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Journal spumoni_fettuccini's Journal: #@!%*&$#@! MS Exchange! 4

OK, Alls youse running anything other than E2K laugh at me now. Our E-mail server started doing something really nifty today. Along about 11:00 PST the pointer records could not find the actual E-mail.[oh joy] I was checking the store, and could not stop the store service, [and trying to stop and start other services didn't seem to help]. Did the whole TechNet and KB thing and got jack, well some answers with no positive results. 'Along about 4 PM I noticed I could access E-mails that came in an hour and a half, or so, earlier with no problem, but any recent E-mails were not coming up and the had a delay of an hour earlier. 'round about 6 PM PST [I don't know if I fixed it or what, but it does seem to be normal now] it got better. Meanwhile I've had the CEO, CFO, VPs, several department heads breathing down my neck. The only thing I can think of is somebody flooding our network...crap I've gotta learn the PIX logs now to see what the heck was going on. BTW yes I am fully up to date on patches, SP and hotfixes. It's now 1:15 my time and I have the happiness of going back to work in a few hours...
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#@!%*&$#@! MS Exchange!

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  • My parents keep managing to screw up their Outlook Express mailfiles. They'll get mail, close OE, reopen it 5 minutes later, and poof, all the recent mail has disappeared?

    Okay, maybe that's not their fault. But a couple weeks ago, mom came to me, asking if there was any way to unerase her mail. I had made the mistake of telling them that on the desktop if they wanted to erase without the recycle bin, hold the shift key down and then delete, etc. Well... she had been doing that in OE, and managed to hit it
    • At least your parents cop to doing something. On a very regular basis I have users move or remove a tool bar and claim "I didn't do anything, it just happened!". One manages to view unread messages or last seven days only every once in a while and calls me up freaking out how all of his E-mail has vanished.
      So, well, just be happy you get paid to deal with MS programs breaking down. Some of us have to do it for free. :)
      Yeah, sorry about that, all though that removes the option of telling them to fix it th
  • My first instinct is to laugh, but I'll refrain and offer instead my sympathy that you are forced to deal with that unmitigated piece of shit. Exchange is the root of all evil. When combined with Outlook, it's power to corrupt is almost unstoppable.
    • Mix that with the tech knowledge of some of the people I work with and I think we just created another sign of the 'poxyclipse. Got your bomb shelter built yet :D Thanks for holding back on the derision, even though it's an easy target.

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