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Comment Re: Really? (Score 2) 251

What I want to know is the maximum amount of joules per cm this thing can hold "safely". Like if yo take a hammer to it fully charged will it just return a large voltage spike or turn into a small emp explosion. The Samsung already showed us what a 3500 mAh can do if improperly designed. I don't expect him to answer these questions in this teaser paper, I just thing rather than storage we just need a faster way to charge.

Comment Re:I hate smart TVs, and so should you (Score 1) 295

HA! Not that easy, What he means is that it comes up as an AP "Vizio-RandomLettersHere" so you can easily connect up to it with your phone. All unencrypted of course and cannot be turned off EVEN when you have it plugged into a wired network. It was annoying enough for me that I opened the back scratched off the antenna trace of the pcb. I like getting Netflix of it, but freaking hate open WiFi points like that.

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 196

I can somewhat agree but look at the stupid competition. Can't buy a cheaper android phone from china without a 60% chance of some kind of backdoor. Also, given how Apple doesn't just discard updates for their phone after 6 months and trying to make the iPhone a black box really appeals to me.

The constant interface between devices. A safer app store, abit shitty search for years. Its really REALLY hard for me to look at an alternative

Hell, it was a Samsung phone I was looking to upgrade my iPhone 5 from, just because it seemed to have all these features above. They blew that one. There really aren't that many smart phone companies out there that keep this kind of quality. I am looking at the Google pixel too, but it's just too new and doesn't look that impressive to be honest. Its still $600+ too.

I very much doubt anything is going to change in the next few years and both Apple and Samsung can charge insane prices for the phones because of it

Comment Wait, why is google involved in this? (Score 1) 171

I am confused. Yes it is scalping but you kill the dealer, not the customers. At this point its giving me second thoughts about keeping backups on their cloud if they decide a phone I bought off eBay is illegal by just the mac address.

Atleast use a shell company to go after customers, like Microsoft does when checking on business software licences

Comment Re:I lost faith in (Score 1) 624

the public has lost faith in the media broadly

Snopes included.

After faithfully repeating President Obama's promise, any "undocumented citizens" who vote will not be prosecuted for such fraud, the site declared the claim, that he made such a promise "False" anyway.

That's when even my industrial strength bullshit-meter blew up...

You rail on snoops about this article but did you even look at any of the evidence they presented? Did you watch the video or even READ the short transcript where the quote comes from? They were debunking a short "out-of-context" video posted somewhere on Facebook by showing the entire interview. I don't see anywhere in the transcript or video where he encourages illegal aliens to vote. At most, he tells any of their family that are citizens to vote in their place.

I am not saying the interview was some great piece of journalism, its more of a polticial ad than anything. I am just saying its not what was presented on Fox News.

If I am wrong, cite please.

Comment I don't know, turtles are kind of cool. (Score 1) 241

Maybe some kind of simple programming language elementary dealing with turtles? A command based system where you tell it to go 5 spaces, draw a line and turn and have the students predict where it goes?

Seriously, high-school= C. Maybe stripped down without any of that pointer stuff or, make that a separate class, and that covers the basic syntax of every other major language out there. I learned fucking pascal off a Mac LC and it nearly failed me in programming 101 in college cause no one used that stuff. But elementary students who can't spell and you want to teach algebra? Go with Logo. I might not remember much about pascal (till recently at-least) but I sure as hell remember spending hours in front of an Apple 2, trying to draw little people, then running them over with my turtle.

And YES. Strip out all that pointer stuff. To pass references, tell students to use &. I KNOW its not in the C spec, but anyone who as ever sat down and actually tried to teach someone programming realizes that people have problems with what a pointer is. I don't know why, but peoples eyes just glaze over. Its a complicated subject especially when you start throwing operator presidence in there like like *ptr++ or *(ptr-4). Those are just the basic examples. If you can get them to comprehend what a references are, then you are half way there.

If you can just get them to sit down and program something because they wanted to and not needed to, then they will learn themselves. Getting to that point is what everyone is trying to do. Just don't try to teach people flavor-of-the-month languages.

