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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 301

See? Right there. That's clunky. It's technically the direct object, but it's placement at the beginning of the sentence automatically makes me want to say "who do you intend to contact" right off the bat. English has come a long way from German; we don't need noun declension for "who," especially since we decline so few other words.

Comment Re:Supplier contracts. (Score 2) 28

Only if Intel misrepresented their product to Apple. If they did lie; that's going to be one unhappy conference call; but if they were chosen for being an adequate second source to reduce Apple's reliance on Qualcomm, rather than for being an equal or superior performer, this doesn't necessarily suggest that Intel failed to deliver what they promised.

Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 1) 38

Also these installations are being subsidized by the federal government for tax credits. So they are really not doing this to be green but to save tax dollars at the expenses of the American public.

It's disgraceful. It's not like they got those tax credits in an honest way, like losing money running casinos.

Comment Re: Wrapup phrase should read (Score 1) 38

Rooftop solar is good energy policy: domestic, local, distributed. Add in on-site storage, and you have a real winner, as the maximum solar penetration can safely go from 15% to 45% of peak load(/circuit capacity). For bonus points, add in pollution, and fuel cells even start to make good sense at a reasonable penetration. I am working on a couple new buildings now with a combined PV system of about 1MW... for pretty small buildings in the scheme of things.

Your sensible argument has no place in this discussion. You must have gotten lost on your way to Huffington Post you filthy hippie.

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