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Comment Re: None (Score 1) 496

I've built thousands and continue to build and support hundreds of systems across dozens of OS for quite a long time. If you want to say I don't know what I'm doing, or done - you're welcome to have any opinion you wish. My education and certs would beg to differ, but then again, people still believe the earth is flat, so carry on. If you would, however, indulge me and point out just 1 inaccuracy or contradiction in my prior post.

Comment None (Score 1) 496

Linux as a desktop environment is a failed ecosystem.
I do still have some Linux servers
But for the desktop, the real answer is how dirty do you want to get? If you just want to use something that works, Linux is not your solution.
Linux is fine, and a great learning tool if you want to tweak, debug, figure out why things don't work, spend hours researching weird issues, and enjoy scripting / programming. Linux is (c) 30 years old, I was messing with in the '90's. Updates shouldn't break systems. I'm not talking minor updates, just patches. A bit over a year ago, I tried Mint on a laptop - any update past the initial install resulted in a failure to boot. Come on, really... Other annoyances, needing to install second processor support manually, no support for Netflix (supposedly this has been recently addressed - but how long has Netflix been around?), flaky WiFi driver behavior... These are all things that were "fun" to try and trouble shoot 10 years ago, now, not so much. As a 25+ year tech veteran, honestly, i'm tired of it. It's the pain I had over a decade ago and it's only improved visually, not logistically. I realize I'm coming across as a gumbly old guy, but at this point in an OS's life cycle, stability and compatibility should be expected - Unfortunately, that's not the case.

Comment Not About Decryption (Score 2) 357

Think this through - the terrorist sent a message "as he was driving". Being able to access the message after the fact does NOT stop the terrorism. The next step, and the ONLY way this will work is constant - real time - monitoring of all communication systems for all platforms everywhere. When a potential "hit" it comes across, the GPS in the device is located and tracked. Again, it may not have been soon enough, but demanding a back by law enforcement demonstrates the desire for a complete dystopian world.
Of course then terrorists just switch to encrypted radios. Which will imply it will be illegal for non-military to own such devices.
Is this the world we want?

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 171

This country is running trade deficits because manufacturing jobs have been shoved overseas - to areas of sub-livable wages, no intellectual property laws, no environmental laws, no labor laws and corrupt governments. Foxconn, the Chinese company that builds all the icrap for Apple has (c) 1 million employees. Children are chained to desks, nets have been installed to catch suicide jumpers, the air is no longer breathable on some days and many buildings have their own environmental systems, ground waters are heavily polluted. Now, if that's the world you want here in the US, then those are all those "pesky job killing regulations" Emperor Trump wants to do away with. Go down this road and we'll return to the era of very few having everything and almost everyone lives in squaller or slums. This means you and your kids digging through garbage to find something to eat.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 3, Insightful) 171

Profit for a company in the form of reduced benefits is off the backs of the workers
C-Levels continually get raises, golden parachutes, and lucrative stock options paid for the by the workers of the company who are only rewarded with less vacation, more expensive health care, lower bonus, and decreasing or no annual raises - and you want to call it "other peoples money".... I say their fair share was stolen.

Comment Support the Union (Score 5, Insightful) 171

I'm not a member of a union, and used to be anti-union, but the destruction of unions paves the way to total employee exploitation. Notice that pay has been flat for years, but for Corporate AT&T in 2016:
*Consolidated revenues of $40.5 billion, up more than 22%
*Operating income up 13.6%
*Net income up 10.6%
*Cash from operations of $10.3 billion, up 12.5%
*Free cash flow of $4.8 billion, up 8.4%
*Diluted EPS of $0.55 as reported and $0.72 diluted adjusted EPS compared to $0.59 and $0.70 in the year-ago quarter.
All the while the workers get no increases. Every single worker in the US (outside of a few high pay tech positions) is suffering due to corporate greed. A few people at the top have received all the increases for all the productivity gains since the 1980s. If you care about what this country will look like for your kids, you really should care about this. The reality is, you are likely not someone at the top.

Comment Because NOchoice (Score 1) 143

Because the cable cartels have ensured via their pwnd representatives consumers have no choices. Cord cutting requires internet access of some type. It's the same company that offer phone/cable/internet. I tried to switch off the horrible comcast - I live in Seattle and my only other choice is a Frontier DLS with 3mb bandwidth.... really? someone in the US actually sells 3MB bandwidth? GAH!
Meanwhile in Australia, they're rolling out 1GB over LTE! Really!
The Country invented both the Internet and the Cell Phone doesn't even rank in the top 10 of global internet speeds:
This is just a colossal testimonial of how free market, greed, and the oligarchy no longer permit innovation.

Comment Failed Business Model (Score 1) 200

The concept of Uber is to extract corporate profit off the backs of drivers. No long term business model succeeds by exploiting those who provide the actual goods and services that is the foundation of the company. Their exit plan was automated vehicles and remove the driver from the equation- If it is proven in court that Uber stole the code from Google for self driving cars:
Uber no longer has a business model at all.

Comment Fear Mongoring (Score 1) 374

Tuition costs have been rising faster than inflation as State budgets look to shore up unbalanced budgets and slash education funding. This moves the cost of education from the State to the student. In the '80's (ad before) States covered 80% of tuition costs leaving 20% on students. Those ratios have flipped today and students now shoulder 80% of the cost of education increasing the cost to the student. The OVERALL cost to educate a student has decreased due to efficiency, automation and technology. This trend will likely continue as the current conservative thinking is counter any subsidy.
Now, to extrapolate this trend over the next 18 years and say that a 4 year degree will cost 1/2 million fails to understand the process. There is a limit to cost increases. Once the State's contribution to education hits ZERO, costs will only rise slightly, and may stagnate. We're over 80% there already, so costs can't possibly hit that number.

Comment Re: AKA: Google Destroys local business (Score 4, Insightful) 76

Don't think for a second the food is "free" : Google is retaining their staff on premise - less chance of someone eavesdropping on a call / conversation or shoulder surfing a laptop. Staff members continue to work over lunch since they're on the campus anyway and can have meetings while eating. Also offering dinner allows (encourages) staffers to put in longer hours not having to run out for meals. No, this is strictly an efficiency / security decision by the corporate overlord.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 297

Option 3: Evolved Socialism -
Beyond robots - add in 3d printing of all goods supplies including food and replacement organs ( ) Now - nobody needs to do, ANYTHING. We have the real potential of this becoming reality. The only work will be to improve yourself and your society. Think Star Trek culture.

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