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Comment Re:No justice (Score 2, Insightful) 801

".... and exposes classified information ..."

As the article indicates, there's no proof that classified information was exposed. It's "possible" that it was, but it's also "possible" that an airliner is about to land on your head.

Further, there's "classified" information and then there's "classified" information. Many things are classified, (in fact, it's hard to find government information that's not), but we haven't been told if it's just classified, secret, top secret, or higher...

Comment Re:racism had been overcome (Score 2) 180

In this case, the more correct term would be "species", not race.

And it might also be more correct to qualify what you mean by "superior". Strength, just to pick a single aspect, may be a gauge to rank Klingons, Vulcans, Humans, and so on, but meaningless if you're interested in relative intelligence or even something as small as eyesight or hearing.

Human "racism", OTOH, is usually claiming across-the-board superiority based on something as insignificant as the amount of pigmentation in your skin...

Comment Re:I'm leaning toward the 20 years estimate (Score 1) 381

"Interestingly, I think highway driving is going to be an area that happens later."

There are many cars on the highway today that already have lane assist, lane centering and adaptive cruise control. I've logged thousands of miles in mine.

And as I pointed out above, you don't need the system to be perfect. It just needs to avoid some 5.5 million auto accidents that in turn injured 2.5 million people and killed 30,000 others.

Could some hardware failure run a car into a wall? Maybe. But that's one death vs all of the others where dumb, drunk, distracted, texting, road raging idiots drove their cars into walls, other cars, pedestrians, bikes, etc..

Comment Re:Killing jobs? (Score 5, Insightful) 381

Ditto. People come up with all of these oddball scenarios (A dozen kids suddenly appear in the middle of highway. Hit them or run into a wall?), but fail to recognize the fact that a typical human driver would have only have looked up from his phone after he felt his car bowling over kids like tenpins.

To be successful a self driving car doesn't need to be perfect. It just needs to avoid killing 30,000 people a year as well as avoiding about 5.5 million auto accidents that in turn injured 2.5 million people.

Humans sort of suck at driving, actually, and I've got to think a vehicle with 360-degree sensors that can see and react to conditions in microseconds can do a lot better than us tired, distracted, drunk, road-raging meatbags.

Comment Re: So is he wrong? (Score 1) 866

Take a few minutes to watch the following video...

From cab drivers to truckers, stock boys to inventory takers, and even from pharmacists to doctors, many, many, many, many jobs are on the way out, a lot sooner than you (or anyone else, for that matter) think.

Comment Re:Maybe increase the product longevity (Score 1) 301

At some point in time you have to leave older systems behind. I'm an iOS app developer and consultant and I have to tell you that's it's a major pain not being able to use newer features in iOS and Xcode simply because we still have to support legacy platforms.

Most of our clients agree with our policy, which is to support the current major version of iOS minus one, which at the moment means iOS 9 and 8. (Actually, iOS 7 is unofficially supported, but if a feature breaks on 7 we don't bother fixing it.)

This is , admittedly, different from how we approach Android apps, in which older os platforms must be supported. But a good reason of that comes down to platform upgradability. Currently 80% of all active iOS devices are on the current version (9) and 12% are on 8, as opposed to Android, where I believe less than 2% are on M and roughly 20% are on L.

But all that aside, your word choice gives your bias away. You want Apple to "innovate" and add new features and capabilities, which in turn are used by app developers to create cool new features and functionality... and then you complain when the end result "forces" you to upgrade.

Sounds to me like you'll be happier in Android land, where vendors rarely "force" you to upgrade your devices (usually by not offering upgrades in the first place). Problem solved.

Comment Re:Maybe increase the product longevity (Score 5, Informative) 301

I was tempted by the 12" iPad Pro due to its Pencil support, but went to a store and tried one and the silly thing was just too big for the majority of my use cases (reading, news, documentation). The new 9.7" version, however, may be just the ticket.

I also just checked and I can sell my current Air 2 model for about 80% of the original purchase price on Amazon.

Which is another thing with iPads: Not only do many of the original models work just fine, but every user that upgrades essentially puts another one on the market and takes out another potential buyer.

IMHO THAT"S a major, major factor in regard to flattened sales in the tablet market. And as you pointed out, that's why Apple is pushing keyboards and pencils and other accessories to the niches that might need (or simply want) them.

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