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Comment Not just Hillary (Score -1) 385

Pretty much all politicians feel they are above the law. Remember the house banking scandal back in the 80's? They would write checks from the house bank for cash even though they had NO MONEY in their account? How about all of the politicians that owe the IRS millions of dollars for taxes never paid? Now, if you or I tried this, they would throw our butts in prison, but, because they are a politician, they get away with it. Why? Because they write the "laws" and are the ones who hand out money each year, and they can make those departments lives miserable, if they don't do what congress says. Two rules in the world. One for politicians, and one for everyone else.

Comment Exactly (Score -1) 223

How long until Apple or 3rd party people come up with 2 fingerprints. One to open it, another to securely ERASE it, all the while it looks like it is opened up. Come on, if I CAN think of that idea, surely someone has already thought of it. (of course if not, all proceeds will be deposited into an offshore bank account of my choosing LOL)

Comment No thanks! (Score -1) 381

I'd prefer the 3.5" jack. MECHANICALLY it is superior than the USB-c or mini jack. The 3.5 is 3 metal clips, surrounded by a plastic case. The usb series is a tiny circuit board surrounded by nothing to protect it. The way I see people with ear buds jammed in their ears all the time, that means connect-disconnect many times during the day, not to mention when recharging. Those tiny hair like contacts inside that jack, can only handle so much. I had a Note1 in 2011. The battery would never make it through the day without a recharge By the time I upgraded to a phone with a bigger battery in 2014, I had worn out that jack 3 times. I replaced it myself, so the cost was just the board that had the usb jack, which was less than 10 bucks online. Now, how are these self absorbed people going to handle their ear phone & charging jack being broken, and the expense of having it repaired?

Comment DUH! (Score -1) 1080

They've been raised by government since birth to hate capitalism, and embrace socialism. It started with schools supplies. Instead of keeping yours in your own desk, you put them in a "community" pile, where everyone shares them. You play games, EVERYONE gets a medal/ribbon. Everyone equal. Then as you get into higher grades, you are "taught" (more like indocrinated) that the USA founders were white racist slaveholders. And it continues with absolutely NO mention of any Christian or Jewish things, but want to promote homosexuality, pagan, witchcraft, feel free. It goes on and on that by the time they graduate college indoctrination centers, they are perfectly trained to embrace socialism. By the way, socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. It only lasts as long as it does, due to living at the end of a gun pointed at your head. Every socialist country, has taken away rights of citizens that they will disappear, if you say something negative about "dear leader".

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