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Comment Re:Europe is the one that should be scared. (Score 1) 555

This is really all just FUD. There is, at the moment, no reason to believe that the UK will lose free access to Europe. It would not be in Europe's interest or the UK's interest. Businessmen on both sides would wish that to continue but the UK wishes to regain control of immigration. It is not racist to wish to stop undocumented hordes from flooding into your country. A realistic trade deal benefits both sides but those in power are too busy throwing their toys out of the pram to care about good governance. Within the next 2 years there is a strong possibility that those in power will stop throwing tantrums and a positive solution will be found to benefit everyone.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 3, Informative) 555

I love the lying moron alert at the start of a moronic lie :) MEPs are democratically elected but have no power to put forward a motion for debate or to enact a law. They are simply there to enact a theatre of democracy. The people of Europe do not get to vote for the EC. All those in power get their positions behind closed doors. They are not answerable to the people. The famously corrupt entity decides who will get what post in secret meetings and the power stays away from the electorate. Why not just have a simple easy to understand elected government? Why not let the elected MEPs put forward motions? Why not let the elected MEPs take votes on policy and enact policy? Why have policy made by someone else? The system is deliberately obfuscated to maintain the corruption that it is famous for. If that ended the EU would stand a chance of survival but the current structure is unworkable.

Comment Re:Death Knell for Britain Clear (Score 1) 555

If the EU were democratic the people the people of the UK would not have voted to leave. Any form of democracy would have been enough to swing the vote by several percent and it would have only taken a 3% swing to change the outcome. Currently Germany is running the EU for its own benefit and the people of many EU countries do not like that. There will be many more exits in the future. Holland only just avoided it but in their next election Wilder may make further gains and win.

Comment Re:Death Knell for Britain Clear (Score 1) 555

Scotland does not have the right to another referendum nor is there any reason to believe that the majority of Scottish people would be stupid enough to vote for an isolated Scotland. Most of my family and friends are fed up with the battle rant of the SNP. If Scotland does decide to commit suicide, the UK would continue and benefit from its freedoms while Scotland would be alone and end up having to go cap in hand to the UK begging for help with everything. Do you think the UK people would feel any obligation to help Scotland? Wales is not even going to consider any such move and I doubt that Northern Ireland would reunify now. There are people that talk about such things just as there are people that talk about Texas returning to Mexico or and independent California. The UK, with or without Scotland, is not short of countries that wish to enact new trade pacts. The EU rules forbid such discussions until after the UK leaves but there have been several approaches made. Most EU countries rely heavily on UK financial services and want that to continue and are therefore demanding that those in power stop trying to punish the UK for choosing to leave. I do worry about the SNP destroying Scotland but the UK does not. If Nicola Sturgeon manages to make herself President she will quickly discover what it is like to be the most hated person in Europe. There is no way that she can deliver on her promises without the UK.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 555

The UK banks and insurance services are not going to leave London as their business is global. One of the main reasons for many top businesses wanting to leave the EU is precisely because they do not want the EU to tell them what to do so although some European offices may move into Europe many more will arrive. Europe needs them and it would be suicidal for the EU to make it harder for its members to trade with them. The children at the top of the EU are throwing their toys out of their pram and want to hurt the UK for not playing with them any more but EU businesses do far too much trade through the UK and do not want to stop making money. About 20% of German trade is dependant on the UK and German businesses do not want to lose that. All other member states have similar needs. The children want to cut off their noses but EU businesses want a mutually beneficial agreement that enables business to continue as smoothly as possible. Right now the children are still screaming very loudly but this is a 2 year process and in 2 years the children will be having their afternoon nap.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 555

How will they be less powerful when they have their own voice rather than being an impotent vassal state of the new German empire? Britain is not the 5th largest economy, it is an insignificant part of the 5th largest economy that is run by and for Germany. By becoming indepent they will therefore gain power. Initially they will obviously decline as they build up new agreements and inevitably become stronger. Most people wish to live in a democracy but the EU is not a democracy. It has a parliament in which the members do not have to power to start a debate or enact policy, they are just a theatre to look like democracy but they have no democratic powers. The undemocratic EU has now given itself the power to enact laws in member states. Staying within the EU would be the death knell. Look at what has been imposed on Greece, Portugal etc. A poverty without hope. No way out of austerity. 2 billion Euros a month to service a debt burden imposed on countries that do not make 2 billion Euros a month. The EU is collapsing and remaining within it would cause disaster, endless austerity to fund the German business growth.

Comment So (Score 1) 178

"Nearly all the people at high levels at the paper deciding what we cover and how are white men,"

Nearly all. So not, in fact, all. So how many non whites is "enough"? Does it matter who we replace, so long as we're just replacing a white guy? And isn't that a little, oh, I dunno - racist? You can't scream racism when you propose a racist solution.

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