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Comment sheep! (Score -1) 525

It amazes me, that people, typically under the age of 30, "hate" guns of pretty much any kind. The government school system in the USA, since the early 80's (run by the hippy crowd of the 60's), have indoctrinated at least 2 generations of children, and turned them into wimps. Afraid to say anything that might offend (unless it is against white males, christians, conservatives). These hipsters and such hate America, think it was conceived by a bunch of rich white slave holders, destroyed the Earth and on and on. America use to be a land of opportunity, but, now, this country has a bunch of freeloaders that think everything should be free, should be given to them, or they sit in the corner and hold their breath til they turn blue. I'm of the age that what's coming for this nation, probably won't happen til I'm gone, unless it happens in the next 10-20 years. Guns were EVERYWHERE in the 1800's, what some like to call the old wild west, but crime wasn't that high. Everyone had or carried a firearm. Now, people will just shoot you, if you look at them wrong. Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, but, their death by firearms is one of the highest in the nation. And, it's not the "angry white male" that is doing the killing. It's black on black violence, which, according to the social justice idiots, is blamed on "the white guy". So, what changed from the 1800's through the 60's? Oh, perhaps taking pretty much any reference to GOD out of everyday life, the "woman's movement" which said you don't need a man, WELFARE, which told countless blacks that you can't make it on your own, we'll take care of you. That leads to single mothers, who have figured out that the more kids they pop out, by God knows how many "baby daddy" types, they get more money. These kids grow up without any father in their life, and turn to violent gangs as a "family". The breakdown of the so called nuclear family, along with removing religion from everyday life, all plays out of the Saul Alinsky doctrine on how to topple a nation, and turn it from Capitalism into Socialism 1. Control Healthcare....Obamacare is the first step 2. Increase Poverty....duh...make them dependent on government 3. Debt....what is it now? 18 trillion? For every man, woman and child, they would have to right a 93 million dollar check or something to clear it? 4. Gun Control...take away a citizens right to protect their PROPERTY, their lives & those of their family. Easier to create a police state. 5. Welfare...goes hand in hand with poverty. 6. Education... Lenin was quoted as saying (paraphrasing) give me the mind of a child and the seeds I sew, cannot be undone. 7. Religion...Remove ANY reference in God from government & schools. 8. Class Warfare...pit the have not's, against the have's. Occupy Wall Street? This country is on the edge....Trumps and Idiot, and Clinton is an idiot & a crook. Whomever wins, this nation is so screwed!

Comment Exactly! (Score 5, Interesting) 249

That's what I've been saying since 10 was announced as a "free" upgrade from 7/8. Soon as they get enough people updated, via hook or crook, they'll adopt a PAID subscription. Adobe did it. On one had, it's not a bad business model, as you can pretty much know what your revenue stream from month to month, year to year will be, but, as with Adobe Photoshop, I'll just hang onto CC6 for a while longer.

Comment Damaged phones (Score -1) 767

Considering how I see people treat their iPhone & Android phones, this move is stupid. The headphone mini jack has been around since the 50's, with the first transistor radios. On the inside is a couple pieces of metal. Surrounded by hard plastic. It's durable, and has been around forever. The lightning port connector is very small, similar to a mini/micro USB. Jerking around on it, like people do with their headphone jacks, along with using it as a charging port, will make it more prone to failure, jacking up repair costs for end users.

Comment Wait a couple months before purchase (Score -1) 125

I'd still hold off for at least 3 months, given the Oppo/OnePlus track record of SOFTWARE PROBLEMS with the OnePlus One, OnePlus Two, OnePlus X. After about 3 months, they seem to get things moving a LOT better. The only caveat to that would be this phone is almost like the OnePlus Two from last year, different display, processor, ram, but similar. The OnePlus Two, was suppose to be the Oppo Find9, but with the overheating 810 processor, after the feedback from the beta testers (OnePlus phones), Oppo chose NOT to release the Find9 until the 820 processor, so perhaps they use the same software as the Two did, so the bugs this year won't take as long to squash. But, it might be better to let the eager beavers weed out the problems, if you just want to plug it in and use it without FC's, rebooting, wipe/reinstalls etc.

Comment I'm a law and order guy (Score -1) 621

BUT #1, I'm a CONSTITUTION guy. THAT comes before this! You are ALWAYS presumed INNOCENT, until CONVICTED! Here's how this works in my mind. They take all the money out of your account(s). Say it take 2-3 months (heck, probably more than SIX) for them to return the money. How much INTEREST did the OHP make, before they give you your assets back??

Comment Easy to figure out too (Score -1) 78

Market is saturated. Global economy is still pretty much in the tank. Smartphones are BORING. "Flagships" are WAY to expensive. Everyone already has one. Until the economy gets out of the toilet, and manufacturers come up with something that makes people go WOW, instead YAWN, who wants to pay upwards of 700 dollars for something that works exactly like last years model, with a faster processor, a couple megapixels more for the camera, and a gimmick here or there?

Comment Random (Score -1) 637

I use a generator...18 characters. I know people who use a random generator, but use a simple one for their master key....BRILLIANT! Ask why, they say "what if I forget my master password?" LOL Back in the days of 9600 to 33.6k modems, my password to log into a dialup BBS was 9 characters, a word, but up/lower case, along with a $ and ! thrown in.

Comment DUMPED! (Score -1) 49

First thing I do when I get a new computer, is either set it up (not connected to the network), then pull the drive, shelve it, install a blank drive, install the OS clean. If something happens to the computer during the warranty, pop the original drive back in, send it back for warranty. Keep MY data off anyone who works on it. Easiest way to keep the malware, bloatware and other crap off the computer.

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