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Journal spumoni_fettuccini's Journal: The wonders of mixing. 3

While not down playing a single malt scotch, Bowmore is a nice one for about $12 American. Another, while a pure malt, is Sheep Dip it being my most recent purchase, nor a fine stout or ale [Guinness, New Castle, Arrogant Bastard, among others]. Mixist Philosophy has led to many wondeful creations now enjoyed today. Why if not for a mixist you would never have known the joy of a margarita, the velvety smoothness of a B-52 or many others. The outstanding varity of beverages Hot-cold, alocholic and non, liquid or frozen, staggers the mind. Even helpful references to mixing have rallied against the tyranny that is pure drinkist. Lo you who add a squirt of lemon to your hefeweizen are dabbling in the mixist arts. Was it not mixing that inspired some sot to create Terran version of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster? or how about the many variations of Romulan Ale? Note the mysterious origin of the cocktail Ohhh mysterious. [finger waggle
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The wonders of mixing.

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  • sprite and cranberry
    Coke and cream soda (before the whole Vanilla Coke thing, this was the way to have a "smooth cola flavor")
    Root beer and orange (don't knock it till you've tried it)
    egg nog and coffee (ooooh. gooooood. Though coffe should be drunk black for the most part)
    Dr. Pepper and Coke (splitting the difference, you know - why decide when you can have them both?)

    I could go on, but you all know I'm right.
    • With the exception of root beer-orange and egg nog-coffee I've had those. I'm gonna give those other two a shot.
      Coke and cream soda is still better than Vanilla Coke any day. Cranberry juice just has to be cut with something. Dr. Pepper and Coke was out of sheer laziness, had a little bit left in each 2 liter bottle and didn't want to go to the store.
      Far be it from me to disagree with executive officer, Citizen Secretary insanecarbonbasedlifeform!

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