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Comment Re:2016: Year of the Linux Desktop (Score 4, Insightful) 205

If the software in question isn't terribly performance intensive, that isn't a very compelling reason any more. You've plenty of virtualization options at your disposal, some ridiculously easy to set up (Virtualbox).

Why would I want to run Linux if I'm just going to run a Windows VM on it?

Comment Re:bitcoin is money, that's its only function (Score 0) 150

Farts are not a commodity, *farts have no intrinsic value*, which means that outside of their use as money they have no other uses. They are used to transfer, store, account for stinkiness. It is as pure money as it gets, however because it has no intrinsic value at all (it cannot be used for anything outside of stinking, nobody needs it for anything but for its quality of being money) its ability to store value is questionable.

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