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Comment Re:Gotta say (Score 1) 52

I'm sure if they shop around they can find a rubber stamp somewhere. Then they'll come in and literally rip the sheet rock off the walls looking for drugs. Then they'll leave without so much as a vague grunt of apology haven broken literally everything in the house. Be sure to board your pets with friends first if you don't want them shot. Probably should send the kids off too, just to be safe.

Comment Why are 3rd parties allowed to bill you? (Score 1) 28

The real problem...

* you have a phone number that is either published in a phone book or a private database that bad guys can buy

* any 3rd party hole-in-the-wall outfit can come along and send billing tapes to the telco

* you get billed, and have to dispute the bill to get your money back

What's required is an option allowing the phone customer to pre-emptively disable 3rd party billing. The telcos get a cut of the bill, and have every incentive to continue. It would require action by regulators to enforce a prohibition against 3rd party billing.

Comment Re:The best home display worse than the worst Thea (Score 1) 302

Sound is more important than screen resolution anyhow, I learned this back in '98 or so when DVD was new and the price of Dolby Digital amps started to come down because it was no longer limited to laserdisc setups. Even just a good 5.1 setup is great improvement over TV speakers. Since broadcast TV went digital, most prime time shows now have 5.1 audio. And by 5.1 I mean actual speakers placed around the room, including a sub-woofer, not the TV's built-in sound bar speakers. (although the sound from those sound bars can sometimes be quite good)

Comment Re:defense versus health and human services. (Score 1) 153

The only problem (compared to other countries) with US healthcare is its outrageous cost. There is zero evidence that healthcare quality is to blame for the slightly lower life expectancy.

I only have a few anecdotal stories to go by, but I know at least one with back problems and one with heart problems stuck where they got on-and-off health problems that lead to problems paying insurance that lead to the being effectively outside the system and any insurance that will take them on now excludes everything related to the their pre-existing condition. All they get is emergency care, when they should have had surgery. So I definitively think distribution of care is still some part of the lower life expectancy, those with lots of money get overtreated leading to good quality at excessive cost but those with no money get undertreated too.

Comment Re:For the love of God no (Score 2) 59

Let's be honest, what's really killing you is the lack of social antennas. I've been next to a baby that was on full wailing for quite some time, despite the mother's best efforts and that was considerably worse than any idiot yapping on the phone. Didn't really want to make me throw myself or the baby off the plane, but I was quite happy I didn't have to deal with that every other hour of the day. Most people keep it short, most people keep a normal conversation volume and most of those who don't will take a hint.

And a few are the kind you want to strangle. But long before the flight was up I'd make a really loud "call" like "YES HELLO... OVER THE ATLANTIC NOW, DOING FINE. EXCEPT THERE'S THIS GUY WHO KEEPS TALKING REALLY, REALLY LOUND ON HIS CELL PHONE FOR AGES NOW, DOESN'T HAVE ANY SOCIAL ANTENNAS AT ALL. I HOPE HE HANGS UP SOON. SEE YOU SOON, LOVE YA" Fighting fire with fire usually works, if he goes psycho with luck they'll cuff him and throw him off the plane. Win-win either way.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 225

> Why did you need to be physically in the office?

There's this thing called "paperwork". And much of the stuff is confidential, and cannot be copied and handed out to a dozen workers. And try to keep them all synced with up-to-date copies, versus merely replacing the master copy in the main office. And before you mention doing everything remote...

1) Sometimes there is physical equipment to fix/set. Not everybody is a paper-pusher.

2) Unlike most Slashdotters, the average person knows zilch about security, and any confidential stuff on their home computers will be slurped up by the bad guys in a few minutes.

3) If it's possible for Bill in the boonies to do the work remote, then it's possible for Madheev in Mumbai to do the same job... for a fraction of the pay.

Comment Improve your searches (Score 1) 68

> I often used the NEWS link in Google search to filter out the results I got back on
> a search to current item of interest. For example, if I'm concerned about a
> particular recent earthquake I use the NEWS link to focus my search result to just
> recent news rather than encyclopedia like entries about earthquakes in general.

1) On the upper-left side of the search-result screen you get the following list...
        Any time
        Past hour
        Past 24 hours
        Past week
        Past month
        Past year

The default is "Any time", which is why you get a gazillion hits. Click on "Past week" or "Past 24 hours" and you'll get the recent hits.

2) If you want info about a quake in the Solomom Islands, make your search term...

earthquake solomon islands

and you'll get relevant hits.

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