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Comment Re:Canadian Border Guards... (Score 3, Interesting) 276

I've gone into Canada a handfull of times over the last year and had similar.

They customs agents going into Canada typically ask some pointed questions - nothing onerous but things that usually catch you off guard. It's enough to throw someone actualy doing things wrong for a loop and give them easy justification for a detailed search/etc.

I'm going on vacation to visit a friend...i'm invarilably asked either who are they/name, where I know them from, where i'll be staying, or what we're planning to do.

The one time I said I was on business they wanted to know who i worked for, who i was meeting, where, etc. which was amusing since I have a Canadian office for my own company I was going to and two dozen people to meet with. She didn't really care, but was testing to see if it was a basic story/lie of if there were some facts behind it.

It's acutally proven psychology (though it requires *gasp* training) and probably 100x more effective than the rape-i-scan machines are for preventing Bad Things from happening.

Comment Re:Straw Man. False Dichotomy. (Score 2) 446

It's fairly trivial to put together an encrypted chat client to begin with.

IM platform and communication has off-the-shelf and/or open-source options available. Pretty much IM modules where you provide the host for the server.
Encryption modules...same thing. Tons of open source and easily integrated with above IM platforms.

While it requires some expertise...it's really, really not that hard. Things like this nonsense that france is preaching are utter BS and have very little, if any, impact on terrorism.

Comment Re:A version of Godwin's law (Score 2) 239

If you want to throw blame around...let's give it to the 1% crowd.

I'll even justify it...watch!

Redundancy and proper backup costs $. Odds of occurance are quite low and pointy-haired people have this habit of cutting budgets to meet spending targets and save money, and all that. Why? Oh, because their bosses say so...the execs and board. Why? Because the company can get an extra $xyz in EPS by cutting budgets back and taking the low % risk on themselves in the short-ish term.

So yeah, we close down the secondary datacenter and justfiy it with getting a redundant backup generator or something ... save a chunk of money, improve the company's margin by a smidge (which is considered impressive given how much they've already squeezed) .. and the stock market reacts to the 'innovative savings' positively which raises the stock price by a bit.

That 'bit' matters when you own 6- or 7-figure $ in stock of that company...and your yearly $millions bonus is tied to the same. It's the same reason companies habitually gut their employee base ... not because the company is about to be insolvent but because their stock price sucks (generally due to not having 'enough' profit). /rant

Comment Re:It'd probably slam into a stealth fighter jet t (Score 1) 177

Actually to play devil's advocate here...a smaller cut would give you similar feeling on the brake pedal for light braking and the fail catastrophically (or at least not provide adequate breaking) under emergency braking...or when you finally emptied all the brake fluid.

Point being, there are malicious failure methods available that work just fine on plain old humans. Simple, cheap, easy ones. To say autopilot is less safe than a human drive because other, complicated and technical, things can fool it is misleading and disingenuous. Autopilot, especially in it's more advanced iterations that are coming, is highly likely to be a much, much safer driver than people in the vast majority of situations.

Will some circumstances fool autopilot and cause an accident? Yep. Could some of those have been avoided by a human driver? Yep. However, when you compare the number of times a computerized driver doesn't something wrong vs. a human I've got my money on the computer. They don't play pokemon go while driving, txt, get drunk, etc.

Comment Re:Illusions (Score 1) 177

Malicious acts can potentially cause Bad Things. New at 10.

Or go one further....a $10 laser pointer can temporarily blind pilots flying large planes.

A driver swerving around can easily cause a crash.

It's the paranoid 'what if' mentality that's resulted in so many pointless laws and regulations around new technology.

Comment Re: So funny (Score 1) 176


And I've also got $millions in the bank but I can't get to them just this minute, so can you buy luch?

Oh, and my Bently is being waxed, the Ferrari is a roadster and it looked like rain this morning, and my porche only seats two and I didn't know who was coming to lunch...so can you drive?

Oh, hey, I'm so fameous in this restaurant that they always stop everything and seranade me when I go in ... it's such a hassle...do you mind running in to grab the food too? I'm not banned for trying to skip my check last week. I swear.

