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Comment Re:Bottom line... (Score 3, Insightful) 183

Thinking just about personal information is way too simplistic. Think about corporations throwing IoT everywhere without a second inclination towards security. Step forward into a cyberattack where all those devices have cooling disabled and increase power consumption to break the device or start fires. We’re looking at a catastrophic loss of infrastructure not just the North Koreans knowing John Smith takes Viagra.

Comment Re:wrong measurement (Score 1) 233

We have this now, Seattle has expedited lanes that charge fees that increase as traffic slows. It can cost $10 for a couple of miles in the expedited lanes while general traffic lanes sit bumper to bumper on interstates..
If you don't think America is all about pay to play, then you've not lived here long. Housing, education, health care, legal representation are all examples where people pay more for better treatment.

Comment wrong measurement (Score 1) 233

The real time savings will be seen in reduced commute times.
Less human errors, faster route and accident avoidance computations, increased speed on currently deadlocked roads - will all factor into less actual in the car time which WILL increase productivity.
Morning commutes from Everett to Seattle (30 miles) frequently require 1 - 2 hours per way. Accidents create hour + long traffic jams. Removing people from the equation once the "autonomous" piece is working will greatly alleviate traffic problems and greatly increase existing infrastructure capacity. Thus saving capital investments and time. There's the savings.

Comment maybe.... (Score 1) 400

Let's start with the point that "45% use the aforementioned digital concierges"... use and useful are two different standards. I have both an android and Iphone. The degree to which digital assistants are useful is not measurable. Speech recognition is too slow and error prone, it doen't interact with apps in a useful way, and tends to be more of a pain then it's worth - but yes, I try and do things with them once in a while just to reinvigorate my frustration with them.

Let's do a mental experiment - so you displace 30% of all workers... who's left with actual income to purchase the goods or services these robots provide?
With fewer and fewer able to pay, how do you cost justify the expense?
As the multitudes on public assistance swells due to all the displaced workers, how do you fund Governmental budgets?
Either globally the entire financial eco system evolves to socialism, or it collapses.

Comment Re:How to delete your phone number from facebook (Score 4, Informative) 103

It's even more insidious that that....FB creates "dark profiles", these are profiles on people who don't even have or want accounts. For example you go to visit your 80 year old mother who's not on FB, but you mention the fact that you're going to visit in a post.... they create her as a "dark profile". every time someone mentions her in a post, they continue to data mine and aggregate attributes... age, geographic location, income, relatives, what she likes, gifts given,... etc. You post a selfie with her while visiting - now they have facial recognition to add to the profile - all for marketing purposes and clearly without her consent.

Comment sorry, won't byte (Score 1) 990

Ok, lets NOT talk about a power grid that would be completely overwhelmed and collapse without billions in investment..
I grew up in the mid west, where winter temperatures frequently spend weeks in the below zero range - battery efficiency simply doesn't work well enough there... so cross off 1/3 of the country..
Now I live in the PNW (pacific northwest, for you non-tree huggers) , I commute about 15 miles to work, and yes and EV would suit my commute need - BUT, I pull a camper for vacations and hunting, so my usual driver is a Ford F350 diesel... I have no room to park another vehicle. So either I give up all my hobbies, or 'they' build a 4x4 EV with a 300 mile range while pulling a 30' travel trailer. (Actually, I usually drive a motorcycle to work, unless it's raining - remember, the PNW thing, so that happens alot)
In full disclosure, my wife drives a Prius. Her commutes are anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on destination. (she's a corporate officer for a company with many locations) The 50 MPG is good enough, and we don't have to worry about a charge problem or availability when she's a couple hours away. So between the Plains/Midwest temperatures, lack of infrastructure across the entire US, or lifestyle - I'm would be willing to bet the actual number of people who COULD switch on a practical basis to an EV is fractional of their WAG number.

Comment not sure I buy it, but I will buy it.. (Score 1) 299

Liability is funky dance between ownership and what an attorney can convince a jury/judge.
I know plenty of people who don't own cars, yet have drivers insurance. The reality is in our litigious society, everyone is going to get sued in an accident. You're still going to need insurance to protect your assets and future income.

Comment Re:Nope - it's the basics (Score 1) 1144

Speculation has a higher survival then 100% guarantee of death.
How many of the dead in that room wished they would have had a weapon? If a business you were visiting happened to come under attack by someone mentally ill, would a "wish for a gun" be the last thought through your brain before the perpetrators bullet?

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