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Comment Re:Could this account for the missing mass? (Score 2) 65

And how does dark matter explain this? If you cant prove it even exists?

Dark matter is not an explanation, it's a placeholder. What we've observed is a gravitational pull we can't explain, to which there are three possible explanations:

1) Our formula for gravity is wrong
2) There is matter of known types we haven't detected
3) There is one or more unknown types of matter at play

We've looked hard at modifying the theory of gravity but all the proposed modifications cause it to fail other results that are correct today. So assuming the formula is correct, we can estimate how much mass is "missing" and we label this dark matter. And then search the particles we know to see what other effects they'd have, to get some upper bound on how much of the dark matter it is. And then we find it doesn't add up to 100%, not even close. Most explanations rush this part and go right to all the potential candidates for what the rest is.

So we've found more of the traditional matter, that's neat. We know it's out there, we don't know exactly where and how much. But we know it's not enough to explain everything, not in the places it needs to be. I'm not sure how to explain it in a good way, it's like proving that you can't go to the moon with a horse and carriage. It's not about how many horses there are, there could be an infinite number to give you infinite horsepower and it still wouldn't work. You need a different kind of propulsion. Same way with dark matter, no matter how much traditional matter you add it doesn't work. You need something else.

Comment Re:Alternate Headline (Score 1) 59

With HDDs you could access individual sectors and zap em as appropriate. With SSDs that's not the case. Everything is logically mapped by a controller and you have to trust it to do a secure erase properly - either resetting the encryption key or filling every block (even the ones used for over-provisioning) with 0s.

It's been a long, long time since you could do that. All modern HDDs do sector remapping behind the scenes, whatever written to a sector the disk later identifies as wonky and remaps is untouchable. Only secure erase will overwrite every sector, it predates SSDs by many years.

Comment The 90s called and want their cyberspace back (Score 2) 42

Remember when tech pundits were talking like the Internet would transcend to become it's own nation that people would emigrate to and live in? Well shit turns out we still live in meatspace with countries and laws. And surprise, surprise so does our data. The cloud is just the new buzzword for the same concept without the people. I suppose companies will try to go jurisdiction shopping, but I doubt they'll succeed. The governments of the world will set requirements for dealing with their citizen's data and you'll either comply or get in legal trouble, like the EU's "right to be forgotten". Yes, it means data on the Chinese might stay in China but it might also mean data on US citizens stay in the US. Would you really like them to swap? Or do you just want to fulfill the NSAs wet dream that all data on everyone in the whole world go through the US? Seriously, for most of us local data is a good thing.

Comment Re: My compendium (Score 1) 154

'To have a man who wants to be the leader of the Free World speaking in a rantish and often incoherent fashion, and then constantly being informed by his followers as to what he really meant doesn't inspire confidence'

Thinking that Trump needs to be told what he said is incoherence. His 'rantish and often incoherent' speech is often plain talk, which we are unaccustomed to from politicians.

But keep underestimating Trump. That will work out well. Trust me.

Comment Re:Apropos of nothing... (Score 1) 55

Apropos of nothing... Just how hard is it to disable one of these $600,000 mobile golf carts? For example, can a high powered rifle pierce any of the antennas, control electronics, or motive hardware? Would an IED be sufficient? And having done so, what dangers might the recovery team face?

The US got massively superior firepower if they can just locate the enemy. And they won't be medics in a hurry because he's bleeding out. Taking out one of these would be announcing to the world here I am, come kill me. And you got them to reveal themselves without putting any soldiers at risk. And if they're plagued with hit and run attacks they can set an ambush of their own like a hidden sniper covering the patrol area or a squad that'll cut them off from behind. And you could probably make dumb decoys for a fraction of the cost for the enemy to waste their time on if they actually start attacking them.

Sure, some of these might be destroyed but what would be the cost of human patrols, with their armored vehicle and high end gear? If the enemy has high powered rifles and IEDs they could do damage to non-drone equipment and injure or kill soldiers too. Ultimately it's a matter of resources, if the US can get them to waste their sniper rifles and IEDs on non-human targets it's pretty much a win no matter what. It's dead soldiers that zaps the will to fight, the military industry and their lobby will make sure money is not a problem.

Comment Re:Probably an unpopular opinion (Score 1) 455

But you gave zero reasons for upgrading! You don't upgrade just because you can! You need a reason to upgrade!

Your number 4 is important, because it does break/fold/mutilate/fondle very important must-haves for everyone. It screws up privacy. It screws up security. It screws up stability. This is not just a new and improved version, it's not even an improved version. It changes how things work, it changes the relationship between the customer and Microsoft, it changes the EULA in very disturbing ways, you will have to learn how to use the OS all over from scratch. You must spend a lot of time undoing all the misguided default settings that Microsoft foolishly set up.

There is no reason to upgrade because there is nothing new in Windows 10 that anyone needs or wants. You totally discounted all of the negatives in Windows 10 and assumed that after step 4 that it was a neutral choice.

Here's are more steps:
5) you don't know any better and all these big words that the experts are confusing.
6) you have a relative who understands computers and who can help you out if needed.
7) you think that Microsoft knows better than you do what is good for you.
If so, then you might want to consider upgrading to Windows 10. I'm not saying you should upgrade, but you could consider doing so.

Comment Re:what a loser (Score 1) 455

The Windows 8 & 10 version of powering down basically is a hybrid hibernate. It kills all apps and most things, but then hibernates just the kernel and drivers. So it boots very fast but without taking so long setting up the hibernation. Though the power down is still noticeably looooonger than a real power down. It's actually pretty annoying if you're waiting to flip the power strip button but probably not noticed on laptops where people shut the lid and walk away, and laptop/tablet/phone is Microsoft's preferred market here.

Comment Re:All the stories I'm seen look horrifying (Score 1) 455

They can't do that without getting their Windows Store to actually be useful first. The Windows Store version of the latest Tomb Raider fluff is somewhat limited in comparison to the Steam version in some ways. Maybe not ways that matter to most but that do matter to some serious gamers. No SLI support, no full screen support, no way to turn off VSync, no modding, no overlays. Unlike Steam, the Windows Store version of the game won't let you run it on Windows 7 or 8 or Linux or OSX. Also note that issues with the game on Universal Windows Platform are being hashed out on the Steam forums, because there's no such thing for the Windows Store.

I'm not a huge Steam fan. I do think Steam needs good competition. However the Windows Store is not it. Maybe it will improve but I don't suspect that such an XBox obsessed company and the company behind Games For Windows Live really understands PC gaming.

Comment Re:All the stories I'm seen look horrifying (Score 1) 455

I payed $15 to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. I'm not sure if that's still an OEM license or not. It probably is because Microsoft would really hate to have left any loophole open. I don't even know how you can tell what sort of license you have, you used to know by looking at the label on the CDs you had.

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