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Journal Journal: Went to Comic Con last weekend. 3

Took some time off and had a great time running around like a spaz. Now I'm playing catch up for both work and Intarweb stuff. :P I'll prolly write a little something about the Con in a while.

Journal Journal: Don't mind me.

I've had a few drinks and I'm waiting for an offline defrag on one server and a defrag on C: on another.... Hey they're done! Woo-Hoo! Now let's see if I really broke stuff :P Hrmm... Looks like another long day on Tues... crap, today is Tuesday!!!

Journal Journal: #@!%*&$#@! MS Exchange! 4

OK, Alls youse running anything other than E2K laugh at me now. Our E-mail server started doing something really nifty today. Along about 11:00 PST the pointer records could not find the actual E-mail.[oh joy] I was checking the store, and could not stop the store service, [and trying to stop and start other services didn't seem to help]. Did the whole TechNet and KB thing and got jack, well some answers with no positive results. 'Along about 4 PM I noticed I could access E-mails that came in an hour and a half, or so, earlier with no problem, but any recent E-mails were not coming up and the had a delay of an hour earlier. 'round about 6 PM PST [I don't know if I fixed it or what, but it does seem to be normal now] it got better. Meanwhile I've had the CEO, CFO, VPs, several department heads breathing down my neck. The only thing I can think of is somebody flooding our network...crap I've gotta learn the PIX logs now to see what the heck was going on. BTW yes I am fully up to date on patches, SP and hotfixes. It's now 1:15 my time and I have the happiness of going back to work in a few hours...
Today I am the hydrant.
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Journal Journal: My 2 cents on Gmail. 8

I'll probably be using my Gmail account for normal use and not just for a spam trap as many people I have heard state, both RL and /. Here is a very good article that I believe expresses all the salient points on why I will be using Gmail.
Now I'm not trying to convert anybody and any counter arguments and views are more than welcome. In my view what they're doing is just not that bad and there is nothing very different about what they are doing than what others have been doing for years.
The ads themselves, so far, only show up once in a while and are no different than what you see on the side when doing a Google search. I don't know if this ad once in 5 or so e-mails is just because it didn't always find any appropriate keyword(s) or if it is by design and, as I understand it, only the Gmail user ever sees any ads.
Found this in the help:
As a security measure to prevent potential viruses, Gmail does not allow you to receive executable files (such as files ending in .exe) that could contain damaging executable code. Gmail does not accept these types of files, even if they are sent in a zipped (.zip, .tar, .tgz, .taz, .z, .gz) format. If someone tries to send this type of message to your Gmail account, the message will be bounced back to the sender.
Oh that's music to my ears! I hope they consider adding a few others, say .com, .vbs, etc. Kind of a tough call on denying .zip files though, that's gonna' suck for any dialup users. Yahoo has recently started making users scan before they download and if a virus is found they are blocked from downloading it. Unfortunately there is still a small window of opportunity for a virus to slip through. At our office our users get access to Yahoo...must...not...start...separate..rant... and that has gotten us in the shorts a couple of times.

Journal Journal: A liitle book help. 4

Kinda inspired by Buffer's JE a while back. I'm asking for a little help finding a book:
Beyond Human Scale : The Large Corporation at Risk
By: Eli Ginzberg; George Vojta
Publisher: New York : Basic Books, ©1985.
ISBN: 0465006582
The wife was reading another book and it refered to it quite a bit [will update later with the name of it, drawing a blank right at the moment]and she really wants to get this one also. Now I have found it here and also over here, but it's the same seller. It's been out of print since '86ish and the one they do have is a library book and costs $450 [USD] to start! I would like to try and find a copy for _much_ cheaper. I'm guessing it was a text book.
Hmmm... 1. Obtain rights to book 2. Reprint 3. Sell for $50 a pop 4. Profit!

