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Comment Re:Or a car. Maybe a bouncy house (Score 1) 213

So pretending that getting hit by two pounds of plastic is the same as getting hit by a two-pound hammer is stupid.

If I had claimed that it was, you would have a point. But you don't. In fact, I've claimed explicitly that it isn't. My point was that comparing it to a pillow is far more disingenuous than comparing it to a hammer. A standard pillow will not knock you unconscious no matter how high it falls from, because its terminal velocity is insufficient to the task. This drone did knock a woman unconscious, and she may well have died if she fell over and hit her head. While comparisons to hammers are unfair, comparisons to pillows are fucking retarded.

Comment Re:Nice... (Score 3, Interesting) 67

You frequently make a lot of sense on Slashdot, but this time something seems to have flipped in your head :)

Your statement only makes sense if you ignore all the other comments in this thread exactly like mine. I am far from the only one who can't get his hands on a Pi Zero for a reasonable price. My biggest complaint, honestly, is the ongoing characterization of the Pi Zero as a "$5 computer" since it is clearly nothing of the sort for the majority of people. It costs more than twice that, shipped, if you can even find one. This new device will be the same story all over again.

Comment Re:Overboard, Sad! (Score 1) 213

Of those, flying over crowds is a problem, and if there are bystanders (admittedly likely) around tall buildings as well, but the others are risks of losing the drone only, not a problem for the rest of us.

Wildly optimistic manufacturer claims are a problem in general, not restricted to drones.

And yes, some people are deeply resistant to learning from their mistakes. That's why things are generally more harsh for repeat offenders.

Comment Re:tubalcain (Score 1) 64

I also have no plans to actually do any machinist stuff, but I find the videos absorbing.

Harbor freight has a small desktop lathe that's supposed to be quite good. And a desktop mill that you install under a drill press, which is also supposed to be pretty good if you take it apart and de-burr it like they should have. Maybe it would be an entertaining hobby. I mean, what are you going to do when Slashdot finally implodes?

Comment Re:Another new headphone connector! (Score 1) 118

Trust Apple not to implement that. Of course it requires an audio amplifier, probably a chip so small it's difficult to see. There's also some extra logic around the USB chip, because that's a relatively high-current low-impedance task. But Apple has already driven its users to a different solution, and has no reason to admit that analog headphones are just fine, and that it can support them.

Comment Re:Strict liability for writing code? It's coming (Score 1) 51

The problem is the rigor that is applied to code writing doesn't exist the same way as it does in other engineering fields... something I agree needs to change.

It needs to change, at least, for software that can kill people. Toyota got dinged for unwarranted acceleration not because they made a mistake or even because it was proven that's what happened. They got in trouble because their code was such garbage that it would be shocking if it weren't causing problems. It did not meet any reasonable programming standards, including the ones typically used within the auto industry. Anyone who hires a programmer who drives a Toyota is hiring a dumbshit.

Comment Re:Will I actually be able to get this one? (Score 1) 67

That's okay. Its worth it. The selling point is not really the price tag, but the format, which is ideal for embedding.

Well, if I cared that much, I guess I should have bought one literally the one time I saw them for sale. The problem is, it was on element14, and those guys are incompetent as shit. I bought my original Pi through them and they lied about stock and then they lied again about shipping (they claimed it had shipped before they actually put it in the mail.)

I have looked for them dozens of time and never found one in stock since. I'm with the other slashdotters in this thread who don't believe they actually exist.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi Zero The Makebelieve Computer (Score 2) 67

The Pi Zero was cheap because Broadcom was inventory clearing and sold the Foundation the SoCs (which they'd stopped making) at a bargain-basement price.

So it's the first one, then. Even by using the shitbags at Sony (who I really don't want to give my money to, which is what happens when you buy a Pi they manufactured) they still couldn't get enough production to meet demand? Or couldn't fill the channel fast enough? Either way, I'm underwhelmed by their performance. The Pi Zero has been useful primarily as a marketing exercise. Meanwhile, I have to wonder what percentage of them are just sitting in a drawer somewhere. I'm sure it's considerable, just like the prior model. They put out a lot of buzz about it, then people buy them, then only a percentage of them get used and a percentage of the people who want to do something with them get shafted.

Well, fuck them. I'll buy Beaglebones, CHIPs, Pines and other devices which I can actually get my hands on.

Comment Re:Will I actually be able to get this one? (Score 1) 67

You're not willing to spend $12 on something that has this kind of feature set and capabilities?

I'm willing to spend more, I bought a PineA64+ for example. Even though that's something like eight times the size of a Pi Zero (if you count thickness) it actually costs less to ship. Why is that? It's almost like they're selling it only through the least competent vendors. That makes sense, because they're not competent themselves.

Something like this would have gone for thousands of dollars 20 years ago.

It's not 20 years ago. It's today. We're here, please try to catch up.

Seriously, at $12 a piece, I'd buy like 10 if I had a use for it. That's chump change.

Chump change for one person is not for another. I'm not as wasteful as you are.

Comment Re:Will I actually be able to get this one? (Score -1, Troll) 67

THIS JUST IN... asshole turns off internet... then complains about internet being broken... calls other person who tries to help asshole...

If you are actually defending sites deliberately breaking when you disable google-analytics (which does not actually provide any functionality needed by the user on the site, and is there only to spy on you) then you are a grade A piece of shit, and I hope you die of ass cancer in a fire.

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