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Comment Efficiency, thats why. (Score 4, Informative) 409


The mohave is hundreds of miles further away from the equator than Brownsville. The closer to the equator, the lower amount of fuel you need to reach certain orbits. The rotation of the earth adds to your relative speed, and this amount of speed provided increases the closer to the equator you get.

Why is it better to launch a spaceship from near the equator?

Submission + - USGS Implies Connection Between Seismic Activity and Fracking (

samazon writes: According to a recently proposed abstract by the United States Geological Survey, hydraulic fracturing, or more specifically the disposal of fracking wastewater, may be directly correlated to the increase in seismic activity in the midwest. Results of the paper will be presented on April 18th, but the language of the abstract seems to imply that there is a connection. After years of controversy regarding hydrofracking including ground water contamination and disclosure of chemical solutions, the results of the study, if conclusive, could influence the cost of natural gas due to increased regulations on wastewater disposal.

Submission + - Why It's Harder For Women to Quit Smoking (

An anonymous reader writes: Women tend to find it harder to quit smoking than men, and a new study suggests why — women's brains respond differently to nicotine, the researchers say. When a person smokes, the number of nicotine receptors in the brain — which bind to nicotine and reinforce the habit of smoking — are thought to increase in number. The study found in men, this is true — male smokers had a greater number of nicotine receptors compared to male nonsmokers. But surprisingly, women smokers had about the same number of nicotine receptors as nonsmokers. "When you look at it by gender, you see this big difference," said study researcher Kelly Cosgrove, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine.

Submission + - MPAA Filter Censors Legit Torrent Files on isoHunt (

SolKeshNaranek writes: Summary: Court ordered filtering for isoHumt results in thousands of non-infringing files becoming unavailable due to heavy handed action of MPAA.

Excerpt from the article:
"Following a US court decision BitTorrent search engine isoHunt was ordered to implement a site-wide keyword filter provided by the MPAA. According to isoHunt’s owner the ruling would result in mass censorship of legitimate content, and recent evidence shows that this is indeed the case. The MPAA’s mandatory filter is accidentally censoring thousands of public domain songs and even an independent film which was uploaded by the filmmaker himself.

Nearly two years ago the U.S. District Court of California issued a permanent injunction against BitTorrent search engine isoHunt.

The Court ordered the owner of isoHunt to start censoring the site’s search engine based on a list of thousands of keywords provided by the MPAA, or cease its operations entirely in the US."

Related articles:

Your Rights Online

Submission + - Wikileaks publishes Info on International Mass-Surveillance Industry (

An anonymous reader writes: Wikileaks is running a new project entitled "The Spy Files" that aims to provide insight into — and put a critical spotlight on — the thriving, growing, multi-billion dollar international surveillance technology industry. A masterlist of the biggest vendors that sell mass-surveillance technologies to paying clients — consisting mainly of various country governments — is provided by Wikileaks. As are 287 viewable documents that consist of brochures, catalogues, manuals, presentations and pricelists created by various surveillance tech vendors for their paying clients. The project aims to make (more) transparent a shadowy industry that makes billions every year from creating and selling technology that intercepts the private data and communications of 10s of millions of ordinary people around the world every day. The idea is to document which companies make and sell the tech that snoops on everything from our SMS messages to our ADSL internet usage

Comment Re:91F today in the burbs (Score 1) 618

Visit, or weatherbug that is used by the news outlets.

You can peruse the thousands of local weather stations and look for yourself. Most of them are calibrated with NWS standards. I' not giving you the link to my weather station(also calibrated) mostly because it will give the exact location where I live. If you find it, good for you. The data is there.

Comment Re:Not 200F (Score 1) 618

It's incredibly far off from a typical Phoenix July Day.

When you have that heat, with a dewpoint in the 80s, instead of the 30s or 40s like Phoenix, it makes a huge difference.

I have been in Phoenix in 115 heat. It felt downright comfortable compared to a midwest summer in the 90s, with high humidity(dewpoints in the low 80s).

Comment Re:Completely inexplicable... (Score 1) 618

That's neat.

But your inability to convert them on the fly, does not mean it is that hard for everyone. Personally, I have no problem switching back and forth between units of measurement. I was able to convert the OPs numbers on the fly, and compare them to my measurements in a different scale(the one they were physically measured in) with no problem at all. Your shortcomings are not the worlds problems, they are yours. Stop blaming others for your lack of ability.

Comment Re:Not 200F (Score 2) 618

The point was to succinctly point out the numbers. When I say 'fun stuff' I dont mean funny stuff. I mean since so many people have not taken this seriously at all, they must think it is a game. And that the last heatwave Chicago saw with temps in the low 100s for days, caused the deaths of hundreds and hundreds of people, barely over 15 years ago.

If temps ever got to 127F for days or weeks on end in Chicago, it would not be a stretch to say that tens of thousands of people would die as a result in one city alone. That is probably a conservative estimate.

Comment Re:I was surprised for a minute (Score 1) 618

Plus the temperature record is affected by inaccurate weather station readings that were once rural, but now are in the middle of expanding cities (heat zones). That skews the data and makes it unreliable.

Except the reverse happened in Chicago, where these records are being broken, and this story is about.

The station was at a core downtown location, then to a core airport slightly further away, until around 1980, when it was moved outside of the city core entirely, to O'Hare airport.

Comment Re:Completely inexplicable... (Score 4, Informative) 618

temperatures near the -10 Celsius

Now, as cold as you think that is, it is a warm night for a Chicago winter.

As I posted earlier, in some suburban areas of Chicago, it was 91F today. (that is 42 degrees above average, for nearly 10 days now)

For some perspective, if it was as much above average in Chicago in July as it currently is now, the daily high temperature would be 127F, with an overnight low of 94, for over a week.

Those temperatures are almost above the maximum globally recorded extremes for heat, ever, and certainly would be for Chicago by almost 20F.

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