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Comment Re: Alternatives? (Score 1) 294

"Third, blue LEDs were cool when they were introduced, now they're just annoying. Blue is blinding, red is agressive. Why not switch back to green LEDs?"

I agree. Save the reds for actual faults/errors. You have orange, yellow and green LEDs to choose from for general information. If they are worried about color-blind people they could use a blue-green LED instead of pure green.

Comment Re:What would it take to replace Mars's atmosphere (Score 1) 120

Or we relocate Callisto, as in arrange a collision between Mars and Callisto. If that isn't enough energy to remelt Mar's core, then add Mercury. Or probably bang Mercury and Mars together first, then drop in Callisto so you don't lose the water that makes up Callisto. That might get you a habitable planet once the crust hardens up again.

Comment Re: that's some serious hubris! (Score 1) 258

I continue to be amazed that people actually want to abolish nuclear weapons just so we can all-out conventional slugfests again. Just the battle of the Marne.

The best way to prevent large wars is to make sure that the old men and women get to play too. The thought of living in a bunker for a few years then ruling a world of ash seems to calm down even John McCain.

Comment Re:um yea... (Score 1) 448

"There is virtually no competition on the content side, they set a price and demand it."

And I told them to pack sand. Them being Dish. There is no cable where I live, nor anything over the air. (I didn't check Direct TV, I saw no reason they would be better than Dish, so didn't bother.)

Don't miss it much either. I'm tired of people screeching BUY-BUY-BUY in my ear.

Comment Re:Nope, more are killed with guns (Score 2) 138

I ran your link, and rifles were 323, and shotguns were 356. Total is 679, so parent is correct. Bare hands (726) kill more than rifles and shotguns combined.

However, there are 1684 "undefined gun" homicides in the list. Not sure what is up with that. Never recovered the weapon, so couldn't say for sure?

Incidentally the homicide count for knives is 1694. So knives kill more people than assault rifles and assault shotguns combined by a two to one margin.

Comment Re:Nope, more are killed with guns (Score 2) 138

You didn't read the question;

""More people are killed by 'bare hands' than by rifles or shotguns." The rifles and shotguns are the important part. Previous poster was discussing the fraction of total firearm murders done with long guns vs handguns.

So, were more than 726 people killed with rifles and shotguns? It's probably buried somewhere in that same report.

Comment Re:Great story of unintended consequences (Score 2) 118

"gradually moving toward restoration of something that resembles, at least faintly, the original lake trout and perch ecosystem"

The original ecosystem was a very large block of ice as of 25,000 years ago. The repopulation of the lakes after the glaciers melted back was very like the "freshly filled reservoir in the West." The upper Mississippi could repopulate from southern reaches, but how did the native (to humans) fish get back in the Lakes in the first place?

Comment Re:Idea (Score 1) 244

"If everyone had their basic survival guaranteed through an unconditional minimum wage, the work market would be driven by individual initiatives to create pretty things and to improve from that basic status by pursuing luxury."

But the taxes needed to pay for the universal basic income would prevent anyone from improving from that basic status. Now Krugman stated a few years ago that the well-off were status-crazed workaholics who would keep on working even at 100% marginal rates. I don't agree, but then I am not a workaholic.

Another side effect is that you would have to shut the border to the point North Korea looks like a free trade area.

On the other side, as the robots take over, and I firmly believe that will keep happening, we will have to come up with something. Even on the right wing people are starting to mutter that it would be cheaper to have a universal basic income than 30 or 40 separate government programs doling out benefits. And there are voices on the Left who don't like it because (as usual) they don't trust people to be able to look out for themselves; they need government help to select what is in their own best interests (as determined by that ever benevolent government). See Bloomberg and his big soft drink ban. The overlapping government agencies ensure there is meticulous and continuous supervision of the rabble.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next 20 years.

Comment Re:Idea (Score 1) 244

"And the main reason for this is simply that there are not enough people who have enough money to become consumers."

True only to a point. Then diminishing returns sets in as well. For instance, I could buy a camper, but I have little free time I could use to go camping. I could buy a new TV, but it would be only marginally better than the old one. I am sitting on brand new chair, which was bought because the old one wore out. The same thing happened to the dishwasher last month.

As far as material goods go, I'm down to basic replacement, and the increasingly desperate screeching of "BUY! BUY! BUY!" is having ever less effect. Buy what? For what purpose? Large blocks of Time, which I actually could use, are not for sale at any price.

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