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Comment Re:Shortest non-informative article I've ever read (Score 2) 116

Not only short and non-informative, but makes nonsense assertions like this:

Why it matters: Most publishers have designed their websites to measure user interaction through clicks, not scroll rates or time spent on stories. As the industry moves away from click-through rates (CTR's) as the most meaningful marketing metric, those publishers will have a difficult time justifying the effectiveness of their platforms for marketers.

Care to explain why publishers will have a "difficult time"? If it can be counted, they can count it. If it can't be counted, it's not a metric.

Submission + - IBM & Watson booted by MD Anderson cancer research center (

Life2Short writes: According to Fortune Magazine IBM's Watson has not impressed folks at the University of Texas' cancer research center. Apparently IBM does not meet the expectations of MD Anderson. FTFA: "And a scathing report from auditors at the University of Texas says the project cost MD Anderson more than $62 million and yet did not meet its goals."

Comment Spend the money (Score 1) 270

FUD about Trump budget cutting aside, it's a common practice to spend as much on a program as possible in order to make Congress or the Executive Branch less willing to admit that it's a failure and kill it. NASA needs to find a reason for going forward with SLS versus using smaller unmanned vehicles.

Comment Re: Your milage may vary (Score 2) 148

If you communicate with the people sitting next to yiu over Slack or Gihub only then, yes, you have a communications problem

Read the part in the summary about how disruptive it is to be interrupted. Unless the question needs to be answered RIGHT NOW it's often better to send a text or email and let the other person respond when they have a spare minute. People who think they're really good communicators are often the ones who wander around the office or shout over cubicle walls, disturbing everyone within earshot.

Submission + - GM Plans To Build, Test Thousands of Self-Driving Bolts In 2018 (

An anonymous reader writes: General Motors Co plans to deploy thousands of self-driving electric cars in test fleets in partnership with ride-sharing affiliate Lyft Inc, beginning in 2018, two sources familiar with the automaker’s plans said this week. It is expected to be the largest such test of fully autonomous vehicles by any major automaker before 2020, when several companies have said they plan to begin building and deploying such vehicles in higher volumes. Most of the specially equipped versions of the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle will be used by San Francisco-based Lyft, which will test them in its ride-sharing fleet in several states, one of the sources said. GM has no immediate plans to sell the Bolt AV to individual customers, according to the source. In a statement on Friday, GM said: "We do not provide specific details on potential future products or technology rollout plans. We have said that our AV technology will appear in an on-demand ride sharing network application sooner than you might think."

Comment Re:Mostly thanks to H1Bs (Score 1) 118

gut feeling tells me if the end result of hiring and firing was a net gain, we wouldn't be talking about this

Your gut should tell you that if this was real news the reporter would state the net change, not layoffs without mentioning hires.

In other words, article is total BS.

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