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Comment Industry Wants Auto theft (Score 2) 297

We've had the ability to virtually eradicate auto theft since the 1970's. There's only 2 ways to steal a car, drive it or tow it. Locking brake systems immobilize vehicles rendering them immovable, thus virtually unstealable. However, for every vehicle stolen, another is sold. (the replacement), so auto industry lobbyists have fought hard both hide this fact and ensure no laws are enacted. All other electronic gadgets are just distractions.

Comment Not Just The Middle (Score 3, Insightful) 455

Why just middle class jobs?
We've reached a point where AI in medical diagnosis is more accurate then human doctors. Why just wipe out manufacturing when you can also wipe out "higher" and "knowledge" jobs as well? If AI doctors are can out perform human doctors, why not AI lawyers? No human can memorize every single trial case, let alone know about it as it happens thus being able to argue precedence in real time. This seems simple to automation.
Doctors, Lawyers, drivers, manufacturing.... what's left?

Comment Re:Good News (Score 5, Interesting) 355

"Free" trade only works when both trading partners are on equal status. Tariffs were established to balance the equity. The reality is, labor jobs have been shifted to countries with no environmental laws, no labor laws, no intellectual property laws, and government paid health care. When rational people say, "um, wait a minute, that's not fair to American workers", some oligarchy puppet screams "you're against globalism, fair trade, against jobs and a racist!".
Sorry, that's all b.s.. The TPP is a payoff to the rich for their support of Government elected minions. The only way to fix this is get money out of politics.

Comment This article is ITSELF false (Score 1) 284

So what if FB has 1.6B users.... there's only 191M US users who are sharing 21% LESS information. Year over year (2015-2016) there's an 8% DECLINE in time spent in FB per user. If you can't tell true from false or buy into pseudo-science, that's not a face book problem.
What it isn't - a Trump victory explanation.

Comment Re:I'm a bit confused (Score 2) 414

The reason you don't see lawsuits is because the leaving workers frequently sign both confidentiality agreements which also forfeit their legal rights so they can get severance. Don't sign, your gone, no money. Sign and the company offers you 6 months of pay.... you choose when you've got a mortgage and a family.

Comment Re:the horror, the horror (Score 1) 380

My point was about political correctness and using how we talk about a viral infection as an example. Contrats... you took the bait. You perfectly exemplified my point by trying to divert the conversation away from the topic of PC.
As far as AIDs & Mumps.... AIDS is a symptom of a disease... can you have AIDS without HIV? Of course not. Why bother making the distinction- because it makes people uncomfortable? Again, supports my distaste of PC. When you can't define a problem, you lose the ability to solve it.

Comment It's all down hill from here (Score 2) 857

Unfortunately the US has entered a rather dreadful phase. Anti-intellectual, anti-science, pro-mindless television, mindless greed are just a few trends.
The chasm between rich and poor with rich out right buying politicians and the legal process is a contributor.
Just like Europe outlawing lead based paint in the 1940's, yet the US not following suite till 1978, or even from the 1990's you can watch the "7 dwarfs" perjurer themselves before congress stating "cigarette smoking does not lead to cancer... ( )
Today, the corporate egregious behavior continues - We have 5300 workers of Wells Fargo being fired, while the executive in charge of the of the scam retires with a $124M payday. ( )
The paparazzi shamelessly hide behind any corner waiting to pounce on the "money shot", completely ignoring the human condition that at one time kept the people knowing an American President had polio and couldn't walk. Respect, honor, courage, truth, freedom - things that made the US great are just a veneer.
Search for the wrong things on Google and have MIB's at your door. ( )
The US is a militarily state owned by the oligarchy. Words like Freedom are meaningless as we deceive ourselves and future hiding behind past laurels.

Comment Re:Paris Climate Change Agreement Enters Into Forc (Score 1) 137

As someone already pointed out, Executive Agreements are not legally binding - where as Executive Actions are.
To your point, executive action issuance is on a huge rise and does erode the Constitution.
Unfortunately, it's the do-nothing Congress that indirectly encourages their use since the impotent House and Senate are incapable of doing any job other than obstructionism, not limited to any party.

Comment Evil by any other name (Score 1) 95

Comcast is consistently rated one of the most hated companies in America.
I wish I could get at least closer options from ANYONE else.... Just yesterday I received a letter in the mail from comcast. They're throttling my account to 1TB per month or pay an extra $50 per month for unlimited internet.... I ALREADY PAID FOR UNLIMITED INTERNET!! That was the option I selected just 2 years ago when I moved into my house. I already pay $150/mo for basic cable + internet, now the vultures want another $50... I have 3 teens at home plus a VPN for work, I push that cap. We need serious legal reform. It's pathetic the country that invented the internet has the worst service of civilized countries.

Comment the horror, the horror (Score 1) 380

It's interesting and sad that we live in the time of absolute paralyzing fear of being politically incorrect
We can no longer refer to anyone as having just "AIDS", it has to be HIV, the virus that causes AIDS...
It's never been "you have paramyxovirus, the virus that causes mumps", it's just "mumps", end of discussion

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