Comment Re: So funny (Score 1) 176

Don't bother with silly little things like ... ugh ... facts.

Haters gunna hate. They'll go on about how everyone is drinking the koolaid and they're the only ones with a real perspective and wah wah wah. Little things like facts that fly opposite their opinion are ignored. Other things that support their opinion but are minor get exaggerated. par for the course.

Tesla is losing money...because they're building and expanding as fast as they can. If they cared to sit back and just make a botique car line they'd be plenty profitable. Kind of like how Amazon has (until just recently) barely been profitable despite huge sales numbers. They are dumping all that $ into growth...and it's working.

I'm not saying there aren't some big issues that Tesla, SpaceX and Amazon need to work on...but they've already solved much larger issues. They've already done what no one else has...except perhaps outside of massively subsidized goverment programs (ahem, NASA).

They built several functional, high-quality, durable, daily-usable electric cars. They've nearly completed the largest battery factory in the world. They're in a position to deploy massive amounts of solar with less subsidies than a lot of established industries (*cough*farming*cough*) get. They're launching freaking rockets...real ones with real payloads not dinky little test rockets to suborbital ... on the regular AND reclaiming the first stages with controlled landings. Amazon has built a network and distribution chain to rival even the giant walmart...and has changed online ordering from 'i need this for some time in the future' to 'i need this tomorrow/later today' and shortly 'i need this in an hour'. Amazon in the next few years will deliver faster than a trip to the store.

Anyone who wants to point out how stupid all this is and how much of a failure ... can happily do so. I'll buy out any stock they 'mistakenly' purchased for a few bucks so they can be rid of it too... :)

Comment Re:Comcast's argument is more-sensible than summar (Score 2) 182

You assume that 10% margin isn't subject to all kinds of legal tax voodoo first...which I highly suspect is the case. Considering other providers in countries can provide the same (well, better anyhow) service for significantly LESS I really doubt comcast is really operating on that margin.

See 'hollywood accounting' for examples of those who have made an art of it.

Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 4, Insightful) 216


THIS is what copyright law is (well, was) designed to protect. An individual or company wrongly selling, misrepresenting, harassing or even suing others over works it does not have control over the copyright of is exactly what copyright law was targeted at. THIS is how copyright could 'protects the artists' and foster more artistic contribution to the world as a whole.

Getty would do well to quickly offer up a very reasonable/rationa settlement - such as repaying every customer who paid for images they didn't have the right to sell and making a sizable donation to some art charity/foundation. Anything else, and they undermind the very laws that provide for their business model and very existence.

Comment Just because... (Score 1) 254

This is another 'just because' argument...just because criminals can use encryption, everyone else must give up the security of encryption.

Just because a minority-case situation exists, why must the majority who aren't involved suffer the consequences?

I mean, some politicians have been proven to be criminals so does that justify us investigating each and every one for criminal activity? Some politicians hide finances within their campaign - should we audit every campaign in detail? Some policitians take kickbacks either directly or indirectly - should we monitor the finances of them all? Some politicians are sex offenders - should all be required to log?

Yes, it's somewhat tangential analogies but the fundamental point remains.

Lots of people point out how a few bad cops do things that make the news and how we shoudln't treat every other cop like they did somethign wrong. Why doesn't this apply here too? (and yeah, i'm prepared for the -1 troll on that but my point stands)

Comment In other news: ThreatConnect linked to DNC... (Score 1) 704

Well not really, but would it surprise anyone at this point?

Granted the mainstream media won't cover it of course...so it'll go largely unnoticed. Just like the title 'worked directly for russian president' ... 's government. Well all that says is he isn't an independent contractor...BFD. Tons of people (hackers included) work for the various first world governments.

You could also say that the soldiers who "worked directly for Obama" ... 's government. Yawn.

Comment Re:Consistency people (Score 4, Insightful) 377

Yup, but not on my desktop itself.

I only see those notifications when I visit google's webpage as part of (or in place of) other ads.

As opposed to a 'notification area' being used as an advertising area. It'd be nice though if they made a button called 'yeah I acutally know what i'm doing, leave me alone' ... I mean besides installing linux of course.

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