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Comment Re:How much!?!? (Score 1) 255

Except any employer with hourly employees tracks their time. To be able to pay these employees, they have to know when they started and stopped work. So Apple should be able to look at those logs and see who worked 8 hours without a lunch break. Simply force them to turn over the logs and then the court can work it out.

Comment Re: physical access to machine? (Score 1) 209

Except for the fact you have only seen emails from one side. There is nothing to say the Trump side isn;t just as corrupt, we just haven't seen it.

That is what I find interesting about the reaction to the Clinton email leaks. Most of what is reported is stuff I have assumed goes on on both sides for a long time (dirty tricks, collusion with Super PACs, name calling, etc.) The difference in this case is we have an inside view of one of the sides so we can see it being done. There was very little shocking, it is just because of the hacked emails, we now have seen the inner workings of one side. There is nothing to say the other side isn't just as bad, we just haven't seen it yet.

Comment This changes the hacks (Score 4, Interesting) 445

So this certainly puts a different spin on the DNC and Clinton email hacks. It certainly looks more and more like they were politically motivated. A curious child could hack this setup and yet there has been no release of documents from the Trump campaign's email servers. If it truly was about just sharing information, why would they not attack both sides? The longer it goes, the more it looks like someone (or someones) is purposely trying to influence the election with the hacks and leaks. If Wikileaks was really about just releasing information, why would they be slowly releasing the hacked emails over time before the election instead of just releasing them all at once? IT's not like the scrub person information from them, so what is the purpose of slowly dishing them out if not to keep it in the news and influence people?

Comment Re:Reality is... (Score 1) 210

It all depends on who you are trying to secure against. For example, everyone says not to use things that are important to you because they are easy to guess. The thing is, if you are worried about outside hackers with no connection to you, they have no basis of guessing that stuff. In most attacks, the hacker has no clue who the account belongs to, so they have no idea that Pepper is your dog and 11/23/99 is your wedding day, so Pepper!112399 is not a terrible password. On the other hand, if you are worried about targeted hackers (whether it is someone who takes the time to actually research the user or someone in the user's life), that is going to be an easy password since they will know that information.

If you are worried about outside hackers, one of the best thing you can do is make really secure passwords and then write them down and keep them in your wallet. For most people, your wallet is one of the most secure places you have, since you already keep cash and credit cards there. Yes, people in your house have access to it, but if those aren't the people you are worried about it works great.

Comment Re:Single payer system would avoid this problem (Score 1) 327

The thing is, there is no "fair market pricing" for a lot of health care. If you are in a car accident, you don't have the benefit of shopping around to different emergency rooms to find the best deal. Many times, you have no option and have to take what is there because you don;t have a week to research all your different options.

As for Medicare, they actually pay a reasonable cost. There is a group of physicians who actually figure out what it costs to perform certain functions and this is what the payments are based on. So they can't charge ridiculous prices like they do normally, they are forced to charge something reasonable based on what the task performed actually is. Most insurance companies actually negotiate their prices based off of the Medicare pricing. If everyone paid Medicare rates, providers wouldn't go bankrupt, but it wouldn't be the huge cash cow it is now.

Comment Too secure for insecure? (Score 4, Insightful) 569

I really can't find something to bitch about here. Sure, Clinton sucks, but the big knock against her and her email server was that she wasn't secure enough with it. Then, when she does do something secure, the knock is "See, she is so secure she must be hiding something!" Sorry, you can't bitch when she isn't secure and then bitch when she is. Was she hiding stuff? Most probably, since all politicians are. Do I trust her? Not a chance. But you can't set up a now in scenario as your reason for not liking her. You can't bitch about insecurity and then bitch about too much security at the same time.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 4, Informative) 44

Well, with Apple you have a point, but less so with Google. With Apple you HAVE to go through the app store or you have no way of getting on their products. With Google though, if you don't like their app store terms, you can always sell the app as a sideload app. Sure, it's not as nice, but then again if you aren't going to let Google have their cut via the app store what do you expect. The key is though, you have an option to completely avoid Google's app store and still get your app on their products.

Comment Most people don't (Score 1) 507

I think most people (myself included) don;t care about smart TVs. It didn't factor in at all the last time I replaced my TV (about a year ago). I did end up getting one, but that is because any TV that isn't super cheap is a smart TV. I do use the Netflix app on mine, but that is because I use Windows Media Center as my main TV control and support for the Netflix app for that has been dropped. If I couldn't use the TV app, I would have just used my PS4 instead, so it's not like it was a big deal for me. But I would guess 75% of the people with smart TVs never even set up the apps on them.

Comment Re:Lol... (Score 4, Insightful) 819

This is one of the issues with drug testing. With alcohol, you drink it, it is in your system and impaired, and then it leaves your system. It makes it very easy to test for since if it is in your system, you have taken it recently and it is currently effecting you. With other drugs (pot being the most obvious) there is no simple way to test for it. It stays in your system so long there isn't a way to tell whether you just smoked a joint and are impaired or you smoked a joint last night and are fine now.

This is one of the things that is being skipped over in the rush to legalize pot (I'm not saying legalization is a bad thing, but not everything is being handled). There needs to be a way to tell if people are currently impaired as we don't want people driving/operating crane/whatever while they are high. Currently there isn't a good, standard, scientific way to do that (and yes, I know breathalyzers have plenty of problems as well). Until that happens, the best we have is either blood tests which show how much THC is in the blood, but not if it is actually affecting people or sobriety tests which can be highly subjective.

Comment Re:No. That is not the strategy (Score 1) 428

Kasich isn't a moderate, but he is what passes for a moderate Republican anymore. I'm from Ohio, so I know first hand how bad he is, but given the candidates remaining for the Republicans he is by far the best choice. I'm pulling for him because I want the least destructive Republican candidate to get the nomination because there is always a chance the Republicans win.

Comment Would this mean no electronic only? (Score 2) 188

While I generally agree with him (less for privacy purposes and more for not paying a transaction fee to a credit card ever time), making it right would add a lot of potential problems to it. For example, what about online only transactions? Would Ebay or Spotify be required to somehow accept cash payments? I am all for companies not being forced to go electronic only, but I also wouldn't want to try and force every company to have to accept cash either.

Comment For others (Score 1) 395

The one thing they never ask in these surveys is if they would mind if the government looked at their internet history. People are okay with giving up freedom because they assume it is other people's freedom. It's easy to say the government should look through people's internet traffic because you assume you are a good person so the government would never have a reason to look through your internet traffic. But when you ask them specifically if they are okay with it happening to them they have to actually think about it. They never consider that the government gets it wrong. They never consider that someone from the government may have something against them. Forcing them to think about that means some people will suddenly have a problem with it. It is the same thing when lawmakers suddenly find out they are the ones that are being looked at. All those laws they voted for were for other people, not for them.

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