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Comment Re:History repeat itself. (Score 1) 132

Hmm, are you drunk or stoned. One hour of computer programming instruction in 9 years, what are they going to learn. This is a computer, this is how you turn it own, this is a programming language (what ever the language is), to put output on screen type this in - 'print(hello, world)', end of instruction. Seriously WHAT THE FUCK, the paper the legislation was written on was a fucking waste of paper. For fuck sake, want to teach computer programming then it has to be at minimum 2 hours a week for the full school year.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 3, Insightful) 621

Getting drunk and doing stupid things is not racist, alchohol fucks everyone up, just in different ways, none good and many lethal. Now if only dude had been stoned, sure he could likely have shot himself whilst stoned trying to clean his second favourite toy but at least he would not have shot someone else. Guns and alchohol do not mix That is all that this story is about, once drunk, all logic and reason is gone to be replaced by alcohol fuelled depression and stupidity. Shooting people whilst drunk is either racist or xenophobic, it is simply alchohol fuelled stupidity. Would it have happened sober, no. Would it have happened stoned, no.

The reality is alcohol cost far more in losses to society than the profit it provides. Out suffering and wallets, are alchohol industry profits. For every dollar you spend buying alchohol, that alchohol will be spending another dollar in wasted taxes paying for the damage alchohol causes.

People are self medicating with all sorts of crap as a result of the stresses of psychopathic capitalism, it is time to ensure the mendicants do not cause more harm than good (people have a right to feel good, even if via intoxicants and fuck any sick fuck who demands people must fucking suffer, they must be fucking miserable, that they must slave and die on the inside every day, those people who demand it are disgusting).

Comment Re: Texas Catch 22 Injustuce System (Score 0) 154 "In legal systems based on common law, a precedent, or authority, is a principle or rule established in a previous legal case that is either binding on or persuasive for a court or other tribunal when deciding subsequent cases with similar issues or facts" and A bit technical for many, but the idea is, if challenged it keeps going higher and higher in the legal system.

"Clearly established" in the case is just empty bullshit waffle, the judge clearly was avoiding the stupid statement, "no precedent has been set so no precedent can be set" basically IMO a chick shit judge who simply passed the buck. What he did establish precedent for, was 'a precedent can be set if that precedent has not be set', what a schmuck.

Comment Re:Just Remember, Folks. (Score 1) 141

For life, means for the life of the company. How long would that be with life time insurance, one successful botnet hack and a million crashes in one day, would pretty much do it. I can accept automated transit in an enclosed transport system but out in the open, no fucking way, just no, fuck off, seriously no, nup, nu uh. I am not having some stupid hacked car drive me straight off a cliff or into a train or into opposing traffic, all because some script kiddy, bought some software off a psychopath hacker and there are plenty of them out there. Does anybody ever bother to read shitty software warranties, I mean they are truely woeful crap, me, risk my life on those crap warranties, talk about Blue Screen Of Death.

Comment Re:My job... (Score 1) 341

When the robots are cheaper than, working in poverty labour and warehousing and transport costs and warehouse. Cheapest robot to date 3D printers and they are getting cheaper and better by the day. So when will you be able to make a 3D printer, with a 3D printer, hmm (technically more than one ie plastics and metals). I buy my printer and I can fire most of the corporations I have to deal with. Hmm make my own solar panels ;D. So how far off are protein printers, print my own food, more fired corporations.

Forget firing workers, we will be able to fire entire corporations and their worthless executive teams and investors, bwa hah hah (looks like we get the last laugh).

Comment Re: Gulfstream also (Score -1, Offtopic) 157

So a downgrade in poseur status, with a ignorant lock in to insane marketing manufactured beliefs. Place looks disgusting, cold, shallow and stupid and I mean either residence. Both will be looked on with disdain and contempt in the future. Insane desires to waste planetary resources and generate exorbitant amounts of personal pollution, a sickness to be reviled and not celebrated. "Look at my insanity, I consume and waste like a town of 10,000 people, celebrate my insane ego", they are to be pitied. Pathetic individuals driven by the egoistic need to be the most disgusting wasteful poseurs, literally shitting in everyone's nest, our planet (and all so tastelessly, shallow and worthless, ugh). I pity the poor fools who look up to it even more, gullible idiots.

Comment Re:Why stop at $50? (Score 1) 236

Who the hell goes to the cinema any more, only to see retreads. Got something new, fine but endless shit retreads of which that POS ghostbusters was the prime example, fuck it. Last movie, Guardians Of the Universe, quite fun on the bigscreen, since then the rest have been pretty shite and only worth picking up in the supermarket bargain bin, so many crap Jar Jar Abrams specials with the stupid food, drink and cinema ticket package deals to hugely inflate gross ticket revenues to hide crap movies (yep a whole bunch of movies did far worse than they claimed because ticket revenues were basically tripled behind a marketing lie, premium cinemas especially, they actually make less money per seat as a result, huge fucking lie).

Comment Stupidity (Score 1) 26

Refusal by the US and EU to engage with Russian law enforcement, in order to forment the appearance of conflict, in the insane attempt to sell more guns and bullets for no other reason than insensate greed, blocks the ability to mutually cooperate to end the problem, fucking morons.

Comment Re:pointless (Score 0) 165

Higher resolution, frame rate, curve, 3D, fuck it all, more power, more power, more power. Lots of ram, user installable OS, play right on the TV no console, mass storage, when the TV screen is off it might as well be a file server. Really, really, big screen all in one Android at a pinch, preferably Linux or Steam OS or even Mac OS. Fuck the pretty picture I want more power, more ram, more storage and definitely no fixed camera or microphone (removable with manual on off switch). Ohh and a tablet tied to the system as a remote control and keyboard and remote visual unit, preferably the TV being able to handle more than one tablet connected at a time for group play. MORE POWER

Comment Re:Only? (Score 0) 143

Japan's problem is their inability to let the failures go down in flames and fail for the good of the rest of the economy and of the society.

Japan is the place were you go to when you want to get funny money for trading/shorting, that's the place you go to borrow Yen to do all this insane trading. Japan is the place of the suicide economic policy, the kamikaze of policies (the one that USA is also following), the policy destroying the currency for the purpose of bailing out horrible failures just to keep them going due to political expediency and not due to any form of sound economics at all.

This in turn leads to economic stagnation, falling birth rates, depression, etc. All the good stuff that the central bankers together with the government love to give its people.

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