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Comment Re:OK in Barstow, but ... (Score 2) 47

Anyone around here here have any practical experience with long runs of conduit in rural areas? I'm all in favor of it if it works. But how do you keep the conduit from filling up with water ... at least in places where it rains now and then?

There is always water in underground conduit. Electrical and communication lines run in underground conduit are required to be sheathed in the same cable jacket as direct burial lines.

Comment Not happening. (Score 1) 47

I fully support this idea and I can tell you that their are a handful of multi-billion dollar companies that would rather see the nation go back to using slow-ass DSL before it sees a competitive landscape. They honestly don't care about providing a service, the only thing they care about is that they be the ones to profit from it no matter what the cost to the consumer. As such, you can be assured, the people they bought will kill this bill quite quickly or put in enough legal landmines that only they can makes use of such pipes.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 2) 65

This country is running trade deficits because manufacturing jobs have been shoved overseas

Nope. America manufactures more today than ever before. We just do it with a lot fewer people. The main reason for the trade deficit is that America controls the world's reserve currency, which is a GOOD THING.

Foxconn, the Chinese company ...

Foxconn is not a Chinese company.

Children are chained to desks

All the evidence for that was part of a hoax. There is no credible evidence that anyone at Foxconn was ever physically restrained at their desk, and they do not employ children.

Now, if that's the world you want here in the US ...

You mean the world of "alternative facts?" We already have that.

Comment Re:We'll see what Trump does (Score 1) 65

Trump has always been anti-union, something those white union workers who voted for him have seem to have forgotten.

Many union members in closed shop states (including California, but not Nevada) don't actually like unions, and are only members because paying union dues is a condition of employment.

Comment They lost me at 3.0 (Score 1) 47

I preferred Gnome 2.x to KDE but when Gnome 3.0 came out, I jumped ship because they took a usable desktop and redesigned it for tablets and then tried to push it to desktop users. I chose something more lightweight and isn't ensnared in Systemd: LXQt. I use Linux so I don't have to put up with people's bullshit, not so I have to put up with the bullshit of different people.

I see no reason why anyone should use Gnome anymore.

Comment Re:Losing Battle (Score 1) 222

A lot of your post is good, including the advice to profile before optimizing, and looking for bottlenecks. However, people who think that compilers produce excellently optimized assembly are invariably people who've never looked at the assembly output of a compiler.

It is in fact quite easy to produce better assembly than a compiler, although certainly time-consuming.

Comment Re:Nonsense question (Score 1) 345

You could argue, for example, that the reason quantum mechanics is indeterminate is that the simulation doesn't actually calculate the location at particles at the smallest level until that level of accuracy is needed. It's a neat idea, but indistinguishable from "That's just the way physics works."

Soooooo......then if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 345

It's like every New Age fruitcake using the word "quantum" in sentences to make the word salads and bullshit they spew somehow sound "sciency".

Quantum mechanics has discovered action at a distance and that's why I can see your aura will benefit from homeopathy. Don't try to argue, it just turns your aura green.

Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 345

All real rocks are actually finite in size, come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, and tend to be solid

But if you were building a wall, you would also want the "rocks" to be rectangular so they are easy to place and minimize the amount of mortar needed. So that would lead instead to the hypothesis that bricks were man made.

Comment What about hydrogen fuel cells? (Score 1) 62

I don't know the answer to this, so please be gentle. What about using hydrogen fuel cells for airplanes? The big problem with hydrogen fuel cells is that they require energy to breakdown water and different tubes for refueling. On the upside, it's high density chemical energy and you could safely jettison all of it before a crash which would save lives since (to my knowledge) the majority of fatalities in (survivable) plane crashes are from smoke inhalation from burning jet fuel.

Since power can be derived from Sol and they would be changing equipment anyway, why not use hydrogen fuel cells?

Comment Bullshit! (Score 1) 63

They call it "plugin free" but then what the fuck are Content Decryption Modules? I'll tell you what they are, they are the OS, platform and architecture dependent DRM plugins that Firefox uses. Try putting Firefox on your Raspberry Pi and you'll see it will not work.

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