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Comment Re:Options (Score 1) 324

I'm using Windows 8.1. I never see any ads, and I rarely see the tiles. It looks like Windows 7 for the most part, but without the overglossy Aero look and a functional start menu, whereas it does have some improved tools (I like the task manager myself). To me, Windows 8.1 is like having one of those keyboards from the late 90's that had an "Internet" button on them, you learn to ignore the stupid bits and get on with it.

Comment Re:Wow, who saw that coming? (Score 1) 391

It's not really a drought if you ignore all the people. Too many people live here though (I am biased though as native Californian), there's not enough water to go around. I don't want to lock the doors to anyone new coming in but maybe it needs to become a less desirable place to move to.

Comment Re:already out-of-date (Score 1) 391

I see nothing being built or planned today that would justify your statement that will be ready in 7 years. We have some pie in the sky ideas with little basis in reality. We're spending billions already just keeping the freeways and roads in a mediocre state. Best way to get rid of congestion is to stop the morning traffic snarls and evening traffic snarls by removing the 9 to 5 mentality that public has; go to work at noon and go home at nine, or have workers on the night shifts, etc.

Comment Re:Support High Speed Rail (Score 1) 391

If it connects, they will buy a ticket from Merced to San Francisco. Merced is a university city now. Not so many going to Shafter but quite a lot for nearby Bakersfield. This sounds like typical city dweller talk, where no one outside of SF borders matters and no one outside of LA matters, and all rural people are just those too stupid to become baristas in the big city while trying to get an acting job.

Comment Re:Envy is one of the seven deadly sins (Score 1) 391

People keep mentioning hyperloops. Those are inherently more expensive than rail though, so how can a complainer against high costs of rail turn around the support even higher costs for unproven technology? The same problems exist for both: getting right of way from land owners who want to see it fail, getting it where you want to go instead of just two points, dealing with regulatory and environmental hurdles, convincing legislatures that there will be ridership, etc.

Comment Re:Let a Private Company Do It (Score 1) 391

Private companies want investments that pay off in 1 to 5 years these days. What company ever bothers thinking long term anymore? Free market has been shown time and time again to not really address the needs of citizens as a whole anyway and is very dysfunctional when it comes to infrastructure.

Comment Re:There will be no train (Score 2) 391

Ha. Show up one hour before scheduled boarding time is the standard advice, but frequent travellers know to show up 90 minutes to two hours. Then add another 15-30 minutes to actually start taxing out to the runway, and thirty minutes after landing before you're at the curb looking for a taxi, bus, or rental car shuttle.

Comment Re:There will be no train (Score 1) 391

To get from SFO to San Francisco or San Jose is a long congested drive, the majority of people don't fly into there to go to Millbrae or Burlingame. Sure, fly from SFO to SAN but that takes a lot of time and expense too. Most airports in the US and elsewhere are not downtown. They usually don't connect to mass transit sites either. SFO does have BART connection but that's somewhat unusual (SAN you have to take bus to get to the light rail which seems dumb). And none of this helps someone who's commuting from Sacramento, Los Banos, Stockton, Bakersfield, etc (and people do commute from those places).

Comment Re:There will be no train (Score 1) 391

They are connecting the BART right now. The high speed rail was supposed to be for commuting not alternative to airport (though there would be less groping involved I think making it viable for those who the airport degredation). High speed rail could be viable to compete with airports too especially if you're not in one of the two cities. The high speed rail is more than just two points. I know the yuppies and hipsters hate everyone who doesn't live in the two cities, but California is bigger than those two dots on a map. We already have people commuting to the bay area cities and towns from the central valley.

Rail is very viable in Europe and Japan for instance and are commonly used. More luggage space, larger seats, don't need to arrive a couple hours before departure, stations are closer to where you want to eventually get to, and connect directly with other mass transit. America really is very far behind in mass transit overall. The cost is high to build but if we used that excuse we'd never have an interstate system, or airports.

Best way to reduce congestion or overcrowding of cities is to let people be able to live outside of the cities. You don't solve that with airports or local mass transit.

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