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Operating Systems

Submission + - Mythbuntu 7.10 Alpha 3 i386/amd64 (

Mario Limonciello writes: "The Mythbuntu team has announced their third alpha. It includes i386 and AMD64 builds as well as a variety of features to rival other MythTV distro competitors. This release introduces an automated LIRC setup and full support for saving frontend settings to a flash drive allowing the disk to be used as frontend without a hard drive. See the mythbuntu website for more information:"
The Courts

Submission + - Lawsuit alleging false copyright claims 1

An anonymous reader writes: Last month, Slashdot published an item, 19250&from=rss, about the growing problem of false copyright claims, =787244#PaperDownload. Today, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, a trade organization representing Google, Microsoft, and other giants, has filed a consumer protection complaint with the FTC against Hollywood studios, the NFL, and major book publishers for including overly broad copyright notices on their products. The Wall Street Journal has the scoop: .html?mod=googlenews_wsj
Role Playing (Games)

Next WoW Expansion Title Leaked? 121

Gamespot reports that the German software ratings board may have accidentally tipped Blizzard's hand on the title of the next World of Warcraft expansion. "Spotted by German community site Gamona, a listing for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King appeared on USK yesterday, accompanied by the tag 'GC-demo,' implying Blizzard will be showing Wrath of the Lich King at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. Responding to a request for comment, a Blizzard representative stated, 'We have not yet announced any details with regard to future expansions of World of Warcraft.'" No surprise that Northrend would be the setting for the newest expansion. A bit disappointing, really.

Submission + - FTC Complaint filed re: abusive Copyright Warnings (

An anonymous reader writes: The Computer & Communications Industry Association has filed a formal consumer protection complaint with the FTC naming Hollywood studios, the NFL, MLB, and others for attempting to rewrite US copyright law so that Fair Use no longer exists. The amazing part is that these guys have been getting away with telling their customers they don't have any rights for so long, and this is the first time anybody has taken the matter seriously. is asking for internet users help find more abusers to add to the complaint.

From the Ars Technica article: "According to the complaint, such warnings "materially mispresent" US law. Fair use is given short shrift, and as a result, consumers are left with the impression that any use that the rightsholders do not expressly approve is illegal."

XBox (Games)

Online Co-Op For Halo 3 Launch Confirmed 53

Happily, the internets were wrong. Via Joystiq comes the happy news from Bungie that not only will we be able to play the Halo 3 campaign in online co-op mode, but up to four players at the same time can enjoy the experience. "Acting as a team is a fantastic new twist to the Campaign gameplay - something that works as well on foot, in close confines as it does on the battlefield, with large scale vehicle mayhem. Scared of Jackal snipers? Send out a scout to see what dangers lie ahead. Terrified of an open field? Flank your enemies and swipe their rides. The combinations and scenarios are endless - and you'll be able to enjoy them time and time again in Saved Films of your co-op exploits. We mentioned that we've been having a blast. We have a lot of stories. Many of them would require that we explain some of the reasons replay will be a big factor, but not quite yet. Soon, we promise." For more on the game, 1up is running the only preview out there of an entire single-player campaign level called 'Tsavo Highway'.

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