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Comment Re:How do you demand honesty (Score 1) 507

They didn't care that lies were told because they decided that their top priority was to get their guy elected, higher priority than doing what's right for their fellow citizens or the country. This is the worst aspect of politics, which already has so many negatives. The partisans pick sides and defend them no matter what, no matter how wrong they are, no matter how much it hurts, they assume that the only thing that matters is winning. It's like when the US made allies with some of the most brutal dictators in the world because they agreed to help fight communists and socialists and unions, because they felt that winning that political contest was more important than maintaining honor and decency.

There's also the group that just doesn't care about the lies. Logic and reason are tossed out because they think that the gut feeling is always right. I was on a jury once with a guy like this. All but him voted for not guilty, but he was convinced the guy was guilty. We went over the evidence point by point and showed that the prosecutor had a very weak case. But he just kept getting madder about all this, until he blurted out "well if he's not guilty of these charges at least he must be guilty of *something*". That's how I see a lot of voters, in all political parties, they stick with what their gut tells them.

And then the last group, they can't tell if something is a lie because they lack the ability to determine true from false. Their only information comes from what they are told and they won't bother trying to corroborate or investigate independently. Sometimes they'll justify it by saying "all media lies, so I refuse to believe anything the media tells me" while turning around and believing whatever their Facebook friends say. Other times they just don't know how to sift through information or differentiate between a story with shaky evidence and a story with good backing.

(and it doesn't help that most journalists have turned into walking tape recorders and only parrot whatever they hear politicians say)

Comment Re:Conspiracy theorists at work. (Score 1) 770

The conspiracy theory also has to reinforce the person's existing beliefs to get good traction. Such a person believing Hillary is a mass murderer is much more likely to believe the pizzagate story. Someone who thinks the government always lies is more likely to believe the moon landing is a hoax. Someone who believes there's a secret one world government is going to wholeheartedly accept the line about contrails and mind control.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 770

Trump won't appoint anyone who ever called him a dummy or unsuited for office, which eliminates essentially everyone qualified for any of those cabinet positions.

Though really, he's probably just following what some of his advisers suggest, and his advisers have the goal of dismantling government by destroying it from within.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 324

Does it matter? This is bringing in partisan politics. It's a disgrace in this country, and most countries. We should care about the citizens, not whether our side won or their side won. Ie, the decision about what to do should always be "is this the right thing to do" and never "which team is going to gain an advantage?"

As I see it the decision to do this may likely have been based on choosing teams; but the criticism against it is also about choosing teams. Where are the ones asking whether or not it's the right thing to do?

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 324

It's all the same thing. Globalists who want their global powers to be in charge, and globalist who want a different group of global powers to be in charge. And conspiracy theorists who claim even other global powers are really in control, but really it's which corporate powers you want to be in charge.

Comment Re:Maybe, I should sue KDE? (Score 4, Interesting) 121

Tricking old people is a very popular business model these days. Amazon for instance has "click here for FREE shipping!" and then if you click you get a trial Amazon Prime account, and if you don't notice you get charged at the end of the month. Cancelling this trial can be tricky, I tried to cancel my mother's prime account but it had not verified the credit card on file yet (which was also outdated) so there was no option to cancel. Instead I removed all cards from the account (almost mandatory because a cat walking across the keyboard could cost you a lot of one-click purchases). The next day the trial account was bitching and whining that there was no valid card on file and to PLEASE add a new one. It still has not given up and is whining about an invalid card a week later. Unsurprisingly you can find a lot of people online also complaining that their elderly parents were paying for Prime who don't remember signing up for it.

My mother was getting the Windows 10 update, but we cancelled it before it was done. She had very very slow internet so it was taking several days for it to download.

I have noticed that Adobe Flash is no longer doing the "install MacAffee" checkbox that's pre-checked, maybe they got enough complaints that someone with a conscience finally removed it. Meanwhile Avast still tries to trick people into installing Chrome when they upgrade their antivirus.

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