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Comment Re:And still people won't vote for Gary Johnson (Score 1) 229

"The other party nominated a serial liar."

In an analysis of the top 20 national politicians, scores from nonpartisan PolitiFact indicate that Hillary Clinton is actual the most truthful candidate of all, excepting only Barack Obama. On the other hand, Donald Trump is the single-most lying candidate of the past year.

Comment Re:Microsoft sucks (Score 1) 273

Most logins to online servers are acquired through social engineering not keyloggers. Provided you're reasonably cautious with what you're downloading/clicking on the chances of you getting a keylogger installed on your machine are closer to zero than 100 percent. Plus nobody wants your World of Tanks account.

Comment Re: Slant eyes are a serious threat to the free (Score 1) 141

It's one of those words that is usually intended to be offensive

Nah, it's not words that are offensive. It's people who want an excuse to be offended. When I grew up, the infamous "n" word was a very bad word indeed. You didn't say that word unless you wanted to be seen as racist and probably gutter trash. Conversely - many black people use that word among each other in an almost automatic fashion without meaning any offense. Comedians, also, manage to use that word and get away with it. So apparently the word is polymorphic - sometimes it's offensive, sometimes it's friendly, sometimes it's even funny.

Wrong. Words are just words. They have no magical properties. It's actions that people should be judged by.

Comment Re:Microsoft sucks (Score 1, Informative) 273

I hate having to deal with all the sneaky updates.

If all you use your machine for is games, just turn off Windows Update once you've got SP1 installed on Windows 7. IF (and it's a big IF) your machine gets compromised - who cares. It's a games machine. Wipe. Reinstall. No data to worry about. Heck Steam even keeps most of your save games in the cloud nowadays anyway.

Comment Re:Apple's on the wrong road (Score 2) 126

They occasionally undercut their competitors. The first flash iPods were cheaper than any other consumer device (including USB flash drives) with that much flash because Apple anticipated the demand and bought up an entire year's flash production capacity from several suppliers, getting a reasonable discount. No one else could get flash chips at close to the rate that Apple was paying for a while. More recently, they've used their cash reserves to build factories for suppliers in exchange for the first year of output from them. They end up paying less for chips than anyone else, and the suppliers then get to keep operating the factory and selling the output after Apple has moved on to wanting the newer process.

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