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Comment Re:This always worked for me... (Score 1) 133

Weird thing is, everyone's estimate is off by a factor of roughly X, but the value of X changes from person to person. The key is to figure out what your own personal X is and start using it.

If you're the kind of person who is consistently late, then your manager already does this without telling you.

Comment A Microsoft Example (Score 1) 133

Sure, coding this up should be pretty quick, since I just need to plug A into B using X. .NET does W, Y and Z, so it should do X.

Me: Wait, where is X?
Microsoft: X has been deprecated in 64-bit.
Me: Wait, why? W, Y, and Z all work, why not X?
Microsoft: Nobody uses it.
Me: It's listed as a feature in your docs! It's the recommended method! If people are doing W, Y and Z, they are definitely doing X!
Microsoft: Whoops, wait a sec... There now they say NOT to use X as it's deprecated.
Me: Fine I'll write a 32-bit shim
Microsoft: .NET won't allow you to do that with X for security purposes
Me: Holy cow I need to write a friggin' service and pipe crap to it just to get X to work?
Microsoft: Or write your own implementation
Me: The whole point of X is it's a pain in the neck to implement properly and I'd rather be spending time on user-facing stuff, rather than become an expert on X, which I'll only be using for this one particular feature. Fine I'm re-implementing, my original estimate has now increased 10x.

Six Months Later:
Microsoft: Good news, X has now been implemented in 64-bit! Download it here...

Comment Re:sounds like the mob pay up if you don't want so (Score 1) 20

If it works 1000 times, it sounds like three times my salary.

I'm sorry, maybe work on your LinkedIn profile...

However, what makes you think it will "work" 1000 times? It's a lame DDoS attack aimed at some very large companies. Did you read the article?

Following ridicule from fellow hackers, who made fun of the group for failing to understand how a DDoS extortion works, the group closed their Twitter account earlier today.


The attention they got wasn't the one they expected, as their hosting provider took down their website, located at


Comment Re:Yes, but... (Score 1) 133

If software development was "chaotic", then it would be overestimated as often as underestimated. But that isn't true. Overruns are way more common.

Here's a way to get better estimates: Instead of asking Bob "How long will it take for you to complete this?", ask Fred "How long will it take Bob to complete this?". By asking a 3rd party, you take away the hubris factor.

Comment No. (Score 1) 68

one recent study titled "Products as pals" finds that exposure to or interaction with anthropomorphic products -- which have characteristics of being alive -- partially satisfy our social needs, which means the human-like robots of tomorrow could kill our dwindling urge to be around other humans.

We all might be alone but we won't be lonely. ;)

Comment Re:We need enforced standards (Score 1) 65

The public needs to decide just how much privacy they're willing to sacrifice in the name of security, and get their legislative representatives to give that decision the force of law... or the cops will take all their privacy without even blinking.

I believe the UK has already lost this battle.

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