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Journal spumoni_fettuccini's Journal: Lovin' that of the 'Zilla 5

Just a quickie. I started using it [1.6, now using 1.7rc1] about a month ago and have been cutting my teeth on it. I just discovered the right click on one of those annoying flashy banner adds, I was going to look at the url and block it in the firewall, and saw "block images from this server" Ohhhh Ye-frickin-Haw!!!! This just keeps getting better and better! If you don't have it I highly recommend downloading it if you're still using MS's IE. Why was I such a fool for so long? Wait don't answer that :P
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Lovin' that of the 'Zilla

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  • Firefox has had the feature for a while.
    It also seems as stable as the Mozillas have been.
    What are your reasons for not trying it, yet?
    Just curious.
    • To be honest... sheer laziness. It wasn't until last month I really got around to trying an alternative. I finally got fed up with the patches, exploits and things they say they're not gonna' fix in it and decided to check out others. I'm still learning my way around Mozilla and will give Firefox a try also. It's just the web browser part only right? I'm still new to the other web browsers game and not really sure of the differences. Any particular reasons you recommend it over Mozilla?
      • It seems to load faster for me. It's also the "next gen" branch of the tree that the current Mozilla branches from.

        Oh, and the built-in Google field in the corner doesn't hurt, either :)
        • Thanks for getting back.
          In regards to your statement of it loads faster... I'm still getting used to how much faster Mozilla loads than IE, Firefox may make my brain explode or implode right now! 'Zilla [current build] has the Google search in the L/H box and I'm really diggin' that! I also have the composer with spell check, which is probably why you can read this :D
          It's also the "next gen" branch of the tree that the current Mozilla branches from. That's what I thought, I figured they got all the compon
          • Hey, no problem. It just always interests me why people will stick with Mozilla; as if maybe there's something I don't know, that would make me go back.

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