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Weather Channel To Breitbart: Stop Citing Us To Spread Climate Skepticism (weather.com) 288

Breitbart.com published an article last week that erroneously claims global warming is coming to an end, claiming "global land temperatures have plummeted by 1 degree Celsius since the middle of the year -- the biggest and steepest fall on record." The Weather Channel finds this report especially upsetting as it's not only inaccurate but it features a video from weather.com at the top of the article. The Weather Channel reports: Breitbart had the legal right to use this clip as part of a content-sharing agreement with another company, but there should be no assumption that The Weather Company endorses the article associated with it. The Breitbart article -- a prime example of cherry picking, or pulling a single item out of context to build a misleading case -- includes this statement: "The last three years may eventually come to be seen as the final death rattle of the global warming scare." In fact, thousands of researchers and scientific societies are in agreement that greenhouse gases produced by human activity are warming the planet's climate and will keep doing so. Along with its presence on the high-profile Breitbart site, the article drew even more attention after a link to it was retweeted by the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. The Breitbart article heavily references a piece that first appeared on U.K. Daily Mail's site. The Weather Channel went on to refute the Breitbart article's hypothesis: This number comes from one satellite-based estimate of temperatures above land areas in the lower atmosphere. Data from the other two groups that regularly publish satellite-based temperature estimates show smaller drops, more typical of the decline one would expect after a strong El Nino event. Temperatures over land give an incomplete picture of global-scale temperature. Most of the planet -- about 70 percent -- is covered by water, and the land surface warms and cools more quickly than the ocean. Land-plus-ocean data from the other two satellite groups, released after the Breitbart article, show that Earth's lower atmosphere actually set a record high in November 2016.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 1) 739

Why are we calling this "fake" news instead of "incorrect news" or "wrong news" or "wacko conspiracy theory"?

Because the "news" in question isn't just false, it's deliberately false and inflammatory. As in, made up out of whole cloth by trolls, just to wreak havoc, or by paid provocateurs, to drive gullible people towards advertisements by provoking them. The people behind the fake news are well aware that it is 100% fiction, and they don't care.

That's different from inadvertently getting a story wrong, and it's different from being genuinely insane and thereby sending out incorrect information that you honestly think is correct.

"Fake" is in fact the most accurate way to describe it. So if you're going to question other peoples' ulterior motives, what dark motives are you concealing?

Comment That ISN'T a lot of money (Score 1) 156

What they do is find candidates graduating, from SMALL colleges, or schools that are not located in the New York, San Fran, Seattle areas. You know...flyover country. What sounds like a LOT of money for someone from the midwest, ISN'T really a lot of money, when you factor in what it costs in some of those cities to live. The rent for a tiny studio apartment in those cities, will rent you a VERY nice size 3-4 bedroom house out here in the midwest. Plus, the cost of auto insurance, food, travel etc are many times what it is in the midwest. So, a 70,000 salary in a LARGE city, it's really that much, compared to the cost of living.

Comment So what (Score 2) 201

Everyone likes to champion the speeds in Japan, South Korea, Europe, England etc, compared to the USA. Granted, the ISP's in the USA aren't what you would call consumer friendly by any means, but, look at the build out costs associated with running FTTH in the USA? Hell, you can fit the entire countries of Japan, South Korea, England and Europe INSIDE the land area of the USA. Just Texas for example. You have two cars parked at the North Texas/South Oklahoma border. One Driving north, the other south. The one driving north will get to Canada, before the one driving south will get to Mexico. In other words...the USA is SPREAD OUT.

Comment And you know what? (Score 2) 73

I don't care. My previous phone, a Huawei Mate2, was "stuck on" jellybean 4.3 for over a year before they pushed out (skipping KK) to 5.1 Oh there were betas, cooked roms and what not, but I stuck with 4.3, because my phone worked perfectly. No problems. In fact, I probably would have left it on 4.3, had Huawei not had an easy way to push it back to 4.3, from 5.1. 5.1 was very stable. My new phone (about 3 months ago) a Huawei Mate8, came with 6.0MM. Huawei says 7.0N will come to it around the 1st Qtr of 2017, but, even if they don't, won't matter. It's very stable, and I never have any issues. I use 1500-2000 minutes on the phone per month, tons of web, mp3's, photos, what not and not one issue. All apps run, no FC's. As long as a device is suppose to run as intended, I don't give a flip about what OS is on it.

