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Submission + - Mobile Magnus Shocks Apple Gaming Community (

warendoff writes: Mobile Magnus has some stunning news for fans of the iPhone/iPad app Leapin’ Leprechaun. The company is pulling the plug on the game to devote its full creative energy to a new game featuring the same lead character that will be a thousand times more addicting.

Submission + - SPAM: HT-R390 Hot Air BGA Rework Station

focalbga writes: "1.HT-R390 Hot Air BGA rework station is suitable for laptop computer motherboard, desktop computer motherboard, etc. Large circuit board maintenance, and mobile phone motherboard such small small-sized chip maintenance.

2.The BGA machine has the computer communication function, you can watch external temperature in the computer.The built-in PC serial port, external temperature measuring interface, equipped with software, computer control can be realized.

3.HT-R390 BGA rework station uses 3 temperature area independent control, temperature control more accurate. The first temperature area. The second temperature area all can set 8 paragraph litre (drop) temperature + 8 section temperature control, can also store 10 team temperature curve."

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Submission + - Another Step Forward in Small Scale Electrical Generators (

NicknamesAreStupid writes: Product Design & Development reports another breakthrough in small scale solid oxide fuel cells. This methane-fueled cell achieves about 50% efficiency at around 2kW, enough to power an average home. It does so by efficiently recycling its heat to perpetuate the process. Of course, this is not practical for most homes, which only have natural gas that contains nearly one fifth impurities. However, that could change if gas suppliers refined their product.

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