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Submission + - Tasmanian devils rapidly evolving resistance to contagious cancer 1

tomhath writes: Scientists from the US, UK and Australian have observed Tasnamian Devils evolving as the species fights to survive a transmittable cancer.

The cancer is spread when the aggressive animals bite each other on the snout. A database of gnome sequences collected over the past twenty years has revealed that in as few as six generations there are significant changes in their DNA in regions the scientists believe are related to resisting cancer.

Submission + - Luxury liner SS United States cannot be put back in service

tomhath writes: Once the fastest ocean liner ever built, the SS united States has been mothballed for almost 50 years.

An ambitious project to refurbish the SS United States as a luxury liner has been abandoned due to insurmountable technical and commercial obstacles.

Plan B, to turn it into a floating hotel/convention center, might go forward

Submission + - Yahoo continue to make solid progress according to Marissa Mayer

tomhath writes: Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer tried to emphasize the progress that the company has made. "We continue to make solid progress against our 2016 plan," Mayer said, and "in addition to our efforts to improve the operating business, our board has made great progress on strategic alternatives." The CEO argued that the results met or exceeded the company's own guidance.

Yahoo! was able to post a revenue increase by changing the ways that it presents revenue related to its search agreement with Microsoft, and without that change, adjusted revenue of $1.055 billion was down 15% from the year-ago quarter. That was even worse than the 13% drop investors were expecting, and adjusted EBITDA fell by more than a third. That resulted in adjusted net earnings of $0.09 per share, missing the consensus forecast by a penny but also glossing over a $440 million net loss on a GAAP basis.

The company took a $395 million goodwill impairment charge and an $87 million intangibles impairment charge related to its Tumblr unit, determining that the fair value of the division is less than the amount indicated on Yahoo!'s balance sheet.

Submission + - Bar Unit 2 Reactor Connected to the Grid

tomhath writes: The Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Watts Bar Unit 2 is the first nuclear reactor to come online since 1996, when the Watts Bar Unit 1 started operations. The new reactor is designed to add 1,150 megawatts of electricity generating capacity to southeastern Tennessee.

By summer’s end, authorities expect the new reactor at this complex along the Chickamauga Reservoir, a dammed section of the Tennessee River extending northward from Chattanooga, to steadily generate enough electricity to power 650,000 homes .

But while nuclear reactors account for the lion’s share of the carbon-free electricity generated in the United States, the industry faces this new set of circumstances in a state of near-crisis. A combination of very cheap natural gas and deregulated energy markets in some states has led to a growing number of plant closures in recent years.

Submission + - Web browser shows congressional candidate Webb's taste in porn (

tomhath writes: Webb, who is running as an independent to represent Virginia’s 8th District after losing the Republican primary, put up a post Monday afternoon accusing his GOP rival Matt Warvo of trying to sabotage him. But the screenshot he posted showed two other tabs, named “Ivone Sexy Amateur” and “Layla Rivera Tight,” which appeared to match the names of videos on porn sites.

This story is really a better fit for Fark than Slashdot

Submission + - Amazon salaries equal for men, women, minorities

tomhath writes: Amazon said a review of compensation including both base pay and stock compensation found that women earned 99.9 cents for every dollar that men earned in the same jobs. The survey, which was conducted by an external labor economist, covered Amazon workers at various levels of the company's organization in the United States.

The study, which was recently completed, also found that minorities earned 100.1 cents for every dollar that white employees earn in the same jobs.

Submission + - Solar Power plant uses natural gas while not using natural gas

tomhath writes: In order to be considered a "green" power plant Ivanpah cannot generate more than 5% of its output by burning fossil fuel. But it can use gas to keep the boilers up to temperature when the Sun isn't shining.

The Ivanpah plant in the Mojave Desert uses natural gas as a supplementary fuel. Data from the California Energy Commission show that the plant burned enough natural gas in 2014 – its first year of operation – to emit more than 46,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide

The same amount of natural gas burned at a conventional power plant would have produced enough electricity to meet the annual needs of 17,000 California homes – or roughly a quarter of the Ivanpah plant’s total electricity projection for 2014.

But burning gas that doesn't generate electricity doesn't count against the 5% limit on electricity produced from fossil fuel, so the plant is still considered "green".

Submission + - Marissa Mayer most overpaid CEO ever (

tomhath writes: Scott Galloway, professor of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, went after Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer this morning.

If she hadn't announced she was pregnant with twins, she'd be out of a job within six months...Marissa Mayer is the most overpaid CEO in history

Submission + - Snapshot Serengeti project crowdsources identification of animals (

tomhath writes: The Snapshot Serengeti project needed help classifying many images they've taken by setting up game cameras on the Serengeti plains.

Hundreds of camera traps in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, are providing a powerful new window into the dynamics of Africa’s most elusive wildlife species. We need your help to classify all the different animals caught in millions of camera trap images.

We’re done for now, but we still need you

With your help, we've classified all the data we have so far. Great work! We are leaving some images active for you to classify. Please keep an eye on the blog for updates about research and when new Snapshot Serengeti data will be available.

Submission + - Coast Guard spots 100+ year old shipwrecks from the air

tomhath writes: "Earlier this month, a helicopter from the Coast Guard's Air Station in Traverse City, Michigan, was out on a routine patrol over the lake, looking for boats in distress or anything out of the ordinary. It was a calm day; the ice that covered the lake had recently melted, and the water was still very cold, just 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3.3 degrees Celsius) — a perfect combination for good visibility.

When Petty Officer Mitch Brown looked out the window of the helicopter, he could spot several century-old shipwrecks in the crystal-blue waters."

Submission + - Nuclear firm makes a play for carbon credit cash (

tomhath writes: "The biggest player in the beleaguered nuclear power industry wants a place alongside solar, wind and hydroelectric power collecting extra money for producing carbon-free electricity...Exelon Corp., operator of the largest fleet of U.S. nuclear plants, says it could have to close three of them if Illinois rejects the company’s pitch to let it recoup more from consumers since the plants do not produce greenhouse gases...Exelon and other around-the-clock plants sometimes take losses when wind turbines produce too much electricity for the system...Under the system, electric suppliers would have to buy credits from carbon-free energy producers. Exelon says the plan would benefit nuclear plants, hydroelectric dams, and other solar and wind projects."

Submission + - Executive order will require antimicrobial stewardship

tomhath writes: An Executive Order signed recently will require most health care providers in the US to have antimicrobial stewardship programs.

The Federal Government will work domestically and internationally to detect, prevent, and control illness and death related to antibiotic-resistant infections by implementing measures that reduce the emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and help ensure the continued availability of effective therapeutics for the treatment of bacterial infections.

In addition, the order will restrict the use of antibiotics in livestock.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in HHS, in coordination with the Department of Agriculture (USDA), shall continue taking steps to eliminate the use of medically important classes of antibiotics for growth promotion purposes in food-producing animals.

Submission + - Psychologist's study finds the old adage "Happy Wife, Happy Life" is true (

tomhath writes: "When men felt willing to express their anger or frustration, women took that as a sign that their partners were investing in the relationship, the study found. For most women studied, this translated into a sense of security or happiness for the women.

Men, by contrast, commonly expressed more fulfillment after their female partners expressed to them that they were fulfilled and satisfied in their relationships.

While the study, published in the Journal of Family Psychology, ultimately found that happiness stems from a willingness to try and understand whatever emotion one’s partner is feeling, men tend to disengage when negatively aroused, while women tend to engage and want to discuss the problem."

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