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Comment Re:Copyright law is a bitch; Fair Use is not a rig (Score 1) 181

You can do anything you like, but you might be sued for it. IIRC, the current condition allowing the photographing of buildings in Europe (yes, they are designs of an architect and carry copyright protection) are only temporary (or, perhaps were as of last year). Copyright is out of control.

Comment Re:Great way to kill the competition by making it. (Score 2) 213

... if the clause was presented in such as way as to be considered part of a binding contract agreed to when I purchased the car, ...

Apparently you are not "purchasing" the car but licensing it. And this is happening more and more, like the sealed boxes in tractors preventing third party repairs. And it is a deal breaker for me.

And I worry that this might be the future of Economy. Deplorable as Communism. Here's to the old times, when you were able to actually own something you purchased.

Frankly, right now I am considering restoring a used car over purchasing a new one. The cost will be more, but I think I will have a better car.

Comment Re:So...FUD propaganda then? (Score 1) 77

The mass bleaching of the great barrier reef where 20% where bleached and died off in one year would tend to disagree with you

Unless of course, that happens all the time, including before human-caused global warming. Then I guess it wouldn't tend to agree with you.

Comment Re:So it appears . . . (Score 2) 162

Billions of dollars spent on hardware, and some fuckup software dude sends the whole thing crashing to the ground. Come on guys, was this not checked, double-checked, and tested? This pisses me off. This is not a CTRL-ALT-DELETE 'oh shit'. This is enormous sums of money and peoples careers. Someone should go to jail for a very long time as soon as we figure out exactly what was screwed up.

I suggest ten years for writing that low wattage post. It's humane, but still sends a message that we won't put up with those idiots who second guess tough engineering problems without bothering to think.

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