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Comment Re:Rhetorical... (Score 1) 193

They'd save on gold and silver.

But seriously, the amount I care about the Olympics: 1.01-1.011%

Olympic games are all about politics, nothing is about sport (and I don't care watching people perform sports, but I realize many do).

If games have to happen they should be happening in Greece, there should be permanent stadiums there, they could be maintained by everybody who cares about the games.

But this way how could the governments steal billions from the populations and redistribute that money to their close friends? That's the real problem, apparently governments still need some pretext for stealing for some reason.

Comment Re:Missing a big point (Score 4, Insightful) 557

You're bitching about semantics. Machine learning, AI, programming - no, this isn't some autonomous correction to the system; it isn't going to "learn" from this in the human sense. But the system (programmers, sensors, and control fucntions) will be improved to deal with this type of situation. There is no AI in the car - it's just programmed reactions. But in your zeal to blather on about what AI is and isn't, you're missing the point that the *system* will become more capable of handling out-of-normal and unanticipated conditions. In humans we call this intelligence.

Comment Re:What about the truck? (Score 1) 557

"common use-case"

That's going to be an exceptionally rare use case, actually - a shoulder case that needs to be evaluated, but not in any case common. It would be a significant case for a tractor trailer, or a vehicle towing a large trailer such as a camper, but for a car that's shorter than a 12 year old girl, concern for an object spanning over a road which has no material in the first 24" above the lane of traffic, but is shorter than 56" is pretty damned rare.

Comment and many of us are forced at gunpoint..... (Score 1) 169

to get our internet from the cable provider as they is no other choice due to the illegal monopoly tricks cable companies use like "franchise fees" in cities to make it more difficult for competition to come in to the town.

So my cost is close to the cable number because I am punished for having internet without cable. $80 a month for 15meg

Because comcast rapes us in towns where there is zero competition.

Comment Proof! (Score 0) 557

That speeding is unsafe.

Sadly most of the "I have a right to speed" morons will chime in and claim they are far better at driving and safer at higher speeds.

I support no speed limits on limited access highways. but only the dumbest of the most stupid speed on streets with lots of cross traffic and in residential areas.

Even more stupid is a moron that sets his autodrive car to speed on such a road, this just adds to my data set that you do not have to be smart to be rich.

Comment re: e-commerce sites (Score 1) 343

I disagree. The whole point is *always* to find a niche, though. You can't sell just any old thing online and expect money to keep rolling in. I used to do computer support for a guy in St. Louis, years ago, who started a business out of his mom's basement selling motorcycle windshields. He'd collect them up at salvage yards and anyplace else he could get them cheap, store them in the basement with little tags telling what size they were and what they went to -- and listed them online.

It wasn't like he got rich off of it -- but it brought in enough income so it paid his bills and supplemented his mom's social security checks.

Comment Re:Big loss of preorders (Score 1) 40

I was in on this early, and had an opportunity to buy into a early unit for preview. (I have a motorcycle website) But the combination of low features and high price made me skeptical. (You have a camera and a screen... Why not HUD navigation on yoru phone, and recording of rear view to your phone or other storage?) Also the early paying for vapor ware beta hardware. I decided to wait for V2. Glad I did!

Comment Re:Black is the worst threat level...? (Score -1) 130

Black is the new Red, this is political of-course, it doesn't have any other meaning. Colour coding means something because of the colour properties (red is the most visible colour due to its wavelength and our perception of it). I guess what Obama is saying is this: the white people are scared of the blacks so much, they must perceive black as more dangerous than any other colour...

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