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Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 1) 46

They add these features because there are indeed customers who are swayed by them. So who is dumber, the auto maker or the auto customer? And believe me, there are customers out there right now thinking "2G was a dumb choice, but at least 4G won't go obsolete in 15 years."

Of course you should expect *some* years out of the service at least. I bought a new phone once and a few months later they started transitioning to GSM and connectivity on it started getting worse and worse. All the while I would get mail about bringing in my phone to get a new simcard except that when I did they would say my new phone was too old to get the new simcard. And the phone was not just an older model still on sale, it was a reasonably current model.

Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 84

Streaming quality may suck on pocket sized screens. It's not so horrible on a living room screen.

Sorry - hit submit by accident - streaming quality is actually "better" the smaller the screen. Your eyes are only good for so much detail, the smaller the screen, the less you notice that things are bad. Where PQ defects really start showing up are in the larger TV screens, usually over 60".

Comment Re:So what. (Score 1) 223

Music is entirely different, and I agree with you on that: I really don't understand the current phenomenon where so many people want to pay for streaming music access, and my best guess is that it's mostly people who don't care that much about music and just want some crappy filler playing in the background all the time.

We'll start here. My theory is that most people that "like" the current manufactured commercial crap really don't want to own it - after all, how many times would you listen to most of the top 100? Once might be too many. Very little of the top 100 has actually stuck around more than a year or two, in many cases even the "artists" disappear. (Perhaps they started getting big-headed and demanding more than $0.02 / song?)

Personally I have very specific music I want to listen to, so I keep it in Ogg form on all my devices

I have found that any lossless format is fine, including Apple's. I've actually transformed my entire library twice now, deciding on a core base that happens to match the systems that use it most. I have backups in a second format. As long as it's lossless and there are conversion tools available, I'm really not wedded to any format.

I don't watch movies that often, and it just isn't very often that I re-watch a movie.

I'm at the stage where I wind up watching quite a few movies twice. Fortunately, the amount of movies I get exposed to multiple times has dropped significantly. There are some that make for an entertaining backdrop while exercising though.

Right, and how much did all those cost you?

A while back I picked up a couple of hundred HD movies during a clearance for about $1 each. I also took advantage of a special sale and got about 100 recent movies for $20 total. I don't expect that deal to repeat itself (getting 4-6 recent BD movies for a little over $1 is insane, thanks MC!!!). Needless to say, these stock my HTPC and I've yet to watch them all. Oh, I also picked up almost 50 3D titles averaging about $7 each. If I were to sell off the DVD/BD portions of those, I'd make money. Then there's the friend sharing network. Once done with a movie, we trade. Considering a trip to the theater with family for a new movie will set you back at least $10 / person these days, it's pretty easy to justify buying a few movies a month and watching them at home. It also side steps the crappy seating, sticky floors, and loud talkers.

How many dozens of movies do you have to make a decent collection so you aren't watching the same 3 movies over and over? The total cost there is significant. With Netflix, you pay a cheap monthly fee (less than $10) and can watch all you want at any time, out of a truly enormous catalog. If you really like a particular movie a lot and want the higher quality (and lack of worries about problems with access) that a physical disc offers, you can certainly buy that too; it's not either-or.

My HTPC currently has a stock of about 400 unwatched movies in the library plus several hundred TV episodes. With unlimited space, you can collect an entire series, and then binge watch it with automatic commercial skipping (OTA DVRs can be great) Makes exercise time a little more entertaining. And unlimited space is key here, reliable 4TB disks are about $90. I have about 10, several being leftovers from when I used to edit HD video. Just stay away from seagate drives.

Comment Re:So what. (Score 1) 223

Most movies after I've watched it once I CBA to watch it again unless it was really good and there was a commentary track in which case I will watch each commentary track once.

I haven't heard a commentary track in several years though the digital copies don't have that type of fun stuff.

Usually anymore I just do digital rentals.

My biggest problem is quality. For movies with great soundtracks, streaming just outright sucks. Anything darker, picture wise, streaming sucks. Anything with lots of detail and/or motion and... you guessed it, streaming sucks. No, the ISP has nothing to do with it, as my connection is far more than 15Mbps, the minimum Netflix requires for 4K streaming.

Comment Re:Soooooo... (Score 0) 393

Personally, I'm of two minds on this. On one hand, I don't like the idea of any foreign government attempting to screw with our elections. On the other, they didn't make the information up, they just shone a light into some shadows. In that sense, they did us a public service. If what we saw in those shadows cost the Dems the election, they have only themselves to blame.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 393

At this point though, now that a number of Congressmen have called for his head (not necessarily following a trial), he has no reason to believe he would get a fair trial if he returned voluntarily. I don't see Russia reversing their position anytime soon so his involuntary return isn't looking all that likely..

So, the closest approximation of justice at this point would be a pardon.

Comment Re:So what. (Score 1) 223

No, I will not purchase a dvd when a HD is available.

Nor will I.

No, I will not purchase a blu-ray...Yes, I'll pay for a movie in one of the common streaming services for $10-$20 per movie.

I, OTOH, will not do a streaming service except as a last resort. So far that has not been necessary.

It's clearly a generational thing. Many older individuals can't seem to understand that dvds are inconvenient.

It is clearly a generational thing. Many younger individuals can't seem to get the concept that paying over and over for "borrowing" something is a bad deal. Wait until you have to pay per play (the end goal of the MPAA/RIAA) and you have to pay for your yet to be born kids to watch tomorrow's Barney equivalent 10 times a day for a year, at $0.99 a view. The physical media would have only put you back $10, max. Oh, and what if you wish to watch something that's older than last year? (Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow, Pacific Rim) or even within the last year (Star Wars 7) These are all available to me, to watch any time. Even if I don't have an internet connection. Simply shocking, I know. No internet!

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