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Journal spumoni_fettuccini's Journal: Please pass this on. 7

I stumbled across this and for the life of me can not remember who has the blind and deaf wife [I know there was something in his Bio about it, but I can't seem to find it]. I just read a post of his in the last coupla days and i can't figure out where it was/is. I was hoping to get this to him. Pretty neat stuff. Google for intraocular retinal prosthesis Anyway I know some of you know who I'm talking about.
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Please pass this on.

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  • here [slashdot.org].
      • Ok big Duh. I was thinking it was a gm____, [howell or ontag] and I was stuck on finding that Bio info. Thanks!
        • gmontag doesn't (currently) have a wife.

          I think he just isn't ready to come out of the closet yet.

          Thanks for the links. IIRC, most of the cochlear implants were done in AU. I see the Wilmer Eye Institute at JHU is the first listed under Google. Maybe we'll check it out someday, when the process gets a little further along. My only concern is that there seems to be some damage to Angie's optic nerve:(

          • I've had only a few posts back and forth with gmontag so I wasn't sure and you had removed it from your bio stuff and I was deadset looking for that and not really thinking. I was hoping it could be useful when I saw "would be suitable for people with age-related blindness and inherited retinal conditions." I am uncertain as to the circumstances of her cause(s) of [is it gonna cheese you off if I say disablity?] problems. My Grandpa is blind in one eye from a botched cataract surgery back in '92 or so and g
            • Why would I piss and moan about 'disability'? That's what she has. She went got a leftist degree from a leftist school (special ed from Kent State) and has had hearing loss and vision loss since age 16. If she calls it 'a disability', anyone can:) Anyone who does otherwise is full of shit, and doesn't have enough to worry about. IOW, they aren't disabled:)

              Was your grandfather's retina damaged, or was it a poor installation, or what? Can't blame him for putting off the surgery. RP leads to early cataracts.
              • Some people are twitchy on the "handyable" issue and I didn't want to offend. I think it has more to do with "The Power Of Positive Thinking" than anything else. Hey whatever works. I would hope that if I ever wound up in a comparable situation I would be able to adjust and overcome it, rather than bemoan my fate, or at least not for long.
                The original surgery was iffy at best. It was the first time this doctor had performed it and he further complicated it by removing the stitches [I hear they laser it now

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