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Comment Re: Why even have elections? (Score 1) 362

And if your argument is "I'm not supporting either of them" - if you don't vote for one, you're supporting the other. Not to the degree of voting directly for the other, but you're still supporting them. Because that's the way the US electoral system works.

I could say the nonsense about your vote for your candidate. How would you like it if I said your vote for Clinton supports Trump or Stein? Because by voting against Johnson, it sure looks like that's what you're doing: preventing Johnson from winning, so that we get stuck with whoever else wins instead.

Please don't vote against Johnson. Don't throw your vote away like that, voting on a spoiler. Your vote could have been against the Republicrats and instead you're going to help one of them win again.

(See how condescending that is? Please knock it off.)

Comment Re:How do we prevent flooding the phone system? (Score 1) 340

If a manufacturer made a device that connected to the public phone system, that could be compromised and made to call thousands of people at random, they'd soon find themselves facing product recalls, fines, import bans, and liability for the disruption caused.

You've pretty much described modern smartphones and the various bits of the malware etc they pick up (some of which may be due to unpatched vulnerabilities). No mobile companies, Google, nor Apple have been fined yet to my knowledge. There have definitely been cases of dialers being inserted to call up various #'s, including for-profit/toll #'s, and I believe in one case 9-1-1

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 199

I think it's better described as "I don't care what else is on, I want to watch xyz now!"

It used to be that most people watched TV as a leisure activity, and so long as what was on was even semi-entertaining they might go for it. Nowadays most people I know don't schedule a time to watch TV, they make time to watch a particular show/movie when they want. It might seem like nitpicking, but it's basically the difference between
"Hey, it's 6:00pm, let's sit down and see if there's something we want on"
"Hey, Jan and Craig are over, let's hang out and watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones together" or "I bet Jan and Craig might want to check out 'Luke Cage' with us"

On demand, any time, the shows we want (and no f***ing commercials)

Comment PS4=games (Score 1) 71

Agreed, I'm in the same boat. Sony doesn't like this because then they're not getting any additional revenue from you on game sales. In fact, it looks like they went to good lengths to neuter the media-center capabilities of the PS4 compared to the PS3 for these reasons.

That of course ignores people like myself who might have multiple consoles for different rooms in the house (because it's more convenient to have buy the a device that plays games and discs than to have a blu-ray player in one room and a PS3 in another). While having two consoles might not get them a lot of extra game sales from me, it *would* get them more accessories such as controllers, DVD remote, etc.

Comment eBay's "committment" against forgery (Score 1) 80

eBay's "committment" against forgery is complete and utter bullshit. I bought a DVD series from a seller overseas (it was not a domestic series) who had lots of listing proudly proclaiming he doesn't sell bootlegs. DVD's arrive, and the first few episodes have the same shitty fan-subs that would see with crap downloaded online. Some episodes even have the f***ing scan-lines where they were recorded to DVD from an analogue source. The only thing that looked remotely legit about them was the silkscreening and some box art.

eBay's response: You need to get a professional in the industry to provide a written attestation that the goods are counterfeit, within the next 30 days.

Within the podunk town I was living at the time that was pretty much impossible, and thus the seller got to keep my money for what was essentially fancy cardboard and crappy burned downloads.

Comment Backwards compatibility (Score 3, Insightful) 269

This seems more "portable" than "console", and from the video it seems there's not much in the way of peripherals to deal with legacy games.

Buuuuut, that would be a *huge* seller for me. If they come up with something that could replace not only my 3DS but any previous consoles, that's gold (and certainly something the competition seems to fail on). I wonder if the dock is going to allow peripherals, say like an optical drive and/or adaptors for old-style controllers.

Comment Re:Election interference (Score 2) 412

Why nothing about Trump?

The obvious common-sense explanation is that they don't have anything particularly interesting on Trump.

Imagine that you actually had something about Trump that was worse than what he always says in public. (I know, it's hard. But try. Maybe "grab the dick" or something.) So you send the information to Wikileaks, and they just sit on it. Weeks go by, you email Julian, "Hey, what about my leak?" and he doesn't reply.

What would you do?

I think you would leak through another channel. Wikileaks isn't the only game in town when it comes to media, you know. If you're too lazy to upload the torrent yourself, there just might be a few thousand other media organizations that would be willing to take the information.

Since this hasn't happened, I think the least extraordinary and most believable explanation, is that there hasn't been a Trump leak. Are you saying that you have come up with an even more likely explanation, where there has been a Trump leak and a conspiracy between every media outlet in the world, led by Wikileaks, to suppress the information in it?

It's interference when it is being done to influence an election

Ok, fine. But if that's your definition, then even a paid advertisement or giving a speech would be examples of interference. Why is interference considered noteworthy or undesirable? Shouldn't everyone be interfering with the election? Australia has mandatory vote; I think America should have mandatory interference!

Unless that's not what you meant. Maybe you meant that interference implies something unsavory? Oh, but then you don't get to apply it to what Wikileaks did. That's quite a dilemma. Have you considered maybe just stop hating Wikileaks, and being grateful that they've already outed and embarrassed the next president? With Trump destroying the Republicans and Clinton already a lame duck, maybe America can have a real election in 2020. Show me one politically-idealistic person, on either the right or left, who doesn't want that to happen.

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