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Comment Re:I'm sure they will fully comply (Score 1) 120

You know what the sad part of all this is? All they have to offer is phone number blocking per account. That would solve large part of my robot calls. No limits either, none of this "you can only block 10 numbers for $10" crap. I know what blocks they are coming from (FUCK YOU FLORIDA) It would cost them NOTHING to implement this. Sigh.

Comment Re:He did NOT build it "to play tetris" (Score 2) 127

I am sure even non-techies think this is impressive. Each one of those modules for that computer would of had to be assembled and tested by hand. Even then this is no simple HACK computer. It has square root for christ sakes (even if it is a bit long in cycles). This thing is WAY over-engineered yet very pretty to look at.

I'd be interested to know how modeler it is. That is can you move the logic modules around to change the instructions with the way he has those cables connected. I always liked the idea of the DEC plug in modules. Where all you needed was a properly wired back-plane and poof, computer.

Comment Re:Double-standard (Score 5, Funny) 341

It's an interesting insight into Apple's view of the world. All music must be either ripped (and thus backed up) or bought from iTunes. Therefore, deleting it isn't an issue, you can now stream it and iTunes will re-download it if you have an iPod. There are no other use cases, all other workflows are incorrect. iTunes manages all your audio files, you shouldn't even be looking at them. You click play in iTunes, it plays (subject to internet connection, fees may apply), it works perfectly and in the most intuitive and revolutionary manner possible.

Fuck. I can't tell if your trolling, being sarcastic, explaining or being a fanboy. Excellent Post!

Comment Re:So forgetting a password (Score 1) 796

" If the evidence already exists (as encrypted data on the hard drive)" Ah, but it's NOT known to exist. The prosecution only suspects there's evidence on the hard drive, and they're fishing.

Thats the catch. In this case they have evidence from his sister that she saw child porn on his monitor. Its how they got the warrant. Its been stated better elsewhere in comments, but the police is in the good here. They tracked this guy for weeks, they KNOW he was using his computer this time at a child porn site. So yea, he was boned way before they got the hands on the drives. They raided the house specifically for these drives.

It be different if he was arrested for another charge and the procureruter wanted the hard drives decrypted to "find possable child porn" I honestly don't know why everyone is up and arms over this non issue:P

Comment Re:Soil surcharging (Score 2) 102

Its the reason why the NASA space ports are at Huston and Cape Canaveral. They are on the coast so when a rocket goes crazy, it can go crazy in the sea.

As for the dirt, yea. Even way inland, your looking at 4 to upwards of 8 meters till you reach bedrock and a lot of that filler is clay. You can't have basements here either, cause that clay will drain water into it daily.

My grandpa realized this 30 years ago when he built his home and spent an extra 30k drilling these 5 meter cement pillars for his home. He hasn't had any foundation issues while our neighbor had to repair his 3 times over the same period.

Comment A Small World Disney ride anyone? (Score 1) 158

All I thought, when I saw the video, is the old ride "Its a Small World" Like those 40 year old animatronics that sing and try to open that damn prison. Don't get me wrong, its amazing he did this at all, especially for the budget. I am sure now that he knows what he is doing he could do it even at half the cost or less. While, at-least for me, its on the low end of the Uncanny valley, it just feels/sounds/looks so robotic for me to consider it even real.

Still, the 3D print of the rib-cage and pelvis was cool, even if that itself felt creepy:P

Comment And this is why I block china. (Score 1) 77

Seriously, I refresh the IP space evey week for China, Russa, Africa and starting to look at South America. I can say it helped immensely on the spam to my grandma even before it gets to spam assassin. If I have to virtually visit those county, it all goes though a vmware image though an anonymous internet vpn. It sounds insane till you get ping ddosed from a site you just visited:P

Comment Re:Watching it in Elementary School (Score 1) 320

Yea same. I was in 2rd grade? My mother had me going to our church's school. It was very small, like 25 kids per grade and only kindergarten to 3th. Grades 1-3 were (kindergarten was in nap time I think) were in the TV room that had the big 29 inch floor TV that we watched PBS shows on. We watched it launch and explode. I still remember it today even though most of the rest of that school time there was a blur. Oh that and Halley's Comet. Funny how the only two things I really remember from those grades relate to space.

Honestly I don't remember how I felt about it, what everyone talked about, not even what I did that day. Just remembering it happen and where I was. Its like your mind marks that event not to be garbage collected even though it doesn't tag emotions or even who you were with at the time.

Comment Re:it's a cultural problem, unfixable via tech or (Score 1) 257

This is a symptom of a deep cultural problem, and I don't think either law or technology is going to fix it. At best, it'll just be another "law nobody knows about" that can be used for selective enforcement.

This need to post every microscopic facet of one's life to Facebook is rather sick, even under less tragic circumstances than a traffic accident. It's something that's badly broken about our narcissistic culture. It's bad enough when it's one's own private data, but when it involves some other human being who didn't agree, and in fact may have just suffered either the worst day of their life, or the last day of their life, it's even worse. It's a symptom of lack of empathy for other human beings.

The only way I see to fix this is long term and cultural, not short term and legal.

My grandfather recently told me this story. About 45 years ago he was saw an accident where the car hit something, flipped and had the occupant fly out, his head chopped off at the poll. He got out, picked up his 35mm camera and took a few shots. He came back to his car and drove off. This is not a "now" thing, People have been doing this since they have invented the camera. Hell, you see it in paintings from even before that. Any kind of long term solution means teaching everyone empathy. Considering the most exciting thing you can see when your in your teens is a dead guy and poking him with a stick, I doubt this will ever be solved.

I am not a hypocrite though, I asked if he still had the pictures but he said he didn't because a friend used his camera before him and removed the film. Hence his lessen, "Always make sure you have film in your camera"

Comment Re:Wesley Crusher (Score 1) 363

Wesley Crusher vs. Jar-Jar....let the hate and anger flow.....

Please. Wesley Crusher all the way. I don't know any nerd his age, that didn't want to BE him. His character might of been crap, but I would have a thunder-dome cage mach with Wil Wheaton to play him as a kid. And at the end of the day, Wil came out to be his own guy not defined by Star Trek so you can't even hate the actor. (On the flip side, why is Shatner still alive?)

Jar-Jar? There is nothing there. No one wants to sympathize with him, talk with him or even want to be him. At-least Wesley, while you could hate him as a character and be jealous of the actor. With Jar-Jar? He deserves not even our hate.

Why? If you cut all of his scenes and dialog, you can watch the movie and not lose anything. Whats even worse? You can leave him in episode 2, with no context and fans would be talking about this character. Who he was, why the hell did he give Palpatine the senite. Was he threatened? What was his deal! As it is, I would just punch Jar-Jar if I saw him. He will never be R2D2.

Comment Re:What ban? (Score 3, Informative) 125

If you RTFA you will find a link to a 2013 article about it: linky

I am sure there might of been a slashdot entry but alot of the eroctica section got nerfed. Then almost as soon as it happened it was back. Like almost no point to the whole thing. More likely not because of the outrage but because of the lawsuits on an undefined policy.

That's what the cloud fire guy is talking about. Companies arbitrarily deciding whats good or bad on their networks. He makes probery the best quote out of the whole thing:

"I'm somewhat skeptical of slippery slope arguments. But, if you ban books that depict sex with dinosaurs, it doesn't take much before you ban books." - CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince

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