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Comment Re:Google should just block Australia (Score 1) 20

So what exactly are those idiots proposing at News Corpse, do what we will say, or we will, what exactly, get every one to vote Labour when Labour already are at war with News Corpse. Reality is Malcolm Turnbull can pretty much tell News Corpse to go fuck itself because News Corpse has now where else to go. The whole thing is laughable. So do not do it or else we will attack you an then what the opposition will do it anyhow and laugh whilst they are doing it. It's like the empty threat of the year. For google to get their way, they will have to sweeten the pot with a major data centre and do think laws will not change to force it anyone. Zero data being off shored will become a legal requirement in the end.

Comment Re:Again like I said! (Score 1) 323

Forget about privacy for individuals, consider this is an attack by Republicans and the core target, the competitve advantage of small and medium business and opening up they proprietary information to major corporations.

This is a real and present threat to every single company that connects to the internet, every single business needs to understand that all their information flow across the internet will not be accessible to competitors especially where the executives of the ISPs have a financial interest in those competitors.

How long before they are pulling a M$ and installing compulsorily software as part of their privacy invasive service, how long before they are blackmailing every politician (perhaps they already are), this is the stuff of insanity. Instead of preserving privacy rights, they are attacking them in every way possible. Why is government bugging bad but corporate bugging wonderful, why is you privacy being raped by government bad but your privacy being raped by corporations good.

Comment Re: Only the beginning (Score 1) 69

"M$ haters who are gonna hate no matter what", are you serious, you have to be kidding, Seriously, there is so much to hate about M$, as a piece of shit privacy invasive pack of ass hats, there is no need to bother with "no matter what", there are plenty of reasons to well and truly loathe that pack ass hat.

In this case, the claim is poor little M$ could not afford to buy one Linux computer to test it before putting it out, way beyond their tiny little budget, pity the poor softies. There are plenty of reasons to hate M$, none need to be made up.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 124

According to the latest vault 7 https://sputniknews.com/world/... (I simply could not resist using that particular news resource), grabbing phones is not about getting stuff off the phone, it is about getting stuff on the phone. You take someone's phone and then hand them back, 'your', phone because they do not own it any more, it just spies on them from there in on.

Once they take your digital gear, just accept it as lost for ever, buy an new replacement (it has to be new) and sell the old, pretty guaranteed to be hacked one, on ebay and let them spy on someone else. Same when travelling through customs, they do not take you phone to get data off, they take it to get a series of programs on. Been through customs with you phone and you lost sight of it for a couple of minutes, well, sucker you should have dumped it right away because the chances that phone that someone else now owns has been spying on you since then.

Comment Re:Missing operant term (Score 1) 124

Problem is you do not need to be violent to be arrested for violence. Typical procedure for corrupt officials when protests are near major donors. Undercover officers go into the protest, instigate violence, wander through the police barricade and then corrupt law enforcers wade into the peaceful protesters claiming violence, violence all right, those law enforcers brutally attacking peaceful protesters. How many thousands have been arrested for violent crimes, only for those charges to be dropped, after those innocent victims where brutalised and assaulted by out of control law enforcers.

Comment Re:Great advice (Score 2) 41

The most logical cause for the fire, this based upon EU and US claims about the Ukraine government being extremely corrupt and incompetent, someone stole a bunch of arms and munitions and wanted to cover up the theft by setting the facility on fire. The likely destination of those stolen arms and munitions, the same place as so much of Ukraine's other stolen arms and munitions (the reason why the Ukraine was so incompetent in a war against it's own), where ever illegal arms merchants currently profit the most, from the Middle East to Africa, who ever is the highest bidder, whether it Saudi Arabia, the CIA, or some other despot or war lord whether or not they are pretending to be religious freaks. So likely a quick check on vehicles that left that compound in the last few weeks, will lead you directly to the culprits. It is even possible those arms and munitions might not even be leaving the Ukraine but are to be used in a new even more radical coup than the last, good luck to Ukraine's neighbours and the US will likely need to be stationing more troops around the Ukraine whilst pretending they are about Russian aggression. US control of the situation seems to be deteriorating, 5 billion plus pissed away, apart from the gold the US was able to steal from Ukrainians, watch the disappear into private coffers.

Comment Re: Digital Rights? (Score 1) 202

Why the hell would I want to stop them? All I said is that people are accepting a "licensing" model if that is offered to them in a comfortable way. Saying that people WANT a licensing model is bullshit if you ask me. What they want is comfort, and for that they're willing to put up with things that are less annoying than the gain in comfort.

Comment Re:So now we need warning labels on jobs??? (Score 1) 413

The fallacy is that if you take away a bad business that there will be no business. Guess what: Just because we disallowed you from having slaves doesn't mean that there was no cotton to be picked anymore. The work still has to be done, if you can't get slaves to do it, you might have to pay workers to do it.

Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 1) 202

That's the other extreme. Hell, am I the only one who doesn't think that having one foot in the freezer and the other one in the frying pan is the only way to have a comfortable warmth on average?

Right now the scales of copyright are tipped WAY over towards the side of rights holders, to the point where they pretty much dictate everything concerning their work. Including and actually especially the time after I hand over money for it.

It used to be simple. You created something, I gave you money so I could enjoy it. But that wasn't enough, now you also want to control how, when and if I may enjoy it. And this goes beyond any reason.

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