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Comment MaBell (Score 1) 82

In the 80's, the government forced the breakup of "the phone company", AT&T/The Bell System. It's taken a little over 30 years to be put back together. Basically, you have AT&T, and Verizon. What do you want to bet, that in a few years, after they've gobbled up what's left of any independent services, that Verizon & AT&T will merge and we'll be back where we started...and will need to break them up again. For the most part, it's a duopoly with AT&T and Verizon...for the most part.

Comment Ditch AT&T (Score 2) 88

Yep, I ditched "Ma Bell" too several years ago. Had their DSL back in the day, and at&t as my cellphone. Dropped them both! Now, it's just a 50 buck charge for my smartphone, and the kicker is I get to use the at&t towers with my MVNO. Their coverage is better where I live than anyone else. Amazing, I remember "Ma Bell" being broken up in the early 80's and it's been a little over 30 years, and they along with Verizon, have pretty much gobbled up everyone else. Oh, if you were ever a fan of WKRP in Cincinnati, "Dr. Johnny Fever" can clue you in on how Ma Bell works.

Comment But the median college-educated.... (Score 5, Insightful) 495

But the median college-educated millennial with student debt... THAT my friends is the crux of the story! Millennials have been SUCKERED into thinking they HAVE to have a college degree. Most of them, in a field with a POOR track record of job advancement, or jobs at all! Suckers, that's what they are. And who profited from all of this? "Big college" that's who! Apparently economics isn't something they teach you in high school, or, perhaps they would figure out, that a four year teaching degree at a 4 year college, that puts you in 40,50,60 thousand dollars in debt, for a job that pays 30,40 thousand a year, ain't gonna cut it when you factor in your car(s), rent/mortgage, clothes, food and what not.

Submission + - Faulty phone battery may have caused fire that brought down EgyptAir flight MS80 (

drunkdrone writes: French authorities investigating the EgyptAir crash that killed 66 people last year believe that the plane may have been brought down by an overheating phone battery.

Investigators say the fire that broke out on the Airbus A320 in May 2016 started in the spot where the co-pilot had stowed his iPad and iPhone 6S, which he placed on top of the instrument panel in the plane's cockpit.

Comment mouse orientation (Score 1) 172

Remember when back in the windows 3.1 days, when you could set the orientation of the mouse, and you'd have that little race car thingy that would help you do it? My favorite, besides the background screen grab one you mentioned, was when someone walked away, turn the mouse 180 degrees, and then set the orientation. When they came back, the look on their face when the mouse moved LEFT, then they moved it RIGHT, DOWN when they moved it UP was priceless!

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