Journal Journal: Lovin' that of the 'Zilla 5

Just a quickie. I started using it [1.6, now using 1.7rc1] about a month ago and have been cutting my teeth on it. I just discovered the right click on one of those annoying flashy banner adds, I was going to look at the url and block it in the firewall, and saw "block images from this server" Ohhhh Ye-frickin-Haw!!!! This just keeps getting better and better! If you don't have it I highly recommend downloading it if you're still using MS's IE. Why was I such a fool for so long? Wait don't answer that :P
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Denis Leary 3

I'm just a regular Joe, with a regular job...*finish it* two lines at a time please...[ now we find out if ICBLF has [Good] Friday off :D, if not I expect to hear from him on Monday] Further DL JE to follow [flashback/belated JE to ST. Patty's day, icludes Scotch drunk, brand of corned beef eaten, best horseradish we had, DVD watched, etc..]

Journal Journal: Alive and well 9

Just to let everybody know I haven't [mostly] pulled a Surak. The last month of the year and the first few months of the New Year are very, very busy for me and I've only had a chance to lurk and not really contribute anything since the mixist wars. Things are mellowing out now and we should return to your regularly scheduled fettuccini programming.

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Journal Journal: The wonders of mixing. 3

While not down playing a single malt scotch, Bowmore is a nice one for about $12 American. Another, while a pure malt, is Sheep Dip it being my most recent purchase, nor a fine stout or ale [Guinness, New Castle, Arrogant Bastard, among others]. Mixist Philosophy has led to many wondeful creations now enjoyed today. Why if not for a mixist you would never have known the joy of a margarita, the velvety smoothness of a B-52 or many others. The outstanding varity of beverages Hot-cold, alocholic and non, liquid or frozen, staggers the mind. Even helpful references to mixing have rallied against the tyranny that is pure drinkist. Lo you who add a squirt of lemon to your hefeweizen are dabbling in the mixist arts. Was it not mixing that inspired some sot to create Terran version of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster? or how about the many variations of Romulan Ale? Note the mysterious origin of the cocktail Ohhh mysterious. [finger waggle
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Journal Journal: Attention all revolutionaries. 22

The Beverage Liberation Front wants you!
Ethelred has unveiled his true colors and it is up to us, comrades, to defeat his tyranny. Join the proletariat in throwing off the yoke of this monarchial dictator. I nominate ICBLF as second in command based on his refusal to submit to the elitist views of the dread Ethelred drinkist pig dog. Power to the people and beverages to the base born! Send the message that the people will not tolerate this high handed view that goes against the right to mix, blend, or otherwise adulterate liquids that would normally be withheld from the worker. In the event of your death, unfriending or foeing by Ethelred you will be rewarded with the peoples honors and maybe a footnote, in a journal entry the people may never get around to writing, in the epic struggle against his maniacal standards of that which is frosty, cold [or hot and comforting] and refreshing. The line in the ice cooler has been drawn!

Side note the people are now adjourning for lunch and a cold mix of Dr, Pepper, fruit punch, Horchata and rum on the rocks, shaken not stirred.

Journal Journal: Please pass this on. 7

I stumbled across this and for the life of me can not remember who has the blind and deaf wife [I know there was something in his Bio about it, but I can't seem to find it]. I just read a post of his in the last coupla days and i can't figure out where it was/is. I was hoping to get this to him. Pretty neat stuff. Google for intraocular retinal prosthesis Anyway I know some of you know who I'm talking about.
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Journal Journal: Would you like to take a survey? 5

I have managed to collect about 30 or so Altoids tins in the last couple months. My questions are; 1: Do you have similar container collections? 2: What the heck do you do with them? 3: Are you or or you not a freakin' packrat like me!

Slashdot still seems to be having some problems and I'm having a hard time keeping contact with the host. So I write a reply and then lose it when I error out on the submission. Also the fact I lost my glasses last week isn't helping. I'm not very blind, but enough that reading is just all kinds of fun.

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Journal Journal: J00 ph34r my m4d +1 m0d ski11z 5

Muuuhahahahahahaha. I'm out ta get 'cha. Now, who to bestow +1 happiness on? Oh and thank goodness slashdot has fixed itself/been fixed. Anybody know if /. was /.ed?

Update: My bad M2 mod. :D

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