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Submission + - Microsoft Certificate Was Used to Sign "Flame" Malware ( 1

wiredmikey writes: Microsoft disclosed on Sunday that "unauthorized digital certificates derived from a Microsoft Certificate Authority" were used to sign components of the recently discovered "Flame" malware.

“We have discovered through our analysis that some components of the malware have been signed by certificates that allow software to appear as if it was produced by Microsoft,” Microsoft Security Response Center’s Jonathan Ness wrote in a blog post.

Microsoft is also warning that the same techniques could be leveraged by less sophisticated attackers to conduct more widespread attacks.

In response to the discovery, Microsoft released a security advisory detailing steps that organizations should take in order block software signed by the unauthorized certificates, and also released an update to automatically protect customers. Also as part of its response effort, Microsoft said its Terminal Server Licensing Service no longer issues certificates that allow code to be signed.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Internet for Condo association

An anonymous reader writes: I am on a committee to evaluate internet options for a medium sized condo association (80 units — 20 stories) in a major metropolitan area (chicago). What options are out there? What questions should one ask of the various sales representatives? How should access be distributed within the building (wireless AP's, ethernet cable). Does it make sense to provide any additional condo wide infrastructure (servers, services)? How much should it cost? How much dedicated bandwidth is required to support a community of this size?

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Nintendo unveils online strategy for Wii successor - Reuters (

BBC News

Nintendo unveils online strategy for Wii successor
TOKYO, June 4 (Reuters) - Nintendo, the world's leading game console maker, unveiled a new online strategy on Monday, saying it will launch a social and content network dubbed Miiverse for its latest version of the Wii - the Wii U. The strategy is ...
Nintendo Unveils Wii U GamePad, Demos 'MiiVerse' Online FeaturesPC Magazine
Nintendo Talks Up Wii U Game Pad, Miiverse Online NetworkPCWorld
Nintendo shows off new Wii U GamePad, social features and video
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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Re-kickstarting our Kickstarter? ( 9

An anonymous reader writes: We are supporters of an old-school adventure game Kickstarter that is dealing with "Kickstarter fatigue". The project itself is a sarcastic/comedic, science-fiction adventure, with reknowned and proven talent behind it — now that Kickstarter's adventure game honeymoon period is seemingly over, the big gaming and news sites are not interested in the project, community sites are not interested in front paging articles about the project, and famous twitterers with sci-fi leanings have all but ignored our request for twitter help. Due to the reluctance of the big gaming sites in talking about Kickstarter projects, it is up to the fans to try and get this across the line in the next 8 days — what other avenues or sites can we use to get word about our project to a wider audience, without coming across as spammers?

Submission + - Students Looking for Easy A Target Online Courses (Cheating Is Easier) (

An anonymous reader writes: As online courses become mainstream, some students are finding they are often easy to game. A group of clever students at one public universities describe how they used a Google Doc during on open-book test for a new kind of 'cloud cheating.'

Submission + - DVD to NAS to tablet: how to do it? 1

andre.david writes: We have two toddlers learning 3 languages: mine, my wife's, and our common language.
Since I am not home during the day, my wife shows some DVD titles to them in my language.
It's becoming cumbersome to load the DVD: we have no TV, so this uses up her laptop's screen...
So I was wondering if anyone had already gone through the process of ripping the DVD to some digital format, put it in a NAS and then the kids can themselves watch it in a tablet.
Given my setup at home there are 3 items that need to align properly:
1) ripping the DVD to some file format using a Mac (Hanbrake?)
2) streaming it from Western Digital My Book World Edition that is using FeaturePacks (Twonky?) and
3) and a streaming client for the iPad2 (no idea!).

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