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Comment Re:You can't (Score 1) 1321

It's a pretty toxic brew of corrupt corporatism ($$$ for the machines), historical racism (machinations to keep blacks from voting/understaffed voting sites), increasingly partisan/obstructionist Republicans, and flat-out idiocy (workers who can't actually read or count).

"Trump campaign talks about its 'voter suppression' efforts" (Oct-28, 2016)

Comment Re:I completely agree. (Score 1) 522

Those are old estimates, and they were revised upward by the U.N. two years ago.

"In a paper published Thursday in Science, demographers from several universities and the United Nations Population Division conclude that instead of leveling off in the second half of the 21st century, as the UN predicted less than a decade ago, the world's population will continue to grow beyond 2100. (Read "Population Seven Billion" in National Geographic magazine.)"

One reason for this is that the second derivative for women in first-world countries is not declining, it's actually started going upward again:

"The revision in the low variant's total fertility rate - the average number of children per woman - was due to a rise in births in Europe and the United States following years of an 'artificially depressed' fertility rate, according to demographics expert John Bongaarts. This lower rate was a consequence of large proportions of women delaying pregnancy until later in their lives. 'During the ‘90s, while the average age at childbearing was rising, women became more educated, wanted a job,' said Bongaarts, vice president of the Population Council. 'That artificial depression is now being removed as the average age of childbearing stops rising.' The 2008 U.N. revision projects that the industrialized world will average 1.64 children per woman between 2005 and 2010, up from an average as low as 1.35 projected in 2006..."

Comment Priming Studies = Bullshit (Score 1) 106

Nobel laureate and psychologist Daniel Kahneman has called on priming researchers to check the robustness of their findings in an open letter to the community, claiming that priming has become a "poster child for doubts about the integrity of psychological research." Other critics have asserted that priming studies suffer from major publication bias, experimenter effect and that criticism of the field is not dealt with constructively.

Comment It was done in 415 BC (Score 2) 221

Fire ships were used in the Athenian Sicilian Expedition, and otherwise through ancient times and the age of sail:

The rest [of the Athenian force] the enemy tried to burn by means of an old merchantman which they filled with faggots and pine-wood, set on fire and let drift down the wind which blew full on the Athenians. The Athenians, however, alarmed for their ships, contrived means for stopping it and putting it out, and checking the flames and the nearer approach of the merchantman, thus escaped the danger.

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