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Comment Sheevaplug (Score 1) 287

I'm like the other posters I started out using recycled pc's, but decided to go more green power-wise a few years ago.

I'm using a 1.2GHz Marvell ARM CPU Sheevaplug with 512 MB of flash memory and 512 MB of DDR2 running Ubuntu. I have an additional 512 MB memory card mounted as /var and 2 x 1 TB external USB drives one as my primary and the other as a backup. 50/50 Mb fiber connection to 1 GigE LAN run to the office bedroom, and entertainment centers for lag free video (ushare) & music (mt-daapd) streaming, everyone else uses WiFi.

Comment sheeva plug + 2xTB external USB drives + dyndns (Score 1) 243

Seriously it's not that hard to setup your own cloud service. I spent under $400 for the whole setup that includes backups. For the lazy or people that don't want to mess with a headless Linux box, seagate sells a LAN / dyndns enabled device that is marketed exactly as a "personal cloud". Why would you trust a service when you can easily DIY?

Comment Re:Tough luck.. (Score 1) 923

Jythie, you are a better person then I.
Not a day goes by I don't think of that asshole & his friends & how badly I'd like to know something really bad happened to him. Yeah I know turn the other cheek and all that, but I just can't seem to get my heart or head around that even five years later. Even now as I type it makes my blood boil, I try hard to not think about it.

Comment Re:Same code litigated to death (Score 1) 248

Um I read the article.
Last year, Fox Broadcasting Company, with the support of other broadcast networks, sued Dish for its "Hopper" DVR and its "Auto Hop" feature, which automatically skips over commercials. According to the Fox, the Hopper automatically records eight days' worth of prime time programming on the four major networks that subscribers can play back on request. Beginning a few hours after the broadcast, viewers can choose to watch a program without ads. As we observed when the it started, this litigation was yet another in a long and ignominious series....

So it is automatic hence the auto-skip part of the description, and it is another lawsuit against the same code that "sonic blue" made way back when for the replaytv (which I owned BTW) which has been purchased and litigated until dead over and over again.

Comment Same code litigated to death (Score 1) 248

This is the same code that has been sued over AT LEAST three times. What a total waste of money and effort. Can't a higher court make a betamax vrs Sony ruling and get this over already?

Christ now the hook is 1 hr after you can forward ads. Good luck, if that's all it takes to make this legit, more power to you, but two (three?) companies have been shuttered trying to keep this code legal & alive. I'd think about that if I were on the board of dish.

Comment Re:Was the exchange rate wrong? (Score 1) 812

The amount of paid on the boat was right, but in which countries currency was was wrong. So it was like saying he paid 10K Euro when it was supposed to be 10K Rupees. Euros to rupees trade at 1:75 which is a big difference in cost. Obviously this is exaggerated, and he admittedly says that the Canadian and US dollar are currently trading close to 1:1, but that has not always been the case, as I remember traveling to Canada years ago, and the rate was 1:2.


Comment So how much $ was wasted in development for this (Score 1) 206

I have to say, I hope the best for the USPS and it's workers, but the first thing that came to mind is a getting a start-up off the ground isn't cheap. Seems like a clothing line would be even more since there are goods involved meaning clothing stock, building, machines, workers, management, marketing etc... I know you need to spend money to make it, but unless someone is sure this is an idea that is worthwhile and not a pipe dream, it seems risky. How much money for all these things have been dumped into this idea that could have been used to keep the agency afloat for that much longer. Seems like one more piss poor idea after another coming from the USPS.

Comment Re:American Wage Slaves are an Even Better Value (Score 1) 1313

Really informative. Try troll bate!

That is no ones fault other then your own for picking a bad company to work & career to work in. Stop trying to project your crap on everyone else. I have NEVER had problems taking leave / vacation and as that is both as a government worker and as a private citizen. Do I always get the week I want, no, but I always get vacation.

Your doing something wrong, try reconsidering who you work for and what you do with your life.

Comment Re:4-digit PIN (Score 1) 55

"in a manner that can be quickly and conveniently unlocked by an average user?"

Not sure why I'm bother answering this obvious troll but then use 6 characters. That still brings up the complexity /strength enough to make unbreakable before the limit hits. Please do some reading if you want protection there is some required effort above and beyond a 4 digit number PIN, it's a risk assessment for the OP to make.

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