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Comment Re:Telephone Game: Racist Edition (Score 1) 191

And those people should be coming to America because?

Possibly the same reason you are in America, whatever that may be. People gotta be somewhere, and America (in spite of our embarrassing fuckwittery) has a lot of great things going for it. I realize it's subjective and we all have different opinions, but it's not unreasonable for people to prefer America. (And yes, it's not unreasonable for someone to prefer somewhere else instead.) We really do have our attractions. If you don't think those attractions make us the right choice for you (or someone else), that's fine, but if you don't think they exist then you're too dumb to be talking to.

If you can't think of a reason for choosing America, go ahead and leave. Plenty of people will be happy to take your place. Everyone can be a winner, even you.

Comment Re:Bullshit! (Score 1) 70

This is exactly what I was wondering about. I would absolutely love if this allowed it to work on a PI, but if there's still some dependency on a module that isn't available on ARM, it's probably a no-go.

Then again, I've heard of people getting it to work on Chromium by grabbing bits and pieces from a Chromebook (which can play Netflix), so it's still possible AFAIK.

I'm actually OK with DRM modules so long as they follow a known, open standard (and yes, this can be done, much like encryption). Anything else is "security" by obscurity anyhow.

Comment RROD and overheating processors (Score 3, Informative) 89

A lot of early fixes for RROD and overheating processors included some pretty simple solutions
a) A strong "clamp" or a copper shim to more tightly hold the GPU on, so that it wouldn't come loose when the solder heated up
b) Changing the fan behavior to be more aggressive to keep the device cooler

There were a lot of people offering services to fix early XBoxes and all it really involved was heating things up so that the chip would slip back in better, then jamming a nice thick piece of copper in place to hold the chip on tighter while still conducting heat away.

Comment Pop-up vendor (Score 1) 41

Yeah, it seems they still haven't properly deal with the issue of "pop-up vendors". These guys pop up around a special event (Boxing Day, Black Friday, etc) and sell a bunch of hot items at slightly below the others. Not enough that it's obviously a scam, but that it looks like they're offering the better deal. Then, days or weeks later when you realise you've been scammed, you get to enjoy going through Amazon's reporting process despite the fact that the vendor now had 100 people complaining that they've been sent an item from in "Canada" yet with a USPS shipping code that end in CN.

I mean, automatic flagging wouldn't be hard here.
* Vendor says they're in Canada: shipping = non-local shipper (USPS), FAIL
* Vendor says they're in N America: shipping is a Chinese local shipping code (ends in CN), FAIL

Being that we all had a similar complains and they were pretty easily shown to be a bad seller, this is definitely something that should be "testable"

Comment Re:Ummmm..... (Score 1) 413

The claim is that if we exist in a reality that can be simulated accurately, it is pure hubris to assume that we are the top tier attempting to perform such a simulation.

I think it's funny how you people call it "hubris" whenever other people stay within the limits of what they know. You sound just like the people who are sure there are intelligent aliens on other planets somewhere out in the mind-boggling vastness of the universe. The rest of us say "I don't know," but you say you know (despite utter lack of evidence) and accuse us of hubris.

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Comment Access/modification times (Score 1) 518

Self-incrimination issues aside:

On these drives, are they completely encrypted preventing mounting or is it just the file contents?
If it's the former, then one should be able to see the last time a file was changed. If it's a few days before the seizure, I'd call BS. If the last access/modification was a fair time ago then it becomes more reasonable to assume the "I forgot" defence is truthful

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 532

We need a government we can trust.

Voters say otherwise. I'm hearing that over half of voters distrust Trump and over half distrusted Clinton too. Didn't these two get about 97% of the vote?

We don't need government we trust; in fact, we prefer government that we think is constantly lying to us. If you don't seem dishonest, we don't want you.

Comment Re:I am curious if people think this is good or ba (Score 2) 164

what's the problem with setting the same rules for everybody ????

People don't all want the same things. Non-uniform rules means they don't have to pretend to agree on things they don't agree on. Diversity is good; tyranny is bad.

I want the same rules for everybody on our planet.

Let me guess: do you want their values forcefully imposed on you, or your values forcefully imposed on them?

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