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Submission + - Dinosaur Tail With Feathers Found Perfectly Preserved In Amber (

dryriver writes: The BBC reports: The tail of a feathered dinosaur has been found perfectly preserved in amber from Myanmar. The one-of-a-kind discovery helps put flesh on the bones of these extinct creatures, opening a new window on the biology of a group that dominated Earth for more than 160 million years. Examination of the specimen suggests the tail was chestnut brown on top and white on its underside. "This is the first time we've found dinosaur material preserved in amber," co-author Ryan McKellar, of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Canada, told the BBC News website. Co-author Prof Mike Benton, from the University of Bristol, added: "It's amazing to see all the details of a dinosaur tail — the bones, flesh, skin, and feathers — and to imagine how this little fellow got his tail caught in the resin, and then presumably died because he could not wrestle free."

Submission + - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Stave Off Dakota Access Pipeline (For Now) (

rosamedi writes: After law enforcement recently escalated violence against the protectors at the Standing Rock camp and ordered them to evacuate, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe at last have a victory to celebrate. Yesterday, the Department of the Army (which manages the contested land) announced they would not be approving the Dakota Pipeline’s passage under Lake Oahe in North Dakota.

Submission + - AT&T To Cough Up $88 Million For 'Cramming' Mobile Customer Bills (

An anonymous reader writes: Some 2.7 million AT&T customers will share $88 million in compensation for having had unauthorized third-party charges added to their mobile bills, the Federal Trade Commission announced this morning. The latest shot in the federal government’s years-long battle against such abuses, these refunds will represent the most money ever recouped by victims of what is known as “mobile cramming,” according to the FTC. From an FTC press release: "Through the FTC’s refund program, nearly 2.5 million current AT&T customers will receive a credit on their bill within the next 75 days, and more than 300,000 former customers will receive a check. The average refund amount is $31. [...] According to the FTC’s complaint, AT&T placed unauthorized third-party charges on its customers’ phone bills, usually in amounts of $9.99 per month, for ringtones and text message subscriptions containing love tips, horoscopes, and 'fun facts.' The FTC alleged that AT&T kept at least 35 percent of the charges it imposed on its customers." The matter with AT&T was originally made public in 2014 and also involved two companies that actually applied the unauthorized charges, Tatto and Acquinity.

Comment Re:Dissent will be labelled fake news (Score 1) 253

These three companies primarily want
- to continue to make money from us, by showing they're paying attention, and
- to not get thrown in jail.

I expect, like Lauren Weinstein (,, that labelling fake news will be the most likely approach. That avoids the jail problem (:-))

To ensure they look "fair", I suspect that crowd-sourcing is the way theywill get leads, but not how the initial decision to label will be made. I expect them to do a sort --unique and feed the results to a human, handle a level or so of appeals internally, and eventually take objections to mediation, with appeals to the courts.

That's how a lot of similar problems, like consumer packaging rules, are handled in Canada. It may be the same in the 'States, but I wouldn't know.

Submission + - Two Backdoors Found in Sony IP Cameras

Trailrunner7 writes: A long list of IP-enabled security cameras made by Sony contain backdoors in their firmware that can allow an attacker to run arbitrary code remotely on the devices and potentially opening them up for use in a botnet.

The cameras affected by the vulnerabilities are surveillance cameras, mainly used in enterprises and retail settings and there are dozens of models that contain the vulnerable firmware. Researchers at SEC Consult discovered the backdoors and found that an attacker could use one of them to enable hidden Telnet and SSH services on the cameras and then use the other backdoor to gain root privileges.

“After enabling Telnet/SSH, another backdoor allows an attacker to gain access to a Linux shell with root privileges! The vulnerabilities are exploitable in the default configuration over the network. Exploitation over the Internet is possible, if the web interface of the device is exposed," the researchers said.

Submission + - Joi Ito Explains Why Donald Trump Is Like the Sex Pistols (

mirandakatz writes: At Backchannel, the leader of MIT’s Media Lab on technological whiplash, nonviolent resistance, and the risk of Silicon Valley “floating away.” Says Ito, discussing his new book Whiplash, "People want a culture change, and this moment reminds me of the beginning of punk rock, or the beginning of the hippie movement. But I’d hate for Trump to be our millennial Sex Pistols or Timothy Leary or the Beatles. We need something like the Beatles that captures the hearts and minds of people. We’re ripe for a new cultural movement. Culture movements and art and punk rock thrive under bad presidents."

