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Submission + - 50kW Power Plant Prototype Runs on Water

Chemisor writes: BlackLight Power announced the successful testing of a 50kW power generator running on hydrogen from water. Many of you already know about BlackLight Power and its owner Randall Mills as associated with his Classical Quantum Mechanics and hydrinos. Due to lack of an actual working generator, people were naturally skeptical of his claims, and nothing much has been heard about them over the last ten years. Now it appears they are ready with actual commercial production of a hydrino power plant, and if that works, it would be the most important event in the history of physics since 1937.

Submission + - Press Forced To Wear Corporate Sponsor Logos

i_like_spam writes: In a story covered by the National Press Photographers Association, photojournalists are protesting a new rule for the upcoming National Football League season that will force them to wear red vests emblazoned with the corporate logos of Reebok and Canon during televised games. The chair of the NPPA's Ethics & Standards Committee said 'it totally goes against our Code of Ethics to force photographers to advertise as if they were some sort of NASCAR vehicle. We are independent gatherers of news, storytellers with no agendas.' The NFL responded by stating that it's not a problem because the logos are small and have been used on vests at other sporting events without protest.

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