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Comment ChumpChange (Score 4, Informative) 408

a mere $3B? no big deal, chump change
The liberal voters in Seattle pushed through a $54B transportation bill for only 64 MILES of track....Ya, with "B"..
Every property owner in 2 counties will get the benefit of higher taxes ($400+ per year) on top of our already 10+% sales tax.

Sure, traffic is awful, but I can't fathom over $843M per mile of light rail. What a testament to government bloat, payola and incompetence...
California tax payers should consider themselves lucky with such a paltry number.

Comment Null&Void (Score 1) 95

UK lawyer? So what!
In the US, any contract with a minor is NULL AND VOID. Therefore, minors can not legally accept the "accept clauses" on use license, which is a contract. It is neither enforceable or binding. I submit it is ILLEGAL for corporations like FaceBook to profiteer off minors when said minors can not legally consent to post sell ANY of their data.

Comment Holmes First (Score 3, Insightful) 52

The entire company is nothing more than the hubris of a self-absorbed mega-ego maniac. Patient health be damned, she got to be another poster child for women success stories; riding the talk show circuit like a goddess all the while pimping dangerous snake oil that every other researcher and doctor she talked with said the device wasn’t practical.

It astonishes me that after everything that has come to light, the board doesn’t toss her out first.

Comment LegacyEradication (Score 1) 135

The republicans are gearing up to appeal the Affordable Care act, appoint a couple of conservative SCOTUS's, undo all Obama's environmental, labor, and trade relation edicts... effectively erasing the entire Obama Presidency - and with mere days left of his presidency, spitting out a NEO CYA plan is of primary importance... there's an effective use of tax money...

Comment GoodDirection (Score 3, Interesting) 167

I purchased a Surface 4 a couple months ago with the fastest processor available. I get maybe 1-1/2 hours of use off the battery. Crappy battery life if my only complaint. Other than that, it's fantastic... I would gladly sacrifice some thickness for additional battery life. $2200 for a mobile device that’s not mobile 2 hours is just pointless.

Comment GOPsayNO (Score 1) 504

Not if the GOP gets their way - slash costs on fossil fuel production by rolling back EPA requirements or gutting them all together. Dismember unions to lower wages, eliminate watch dog groups to turn on the payola spiggot, cut research and federal $$ support for any renewable program...
We're going to be like Beijing by the time the next election rolls around.

Comment Re:UpUPandAWAY (Score 1) 84

We still have a couple of hundred acres back in the midwest that's cash leased - so I hear ya. From what I understand, crime gets worse the farther South of Seattle you go. My daughter lives down in Auburn, she calls Tacoma "Tacompton". Tacoma was rated the highest crime rate in Washington State this past week. JBLM doesn't help.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 84

Seattle has been in the top 5 relocation destinations for almost a decade. On the positive side - there are lots of jobs, the social scene has anything anyone wants. I live a couple of blocks from the Puget Sound (fishing, crabbing, whale watching), I'm a hour from the mountains. You can't beat the hiking, camping and outdoor activities. The culture is very pro work/life values. AND - DONT FORGET THE HAWKS! (if you're into sports, it's like a religion out here) - I moved here from the midwest 4 years ago (Yes, I have a tech management gig). The liberalism takes a bit to get used to, but I doubled my salary and don't have the 70 hours per week Midwestern slave mentality over my head. All in all, I would move again in a second.

Comment UpUPandAWAY (Score 2) 84

I live 30 miles North of Seattle. Housing prices are doing the same thing here. People are paying $400K for run down shacks. Tiny 2 bedroom apartments have gone from $800 - $1600/mo in 3 years. 2000sqft new construction in Edmonds are going for $1.4M. The biggest problem is infrastructure. The commute 30 miles to Seattle has gone from 40 minutes per way 3 years ago to 1-2 hours per way today - and getting worse by the month. Seattle has punted on public transportation so long they had to shove $54B transportation spending bill down land owners throats that will take 25 years to build and won't fix the problems now or in 3-5 years. The streets are undriveable. Homeless are everywhere and growing. Crime is on the rise. If you're not pulling in $100K+, you can't afford to live in Seattle. .
Flippers are everywhere. But I don't see all the negatives turning the trend.
If you look at California, housing prices are still insane and higher than they are in Seattle. By CA comparison, there's a long way to go - on the up side - for pricing.

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