Fake News Prompts Gunman To 'Self-Investigate' Pizza Parlor (arstechnica.com) 739

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A rifle-wielding North Carolina man was arrested Sunday in Washington, DC for carrying his weapon into a pizzeria that sits at the center of the fake news conspiracy theory known as "Pizzagate," authorities said Monday. DC's Metropolitan Police Department said it had arrested 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch on allegations of assault with a dangerous weapon. "During a post arrest interview this evening, the suspect revealed that he came to the establishment to self-investigate 'Pizza Gate' (a fictitious online conspiracy theory," the agency said in a statement. "Pizzagate" concerns a baseless conspiracy theory about a secret pedophile group, the Comet Ping Pong restaurant, and Hillary Clinton's campaign chief, John Podesta. The Pizzagate conspiracy names Comet Ping Pong as the secret headquarters of a non-existent child sex-trafficking ring run by Clinton and members of her inner circle. James Alefantis, the restaurant's owner, said he has received hundreds of death threats. According to Buzzfeed, the Pizzagate theory is believed to have been fostered by a white supremacist's tweets, the 4chan message board, Reddit, Donald Trump supporters, and right-wing blogs. The day before Thanksgiving, Reddit banned a "Pizzagate" conspiracy board from the site because of a policy about posting personal information of others. Alefantis, the pizzeria's owner, told CNN, "What happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories comes with consequences. I hope that those involved in fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today, and stop promoting these falsehoods right away."

Comment Re:Who's gonna pay for it? (Score 1) 500

The closest to an argument I've heard is we'll tax factory output instead of income, but that doesn't work. You'll be accused of seizing factories ala Communism.

No matter what you do you're going to be accused of something by the people who stand to benefit from the status quo. If you let the possibility of accusations veto a plan, then you'll never be able to plan anything; which is de facto equivalent to planning for the problem to be resolved (one way or another) for you via massive civil unrest.

"Tax the robots" is probably as close an answer as you're going to get to the "who's gonna pay for it" question. Elections are won on feelings, as you say, and I suspect there are going to be a lot of anti-robot feelings in the future, unless/until this problem is solved.

Comment Re: Did anyone tell them that their chair is next? (Score 1) 500

Nevermind that their entire success is dependent upon everyone from the mailroom employees to the sales staff... I don't quite understand how people at the top lose sight of this all the time. If, tomorrow, every one of their employees quit, the CEO would be SOL...

People are the foundation everybody's business. You may be the head, but that only means you are standing on the shoulders of everyone else.

1st day at Finance 101 in college. What is the job of a company?
a. make money
b. make great products
c. Raise the share price.

This was on the final exam too and no I am not exgerating as the most important lesson of finance. The answer is .... C RAISE THE SHARE PRICE! bing bing bing

Nothing else. CEO's are accountants whose job is to raise the share price at any cost by doing liquidity, raiding assets, and taking on unneccesary debts to get hte perfect debt/assets ratio and liquidity ratio to meet Wall Street expectations.

They get a big bonus by hoarding and using innovative thoughts on doing strange things to make Excel look good.

That is what CEO's today do. They do not guide the company and this all started during the Reagan years with Jack Welsh at GE. He regretted saying this, but it is true the accountant, not the engineer nor salesperson gets the top position usually picked by the top banks out there.


Comment Re: Did anyone tell them that their chair is next? (Score 1) 500

That's different ...

You see CEOs actually provide value. They are thought leaders! Only they can provide ideas or sometimes managers. Employees are black boxes which cannot provide value at all or come up with ideas!

We need more thought leaders and less products and services

Comment Re:Models are inaccurate, but not wrong (Score 1) 331

I don't know what you want to achieve with this long post.

You bring stuff like: Researchers in the early 20th Century had made measurements which suggested that additional CO2 would not have an effect on the Earth's climate. The theory was widely discredited on that basis, even though Arrhenius' equations and calculations seemed to be sound.
You give an argument and a counterargument in two sentences, is that your idea of "controversial"?
For me the counter argument is mainstream. When ever one comes with a claim that CO2 is not a problem or there is no AGW or everything is a natural pendulum, one comes and rectifies: CO2 is a problem, AGW is a problem. The "idiots" coming up with their "weird ideas" don't make the whole topic "controversial".

This thing you're doing where you're denying objective facts which you could trivially confirm, and only reading enough of what is presented to confirm your biases, is rather rude.
And what are you doing? Pushing your idea that it is controversial, by brining up idiot scientists that got debunked instantly?
If something gets debunked instantly, then it is not controversial. At least not how I understand the word.

Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 98

Out of the three or four languages Europeans are supposed to learn English isn't one of them?
Yes, we learn minimum 2 languages. Or more precisely: get fed up with them, as teaching languages seems to be something no one knows how to do it properly.
However, that makes them not a requirement to enter university, nor to gain a diploma in an university.
Otherwise foreign students e.g. had no chance at all.
And who cares if you e.g. study biology or electric engineering what your grades where in school in english or french? They don't matter for writing your thesis, and they don't matter for getting into the studies.

write at the 11th grade level. The average American reads at the seventh grade level. That does not tell me anything ;D
I read what ever I want to read. Only high level math is beyond me (my current level). No idea on what level I write, neither german nor english. And I doubt "Xth grade" makes much sense ... but well, in which country do education systems make sense ..

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