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Comment I've had 2 in the last 4 years (Score 4, Informative) 62

BOTH have been perfect. My first Huawei phone was the Mate2, less than $300 dollars off Amazon. I bought it sort of as a joke. I was waiting for the stupid invite for the Oppo/OnePlus phone. I had the Mate2 for about a week before the OnePlus One invite came. Ordered it with the intention of sending the Mate2 back, since the specs for the mate2 were: 720p screen, SD400 chip, 2gb ram, 4,000mAH battery, Adroid 4.3 Jelly Bean, and the OnePlus had a HUGE advantage in specs. I got the OnePlus, and yes it was a good phone, but the battery life of the Mate2 won me over, along with the larger screen. Yes, from a BENCHMARK, the OnePlus blew it out of the water, but, running the same apps, same launcher (Nova Prime) on both phones I couldn't see a huge difference. Both were snappy, but the Mate2 had a 2-3 day battery life. I don't run games, just phone, text, web, Mp3's, streaming music etc. In that aspect, the Mate2 was perfect. Sold the OnePlus One about a week later. But...but...but...the Mate2 was "saddled" with an older version of Android. So? It was rock solid, very smooth, stable, which I take over bleeding edge any day of the week. My company uses the web for service calls and what not, so I don't have time to deal with force close, reboots and what not. I never turn my phone off. It runs 24/7 and I'd run for 3-4 months easy between reboots. Huawei skipped KitKat and went straight to Lollipop 5.1 for the Mate2. When the Mate8 was announced/released in 2015, the price was NUTS...600 bucks or more. I said no way. When the Mate9 was released this past November, the price on the 8 dropped to around 399/425 so I bought one. It's just as rock solid and stable on Marshmellow 6 as the Mate2 was on 5.1 Lollipop. Granted, with the faster processor and brighter screen, I don't get 2-3 days battery life, but you can get 2 days usually. Android 7 is suppose to come within the next 30-60 days for my version, but I'll hold off a bit. The reports on XDA show some of the early releases are having a glitch here and there with bluetooth, which I use 100% of the time. Huawei has a great phone, and should be considered when making a decision on a new phone.

Comment Be nice to get nice (Score 1) 113

Guess I'm old fashioned...pretty much any email I send, regardless...ends in thank you. When I send an email to a company, I always try to say something like thank you for taking your time to read my email, or thank you for your attention in this matter or something professional. You get more flies with sugar than vinegar.

Comment Troll? (Score 4, Insightful) 271

Your post has to be trolling? NO ONE has a right to come to this country. You may apply for immigrant status, but you have no right to enter this country. Also, the H1B crap is causing the lowering of wages. It needs to be stopped. How many times just in the past couple years have we heard, an employer outsources their I.T. or support jobs to H1B visa holders, and FORCE the current employees to train their replacements.

Comment Shouldn't get your news from ONE source (Score 2) 139

I'm conservative...have been all my life, but, I do not watch Fox News Channel...99% of it is just opinion driven, as is MSNBC, CNN et al. I get my news from various places & websites, INCLUDING some extremely liberal sites. I find some of the best sources for news for where I live, the USA, come from OUTSIDE my country. Some of the Asian, European & Russian sites, along with Australia & Japan, can offer a different opinion/spin/story than inside the USA. I like to form my own opinion, based on my belief system, but I will listen to a different opinion, just to see if there might be something of interest. The problem is, on BOTH sides of the political isle, the "rabid" types want to shut you down, if you differ from them, regardless if it is a left or right issue.

Comment Not as good as you think (Score 1) 159

Been in the copier/printer business for over 35 years. Every major brand, has tried the "erasable" trick before, with terrible results. Mainly, the powder toner, reacts differently under a specific temperature. At one temperature, you can read the print. At another temperature, it turns the toner crystals/powder "clear". You can reuse the same paper about 3-5 times, before there is so much toner "clear" on the paper, that it leaves blank spots in areas where the toner is suppose to be, but can't adhere to the paper. Plus, even on clean paper, once erased, if you hold it to the light just right, you can barely make out the old print. These things were designed for simple inter-office memo type things I guess. The other drawback, is the erasable toner, is VERY VERY expensive. One manufacturer, could not sell them, so they took it in the rear, gave them away to school systems. We set up a bunch, at no charge, gave them to a bunch of schools. By the time they started replacing the empty toner, and paying for it, they gave them all back. The manufacturer didn't want them back, so we stripped out any usable things, then sent the rest to a e-waste recycle company for disposal. This idea, using the paper, will probably be expensive, since it will take "special" paper. The other problem, is, with special paper, and the many variable temperature ranges that most printers and photocopiers fuse the toner into the paper, usually in a range of 300-400 degrees, and the many curves that paper must make during its travel, not to mention will it work on duplexing (2 sided) copying, I don't really see anything other than a "niche" market for something like this.

Comment We sell more fax boxes than ever (Score 1) 245

I've been in the printer, copier, fax, computer business for almost 36 years. We sell more fax modules that connect inside a copier/printer than we ever did with stand alone fax machines. We have a LOT of healthcare related customers, and their common answer is "because of HIPAA" we have to use fax machines. They cannot guarantee the safety and security of an email, if it lands into the hands of the wrong email address. Plus, we run into "we can't give up fax machines...we've ALWAYS had fax machines". I use to run into that mentality in the early 80's when fax machines started getting popular. They wouldn't get a fax, because they always had a messenger service.

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