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Comment Re:God no (Score 1) 76

So while nVidia is working on Solaris and FreeBSD, their newest driver won't work for recent cards on recent kernels. Meanwhile their old cards get stuck without support in their problem, leaving you with nouveau (which is kinda like having a procotological exam with a glove dipped in wasabi).

I weighed heavily between both cards, and went with AMD since the OPEN SOURCE drivers have been given a *lot* of support by AMD, and work nicely without any third-party binary bullshit needed.

Comment Re:Magic Wand (Score 1) 318

It sounds like you're saying that I'm not just speculating on what exactly Trump offered (and I totally admitted that tax breaks, influence in our government, etc were just example ideas, but hey, those are both pretty common ones so they're at least plausible), but that I'm imagining that he offered anything at all.

Is that right? We're not arguing about the details are, but rather, we're arguing that details even exist? I think I'm probably misunderstanding you.

My whole complaint was that the article was vague, saying things like

Taiwan-based Foxconn did not give details of the plan


"...we will announce the details of any plans following the completion of direct discussions between our leadership and the relevant U.S. officials," Foxconn said in a statement. "Those plans would be made based on mutually-agreed terms."

and so everyone is going to wonder what Foxconn's terms/details are. But if you needed a citation that there will be terms -- that TANSTAAFL is still a thing in our world -- then I guess the above quotations are the evidence. I cite TFA.

I'm not getting it, am I? What am I not understanding?

Submission + - Pebble ends production, ceases support (getpebble.com)

phorm writes: In a notice to Kickstarter backers, pebble has stated that — following the acquisition by Fitbit — they will no longer promote, manufacture, or sell devices. Further, while existing functionality may continue, it is likely to be degraded and warranty support will no longer be provided. This includes any recently shipped Pebble models. For those that were eagerly awaiting shipment of Pebble Time 2 and other newer devices, those devices will not ship at all. Pebble has indicated refunds will be made within 4-8 weeks. Those expecting their money may not want to hold their breath, however, because a contradictory statement made by to backers by email says that refunds will be made via Kickstarter by March 2017.

Comment Re:Magic Wand (Score 1) 318

Stories are leaving out what concessions Trump offered, which made Foxconn decide that this would be an improvement from the status quo.

The "magic" wand might not be magic at all; maybe it's a tax break or the company gets a free "write whatever law you want, and I promise to sign it" or something like that.

Until we know how the trick works, we're going to be speculating all kinds of crazy things (as I did above). This would be a good job for journalists. You know that once people find out the cost, there's going to be another flamefest about whether the payment was a good idea or a bad one.

Comment I've had Samsungs since the GS2 (Score 2) 329

I've had a GS2, GS4, GS5, and my wife had a Note3/

We just recently bought Asus' Zenphone Laser3. Thus far I've noticed that performs just as well as any other phone I've had, with the extra features of Android 6. It also gets *much* better battery life than any Samsung I've ever owned. At $270CAD, it's significantly cheaper than the major Samsung models, but has better specs than their "cheap" models (e.g. better CPU, 32GB instead of 8GB storage), and comes factory unlocked (with none of that lock-to-the-first-SIM-card-used BS either).

The only downside I've seen to it thus far is that it doesn't have a removable battery like the ZF2 had, lacks wireless charging (Asus: PLEASE add this to the next model), and you can't have a second SIM card if you want to use a MicroSD.

Least to say, I don't see myself with any need to buy an S8 or any other Samsung. The more recent models already did away with removable batteries and don't support dual-SIM, so the only advantage they seem to have is the wireless charging. While I do love the charging, it's not a feature that I'm willing to pay double the price for nor submit myself to Samsung's dearth of updates for any non-current device.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 1) 772

This labeling pisses me off, because it used to be The Daily Show, SNL's Weekend Update, etc were what "fake news" meant. Fake news just meant satire or hoaxes of exposure done in a certain style.

And not only was the term "fake news" already taken, but also, the stuff we're talking about here already had a name too: "lies."

They're simply lies. WTF was wrong with "lies?" And what was wrong with letting "fake news" keep its meaning? Why fix what isn't broken?

Death to the 2016 meaning of "fake news." Ye Olde English (how people spoke in 2015) was better than this. Yes, language evolves, but it doesn't need to happen this stupidly. This is the kind of crap that makes me think I'm going to have to re-learn what "hacker" means again, in 2017. Hacker: a person who carries a mobile phone.

Comment Re:No different from China (Score 1) 252

Tell me how this is any different than what China does, then. You might as well have a Ministry of Truth.

That's kind of an easy assignment, don't you think?

The Chinese government censors. If you don't use their filters, they view that as circumvention and reserve the right to force you to use the filter.

The listed companies, on the other hand, would use a word like "competition" instead of "circumvention." They totally and completely lack the ability to censor, and in fact don't even have the mindset and attitude for it. They aren't even going to try to censor; they're just announcing a project to make it easier to moderate the content on their own websites.

Just to give you an example, imagine if you posted a comment here on Slashdot that some VP at Twitter didn't like. What would they do about it? Add your name to a list of people whose tweets are shadow-banned? That doesn't help them with your Slashdot comment even a little bit.

Comment Re: and tomorrow (Score 1) 252

Why did it become such a bad thing to express disappointment in a company you support.

I think I just figured out the true controversy here.

The "it's no big deal" people just assume that Facebook is already a company that you don't support. It isn't possible for Facebook to disappoint these people, so they wonder, "why all the bitching? So what if someone added a benzene off-taste to a shit-flavored shake? It's not like you were going to drink it, anyway. The benzene is irrelevant."

But for people who still use Facebook, having it get worse makes things worse. It is possible for Facebook to disappoint these people. They're thinking, "this shake is 90% chocolate with only 10% raw human feces in it. And I don't like the new benzene off-taste they added, which clashes with the fecal flavors."

Comment Re:and tomorrow (Score 1) 252

Except they simply can't effectively censor anything. If spam were an easy problem, it would have been solved in the mid 1990s.

If they really want to try, then Facebook and Twitter are basically non-players in this game, and the ball is in Youtube (Google's) court to expand its malware protection to include brain malware. But if they ever push too hard, people can just use another browser.

Comment What do you print? (Score 1) 273

I won a 3d printer (M3D) at a conference as a door prize. The big issue is: what to print, and how do you get it into a format for printing. For most stuff I've seen, you need a 3d scanner or something that can get [existing thing] into software to create [new thing].

I've recently been trying to build a case for my new phone because:
a) It would be cool to have a custom case
b) Cases for Zenfone 3 are not so common

Thus far I've had some luck scanning the phone to image, building the layers as 2d templates, and then converting to SVG in Inkscape. However, going to Inkscape to anything else is pretty much a f*** up as it does not map the dimensions properly, so my SVG ends up being imported as 2.335x (or whatever) the size of the actual item.

Apart from that, I've been using Octoprint and the M33-Fio module for actual printing, which works quite nicely. The next issue is that my tray is only 5"x5"x5" so a lot of items end up being too big. The software has the ability to "cut" meshes into pieces but it would be cool if it could do so in a way that wasn't straight so the joints could lock together better.

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