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Comment Edna Snowden? (Score 1) 628

I highly doubt that the evil white man BRADLEY Manning would have gotten any mercy from The President. The only "rights" that Obama seems to care about are women's rights, black rights, gay rights, trans rights and whatever other "special persons" rights. White men be damned

Maybe Snowden should start identifying as a female to get his pardon?

Comment Re:News from other countries... (Score 2) 29

Well, when it comes to space budgets....

NASA: $19,3B
ESA: $5,8B
Roscosmos: ~$2B/yr
JAXA: $2,0B
CNSA: $0,5B official / $1,3B est.
ISRO: $1,2B

It's not just US bias that leads to most stories coming from NASA. NASA really does spend the most on space research and exploration, by large margins.

Still, the public perception is that NASA's budget is far more than it actually is.

Comment Re:... move to a shared, distributed database ... (Score 1) 102

True, but proof-of-work blockchains are a *really* expensive way to achieve the goal.

Bitcoin is based on "proof-of-work", but the banking blockchains are not implemented that way. They are much less computationally expensive. Anyone can mine bitcoins, but the banking blockchains are only accessible (or at least writable) by members of the club. If you don't have a SWIFT code, then you don't have access.

Comment Re:Washing & reusing Ziploc baggies (Score 1) 107

I dislike the disposable culture of today, given that we cannot infinitely replace old electronics with a finite supply of building materials.

As long as you can live with the knowledge that your miserly tendencies are cheating a 25th Century landfill miner out of rare earth elements.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 136

Tesla will have a beta version next week, but will have to roll it back because it causes the car to drive into the nearest tree. Elon Musk will somehow blame both the driver and the tree in one fell tweet.

That was Paul Walker, and it was a Porsche.

To be fair, Paul Walker was the passenger in that accident.

I imagine one's perspective of the value of everyone else getting the hell out of the way is in direct proportion to the likelihood he's a passenger in the ambulance.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 4, Insightful) 628

Huh? Manning was convicted - hence there was a trial. What use would another trial be?

She pled guilty, so there was no trial. She was not allowed to use the defense that her actions were justified, and in the best interests of her country. That is/was not a permissible defense, and the jury would not have been allowed to hear it. So she had no choice but to plead guilty and go to jail. So much for a "fair trial".

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 628

Since the alt-Right media doesn't know the difference between a commutation and a pardon.

The practical effect is the same: she gets out of jail. She is still technically a felon, so may lose the right to buy a gun and vote, but since most Americans don't own a gun or vote, those aren't big concerns. She can write a book, be a consultant for the "Collateral Murder Movie", etc.

Comment Re:A little confused here... (Score 4, Informative) 10

...aren't semiconductors what basically underpin nearly all of Toshiba's products

Sure. But like most users of semiconductors, they can just buy what they need. There is no reason to make stuff in-house unless it is a core competency that you are good at. Toshiba is not particularly good at making semiconductors.

Toshiba is financially distressed, and they need to raise cash, so that is why they are selling off chunks of the company.

Anyway, under the terms of this deal, they will retain majority control, even though it would likely make more sense to sell the semiconductor division off completely. Indecisive, partial solutions like this are typical of the Japanese management style, and are a big reason why Toshiba is in trouble in the first place.

Comment Re:Say flippin' WHAT? (Score 1) 267

Trump certainly said things that were wrong, but did he lie, or was he mostly just running his mouth on topics about which he didn't have much of a clue?

The article talks about him being more "genuine" than his rivals. There's a difference between saying something that's not true when you know it's not true(telling a lie) and making a false statement when you are "genuinely" uninformed.

Comment Re: Note that what's large... (Score 4, Informative) 77

Venus has multiple "tropopauses" and "stratospheres", depending on how you define them. The atmosphere is like a layer cake with multiple convection zones (like Earth's troposphere) separated by areas of dynamic stability (like Earth's stratosphere). And again, ~50-70km is an awfullly long way from the surface, and surface winds are weak. But, there's a lot about Venus that we don't understand.

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