely any book that explains how computer math works. You can find this information all over the Internet and in tons of books. This is not news, it's just a reminder for beginner programmers who've used computers for only a few months. In school we used to do jokes like these, showing our class mates that the Calculator in Windows was broken and the teachers always explained to us why they were broken. My parents who only use Yahoo! Messenger at home and Excel at work know this.

I know that journalism is sensationalism, but this story just plain sucks.

Fuck you and you shitty news, Slashdot! I've had enough of your crap and I'm OUT OF HERE. Seriously, how do I delete my Slashdot username?

Comment I'm safe! (Score 4, Funny) 95

I've read that Antivirus 2009 removes conflicker, so I have installed it. Now I have to get rid of the other viruses I'm getting warnings about and for that I only need
  • Cyber Security
  • Alpha Antivirus
  • Braviax
  • Windows Police Pro
  • Antivirus Pro 2010
  • PC Antispyware 2010
  • FraudTool.MalwareProtector.d
  • Winshield2009.com
  • Green AV
  • Windows Protection Suite
  • Total Security 2009
  • Windows System Suite
  • Antivirus BEST
  • System Security
  • Personal Antivirus
  • System Security 2009
  • Malware Doctor
  • Antivirus System Pro
  • WinPC Defender
  • Anti-Virus-1
  • Spyware Guard 2008
  • System Guard 2009
  • Antivirus 2010
  • Antivirus Pro 2009
  • Antivirus 360
  • MS Antispyware 2009


  • A Unix-based operating system (such as OS X or Ubuntu)

Comment Cool (Score 0, Troll) 219

OK, guys, now everyone should shut up about anything the government does, because it went open-source, right?
Does the Obama administration really think they can buy us off that easily? It's a significant step forward, but I don't think we should bother to praise them in any way.

Comment Re:I have a better idea (Score 0, Troll) 220

I think you are mistaking me for some sloppy developer that uses duct tape to stitch some HTML tag soup into something that resembles a blog or a shopping cart. And gues wat? [sic] I've earned MOST of my customers because my website is cooler than others. You have no idea what you're talking about, yet you just butt in the discussion like the OP. There are things like design patterns, test driven development, usability testing, etc. that make up a great application that looks and feels nice and is easy to use. People use my website for many hours during the day, so I have to do my best to make their work easier.

And gues wat? [sic] Many people visit my website instead of the competittors' because it's cooler than theirs.

Often (not always):
#1: rounded corners are cool
#2: complement colors are cool
#3: not having to see the whole page reload just to see an extra word is cool (ajax)
#4: clicking on something to show/hide elements instantly is cool

Compare this ugly website to this ugly website. If you don't feel the difference, you are a stone cold redneck. They're both ugly, but any human being can "feel" the difference.

I find that often times incompetent people will curse at those who dare call them on it.

And gues wat? [sic] That means absolutely nothing (it just says that many incompetents curse on others, it doesn't say anything about why you quoted me). Even if it did, it still would still mean nothing coming from you.
And gues wat? [sic] I find that often times incompetent people will try to enter discussions. I don't care if that doesn't make sense, what you said doesn't make any sense either

Please go back to your corner and read a bit about eye candy before I sue you for copyright infringement because you copied what I said without using <quote> tags.

Comment Re:I have a better idea (Score 0, Troll) 220

I sure hope the Google Docs dev team doesn't find you. You're not impressed by my cool JavaScript and fancy effects that make my website more warm and fuzzy? Well, I'm not impressed by your crappy mobile that can't even display web pages properly. We're still hurting our backs trying to write JS and CSS compatible with IE6 and you're bitching that it doesn't work on your "mobile device". Well, guess what: my fancy website is cooler than your so-called fancy mobile so-called device. Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to make everything look and behave properly? And on top of all that shit, you also have to make it standards-compliant and on top of all that shit there are tons of other "rules" you have to follow to have usable code and on top of all that shit you have to write the code properly and on top of all that shit you have to have a life and take a break once in a while. Do you imagine how much a single "proper" web page would cost? Well guess what: If you don't like the fact that my business' website displays fine for 99% of my visitors but doesn't display properly on Motorola X4358V HRH, take your money somewhere. And guess what: we're not pefect and we're still trying to create near-perfect web pages that work on horribly broken software.

In other words: it would be nice if the real world would be as you want it, your arrogant, hypocrite fuck.

With love,
Professional web developer.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 438

Nobody said anything about the laptop being turned on. No clickety-clack, no pirating, no irc/aim. I also carry the laptop around with me when I go out, because I also work in my spare time. I go to a coffee shop, get a coffee, stretch my fingers and contribute to open-source as other geeks around me. We share experiences and valuable information. Should I decide to go see a movie, I'd have to go home first to leave my laptop and that's pretty far - a couple of miles, so walking isn't an option and the traffic is horrible, so driving isn't much of an option either, because either way I'd have to give up one hour of my life + energy to see some crappy 80 minute movie with 2 minutes of real action that made up the uber-trailer.

Comment Re:Unlimited trial (Score 1) 201

I've also played Hero Online like that for years. After about a year of free play, I got bored because advancing got very slow and difficult, so I put up some cash. I've paid them a lot, but I got plenty of entertainment in return. This is a good strategy and it seems very fair - if you like the game you pay, if you don't you just go somewhere else and stop loading the servers. There are also those that never pay and just rely on free stuff, but that makes the games more entertaining for those who pay, because there are more players to interact with.

This is not really newsworthy, because there are hundreds of games that have adopted this strategy (here are a few). Of course, this being Slashdot, the "D&D" is always newsworthy :)

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