Comment Two words: Rosetta Stone (Score 2) 305

This is pretty neat progress, but IMO it's pretty disheartening that after several decades we're still not anywhere near understanding their language. If we can't figure out how to communicate with fellow mammals sharing a common lineage, it really challenges the common sci-fi trope of having any kind of meaningful discourse with a creature from the other side of the galaxy.

The problem is context. You have to assume that a dolphin, if they have a language, has hundreds of words for fish. But without semantics, all you can do is guess. For all anyone knew, Egyptian's hieroglyphs were just pretty pictures till the Rosetta Stone came around. Even then it took 20 years before anyone could confidently say what were drawn on those walls. We still aren't confident on how you say some of the phonemes either. It could be a "finding out dinosaurs had feathers all this time" event.

Still we should try. I don't think its disheartening because people are trying HARD at this. The lessens we learn in decoding the raw speech patterns of our planet's creatures will help us on truly alien species. I just hope when we do discover alien artifacts, that they aren't passed around as pretty door stops like alto of the Egyptian's ones were.

"Hey fred! That black monolith looks great behind my flat screen TV!"

Comment Re:Another use for my Arduino (Score 1) 256

Now, Microsoft is willing to pay me to wiggle a mouse around and occasionally click. Hmm ... :)

I remember, back in college maybe 1998, my roomate signed up for this startup company that would pay him per click on advertisments. He wrote a script that would reload the website, move the mouse, and click on the link evey 2 seconds.

He made close to 300 bucks over 3 months before the company went belly up. I wish I got in the action but I was taking ethics:P

Comment Re:I'm sure they will fully comply (Score 1) 120

You know what the sad part of all this is? All they have to offer is phone number blocking per account. That would solve large part of my robot calls. No limits either, none of this "you can only block 10 numbers for $10" crap. I know what blocks they are coming from (FUCK YOU FLORIDA) It would cost them NOTHING to implement this. Sigh.

Comment Re:He did NOT build it "to play tetris" (Score 2) 127

I am sure even non-techies think this is impressive. Each one of those modules for that computer would of had to be assembled and tested by hand. Even then this is no simple HACK computer. It has square root for christ sakes (even if it is a bit long in cycles). This thing is WAY over-engineered yet very pretty to look at.

I'd be interested to know how modeler it is. That is can you move the logic modules around to change the instructions with the way he has those cables connected. I always liked the idea of the DEC plug in modules. Where all you needed was a properly wired back-plane and poof, computer.

Comment Re:Double-standard (Score 5, Funny) 341

It's an interesting insight into Apple's view of the world. All music must be either ripped (and thus backed up) or bought from iTunes. Therefore, deleting it isn't an issue, you can now stream it and iTunes will re-download it if you have an iPod. There are no other use cases, all other workflows are incorrect. iTunes manages all your audio files, you shouldn't even be looking at them. You click play in iTunes, it plays (subject to internet connection, fees may apply), it works perfectly and in the most intuitive and revolutionary manner possible.

Fuck. I can't tell if your trolling, being sarcastic, explaining or being a fanboy. Excellent Post!

Comment Re:So forgetting a password (Score 1) 796

" If the evidence already exists (as encrypted data on the hard drive)" Ah, but it's NOT known to exist. The prosecution only suspects there's evidence on the hard drive, and they're fishing.

Thats the catch. In this case they have evidence from his sister that she saw child porn on his monitor. Its how they got the warrant. Its been stated better elsewhere in comments, but the police is in the good here. They tracked this guy for weeks, they KNOW he was using his computer this time at a child porn site. So yea, he was boned way before they got the hands on the drives. They raided the house specifically for these drives.

It be different if he was arrested for another charge and the procureruter wanted the hard drives decrypted to "find possable child porn" I honestly don't know why everyone is up and arms over this non issue:P

Comment Re:Soil surcharging (Score 2) 102

Its the reason why the NASA space ports are at Huston and Cape Canaveral. They are on the coast so when a rocket goes crazy, it can go crazy in the sea.

As for the dirt, yea. Even way inland, your looking at 4 to upwards of 8 meters till you reach bedrock and a lot of that filler is clay. You can't have basements here either, cause that clay will drain water into it daily.

My grandpa realized this 30 years ago when he built his home and spent an extra 30k drilling these 5 meter cement pillars for his home. He hasn't had any foundation issues while our neighbor had to repair his 3 times over the same period.

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