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Submission + - Preston University a degree mill/Fraud/Scam (

HarisEnterprises writes: "Okay now i have been coming around a lot of stuff people have been saying and writing about Preston university, a university who's name I can proudly mention in my resume. I don't really understand what these people find so irksome in Preston. I've had a wonderful time studying, socializing and grooming at a place where every faculty member is so helpful and every other student helps you in the same way he wants himself to be helped. Now that I have passed my degree in economics from there I can assure you that anyone opting for this option is surely not going to waste their talent and money there. It has a very nominal fee structure too plus a fine campus building and an enthusiastic ambience which will never let you feel low or weary in you day to day life too! I will be more then glad if I can help any of you in sharing my knowledge about university. Thanks!"

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