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Comment Re:Battlestar Galactica Quote (Score 1) 151

My quote emphasizes the need for distinguishing between police and army. Your quote doesn't. My quote is directly relevant for the subject of militarization of the police.
There's this dilemma where either someone appears smart by saying something that sounds clever, or make a simple and clear statement but not be taken seriously. I tried to make this as mundane and clear as possible. And I like the quote.

Comment Re:Percentage doesn't matter (Score 1) 107

Oh, I think the percentage bit is significant. It shouldn't be news that they've acknowledged reality; but it's remarkable that their responses is so meaningless.

It makes me wonder whether this is just marketing BS or whether they're really that incoherent about strategy.

Many proprietary software companies have prospered in an era of open source acceptance -- even when very good free software alternatives for their products exists (Microsoft, Oracle). But although we don't tend to think of them that way, they tend to be value-priced. You get a lot of (not necessarily great) software engineering for your $199 Windows license fee.

But the play this game you need scale to amortize development costs over many users. If you have more of a niche product competing against a solid open source competitor is going to be really, really hard. As in SAS charges almost $9000 for a single seat license, and that's good for only a year; thereafter you'll have to fork over thousands of dollars every year. That kind of cash pays for a lot of R training.

Comment Re: Uhm... (Score 1) 384

If you review the numbers of outrageous political lies shared on social media over the course of the last election, in terms of the number of lies and the amount of shares, the alt-right had more than double the numbers of the ctrl-left.

So you're still left with tens of millions of more reasonable people on the US left than the US right.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 384

An alt-right fanatic isn't going to listen regardless of whether you're smart or stupid, civil or obnoxious, logical or wildly emotional. Don't engage them at all, it wastes your time and gives you stress for quite seriously no benefit.

Logical argument is for people in the middle. I hate Hillary Clinton. I think she's the flag bearer for corruption in the Democratic Party, and cares almost (but not quite) nothing for the middle class and working poor. I think her string of expensive speeches to Wall Street is a clear sign that all of the progressive aspects of her election promises were lies told to try to get the vote from Bernie Sanders supporters. She only came to support gay rights after enough popular sentiment shifted that it hurt her chances to oppose it. But I still voted for her. At her worst, she was still a better option than Donald Trump with respect to gay rights, abortion rights, issues of clean air and water (fuck global warming, but I care about reduced pollution because I have severely asthmatic children and the Flint Michigan lead scandal terrifies me), and appointing judges that have a reasonable perspective on those topics to the Supreme Court. I tried to convince the people who stayed home or voted for Jill Stein that Clinton, as bad as she is, is clearly not a Republican clone, much less a Donald Trump clone.

Comment Re:So they just reinvented the docking station? (Score 1) 67

I didn't say every claim contained something new. But the patent does. 2 examples:

"4. The electronic accessory device as recited in claim 3, wherein the operational component comprises an accessory display configured to present visual content. "

"5. The electronic accessory device as recited in claim 4, wherein the electronic host device comprises an input device configured to detect a touch event. "

Neither of these are present in the Atrix Lapdock, as it places the phone behind the laptop screen. The Apple patent has the phone placed where a touchscreen would be in a laptop, and that's what make these two claims possible.

Comment Re:Tipped over does not imply speed (Score 1) 189

Aren't SUVs with their high centre of mass a known rollover hazard? I very much remember the "reindeer test" videos of about a decade ago: basically making a very sudden, sharp turn at fairly high speeds to avoid a reindeer, causing most SUVs to roll over.

Yes, the high risk of rollovers in SUV's have been known for years. However because the *NCAP programs dont bother with rollover tests (or rear end tests, it's not like nose-tail collisions are the most common type or anything) this risk is ignored by manufacturers who are making a lot of money by selling jacked up hatchbacks.

Comment Re:Not all wrecks can be avoided (Score 1) 189

The only question that matters is if a human would have avoided the accident. If they could have easily, then this accident was caused by self-driving. It doesn't matter what side of the law Uber was on.

A good driver absolutely would have avoided that collision.

The problem with computers is that they don't take into account that people will break the rules and do stupid things, a defensive driver assumes someone will do the dumbest thing possible. Drivers who are about to pull out in front of you give a lot of cues to their behaviour, everything from the way they're looking at you to rocking back and forth to revving and creeping. A good driver learns to pick up on these cues.

The thing is, AI isn't strong enough yet to be able to pick up on these cues yet. One day it might be, but that day is still years away.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 384

He couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.

THIS is the exact reason Trump is sitting in the White house. It will of the reasons he will be sworn in, in 2020 for a second term. You constantly underestimated Trump

Wrong again,

What we underestimated was your stupidity. We honestly thought you wouldn't be dumb enough to vote trump.

You see, now it's out of your hands. The republicans are trying to control Trump and failing. I doubt he'll last half a term, let alone a full one before he becomes so unruly that half the republicans will be forced to dump him just to have a chance of saving their seats. Thats if he doesn't do anything so unconstitutional, the court will have no choice but to impeach him.

Comment Re:Note to self (Score 1) 208

Lots of current models of printer can print JPEGs off memory sticks -- compute power has returned to the printer. But even then, an open-source printer with an open source driver would be in the same place.

I'm sure it would start as a niche geek item, but there would be sectors that would quickly see the benefits -- small language schools, tutors etc.

Not to mention the number of manufacturers in China that would quickly commoditise the thing.

Comment Re:What videos exactly? (Score 1) 151

Youtube is just adapting to make what they publish generally more suitable for ads. The relevant model here seems to be Edward Herman's 'Propaganda Model' ,
which is generally considered to be about news and claims that news media are mainly following business logic: they adapt to get along with their advertizers, with government sources, with powerful players that could harm them. The result is that media are very compliant with the dominant powers and that journalists are selected for how well they fit into that system.
  With youtube it's kinda obvious because they don't have any high principles to uphold but news media deny it claiming they're above all that.

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