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Went to Comic Con last weekend.

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  • Obvious questions: did you go to the PVPOnline and Penny Arcade booths? And what'd ya get???? :)
    • Yep. Got me a signed copy of AGE of Dorkness and a sketch in my sketchbook from Mr. Kurtz and got a sketch from Gabe and Tycho. I offered to put some money in the kitty for Penny Arcade [seeing how I wasn't buying anything this time] and they turned me down. Told me sketches and autographs are free. On a related note, I finally stumbled over and saved that Strawberry Shortcake thing from a while back that got Hallmark all in a huff from a posting I stumbled on while surfing. I need to wait until I get home
      • I live in the same general area as Kurtz (Dallas, TX) but I've gone to none of his local bookstore appearances, nor to G&T's guest talk at SMU.

        Not sure why, other than my terrible work schedule. (This will soon no longer be an issue, as I gave notice, will be done in a couple weeks, etc. I'm going back to school, coincidentally SMU)

        No, I take that back... I'm such a perfect example of their target audiences that I'm too tired from slacking to bother driving across town, when I can get most of the funn

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