Submission + - Honda says its newest concept car will be able to feel human emotions (

xtsigs writes: Honda's NeuV will employ, ""a concept automated EV commuter vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) called 'emotion engine' that creates new possibilities for human interaction and new value for customers." Time to consider how to provide therapy to all those potentially neurotic cars as per Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

"Modern elevators are strange and complex entities... a Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Happy Vertical People Transporter... [are] imbued with intelligence and precognition became terribly frustrated with the mindless business of going up and down, up and down, experimented briefly with the notion of going sideways, as a sort of existential protest, demanded participation in the decision-making process and finally took to squatting in basements sulking. An impoverished hitchhiker visiting any planets in the Sirius star system these days can pick up easy money working as a counselor for neurotic elevators.

Submission + - Where've you been flying? Your drone's Wi-Fi is telling everyone

Force17 writes: Security researchers discovered privacy issues with wifi controlled drones, easily to geolocate from built-in wifi access points. Making drones even more vulnerable is the security implementation of the Wi-Fi, or rather, the lax security implementation. First, the WiFi AP have no security by default. Second, the AP's all have SSID's that fit some pattern similar to "DRONExxxxx". Finally, there is no passwords needed to control the drone with manufacturers App. Of course, you could simply walk down the park looking for them or you could do an automated search for the SSID pattern unique to this aerial vehicle. This meant security researchers were able to search Wireless Geographic Logging Engine and easily geolocate vulnerable drones.

Submission + - SPAM: Fulfilment of C-sections altering path of human evolution, says new childbirth s

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists say the tendency for the reason that Nineteen Fifties and Nineteen Sixties to choose a Caesarean has triggered babies to evolve larger heads.

This has then caused the big increase in felt pelvic disproportion: while the fatal head is just too massive – or when the birth canal is just too narrow – for natural childbirth.
The obstruction is "strikingly excessive" and now accounts for up to 6 in line with a cent of all births worldwide.

Cesareans meanwhile account for one in 4 births across the United Kingdom and a third of all births in the US.

“We expect that this susceptible directional selection has brought about a ten to twenty according to cent increase inside the price of felt pelvic portion reason that normal use of Cesarean sections,” said lead writer Dr.Philipp Mitteroecker, of the college of Vienna.

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Impact of Visual Data Representation in SEO (

aiplindore writes: Statistics have shown that visual data representation in content is capable of getting more visitor traffic and making them stay on the page, given that the visual data embedded in the content is relevant to the context for which it was posted and is designed creatively. Here is a blog discussing about the impacts of visual data in search engine marketing strategy.

Submission + - Expedia Hacker uses tech to replicate Old Boys Network

ghoul writes: Talk about disruption. Stock trading and insider tips have traditionally been shared verbally amongst old boy networks developed at Ivy colleges. This hacker from an impoverished background decided to level the playfield. Too bad he got caught

Submission + - EU Data Regulations Will Disrupt Online Advertising Business Model

Presto Vivace writes: New EU Data Regulations Will 'Rip Global Digital Ecosystem Apart'

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) doesn't come into force until May 2018, but when it does it will have a profound effect on businesses. The regulation will apply to data about every one of the EU's 500 million citizens, wherever in the world it is processed or stored. ... ... Put simply, targeting and tracking companies will need to get user consent somehow. Everything that invisibly follows a user across the internet will, from May 2018, have to pop up and make itself known in order to seek express permission from individuals.

Submission + - Star Wars: I Find your Lack Of Segmentation Disturbing (

tastic007 writes: After re-watching the original film in preparation for seeing the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One, I identified the real Phantom Menace. I realized that a simple lack of network segmentation was actually the ultimate cause behind the downfall of the evil Empire.

Think about it, how many times did R2-D2 plug into any port and basically save the entire rebellion? I can easily think of at least 3 examples.

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