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Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 319

This. The "theater experience" is exactly the reason I avoid cinemas. The personal "entertainment center" (whether that's at home or with friends) has unbeatable advantages:

- No driving there, finding a parking spot, then walking a mile from where I finally could park to where the cinema is. Note: My friends have houses where I can park in their driveway.
- No queuing for tickets.
- No overpriced snacks. More importantly, the snacks I want. If I feel like having a full dinner to my movie, I get that.
- No half hour of ads and trailers for movies I don't give a shit about. And no, they also do not happen on the BluRays. Take a wild guess why.
- Sitting where I want and how close to the screen as I want.
- Pausing the movie when I want to for whatever reason I want to. Trust me, as you get older, that becomes more and more of a feature.
- The ability to do something worthwhile in the boring parts of the movie. Just turn on the lights or pull out the laptop when they start yakking during a movie that is allegedly an action flick.
- If it's a real stinker, it's the movie that leaves the room, not me.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 319

Same. Not disappointed. Didn't really expect it in the first post, I was actually expecting to be treated to the snide comments further down, with the first spot being the usual political banter or one of our resident trolls, but it is actually refreshing to see our posters here are still active and don't miss a cue.

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