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Comment Re:365 = You pay for it 365 days of the year (Score 2, Funny) 55

I could argue (at least up to a point) that WordStar 5.5 had everything you need for, you know, writing.

Not at all. By far the hardest part of writing is thinking of something to say. Wordstar didn't help with that. But Bing-enhanced Word-365 can actually help you create the content. This is especially useful when you have no opinion or knowledge about the subject, such as writing a school term paper.

Comment Re: The basest, vilest (Score 1) 799

It appears that some of the emails may have been tampered with

I have been following the story, and this is the first time I have heard of the "tampering" accusation. Can you provide a citation? Anyway, the head of the DNC has already been forced to resign, so it seems pretty clear that enough of the emails were real.

and the timing of the release is clearly intended to interfere in the US democratic process.

Sure, if exposing the truth counts as "interfering".

Comment Why take amortgage to see a film in a crap theater (Score -1, Offtopic) 220

Making decent movies with talented actors that look really good on the big screen instead of computer generated pap might be a start to getting folks back into theaters. That and maybe an experience that doesn't set a family back $150.

How is Adam Sandler still making movies? How many times do we need to see Eddy Murphy in a fat suite? How many times will Pixar put out a computer generated fish film or some studio regurgitating a comic book through a stack of Silicon Graphics machines?

When I was growing up we as a family would see a film every week or maybe two weeks. But we didn't have to take out a mortgage to do so. I'm just not paying theater prices to see sketchy Hollywood pap on a screen only a little bigger than one I can buy at Costco.

Comment Re: One less idiot on the road (Score 1) 567

Some people appear more willing to make excuses for Tesla than accept they may have screwed up here.

Nobody is saying they didn't screw up. Obviously, they did. But that doesn't mean the answer is more bureaucracy and delay. I am sorry this guy is dead, but about 80 Americans die in traffic deaths EVERY DAY, and self-driving technology could likely prevent most of those. So we should be pushing this tech forward aggressively, and if there is a small bodycount along the way, we should be willing to accept that as the price we pay for the greater good. Many more lives will be saved in the long run.

I am sick of America's constant "can't do" attitude. I own a Tesla (actually, my wife owns it, but whatever), and part of the reason we bought it was to support a company that is actually getting shit done, and pushing things forward. I understand and accept that I am being used as a guinea pig.

Comment Re: The basest, vilest (Score 1) 799

Totally seems like a joke, tongue in cheek type of thing. "Oh the Russians can friggen find them I bet!"

Except that the Russians exposed the DNC corruption scandal just a few days ago. The exposure was perfectly timed to deflate Hillary's "convention bounce". Asking them to repeat something that they just did, doesn't seem like a joke to me.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 2) 567

I'm not so sure that a simple software fix can fix it. Some key notes:

About 4:40 p.m. eastern daylight time on Saturday, May 7, 2016, a 2015 Tesla Model S, traveling eastbound on US Highway 27A (US-27A), west of Williston, Florida, struck and passed beneath a 2014 Freightliner Cascadia truck-tractor in combination with a 53-foot semitrailer. At the time of the collision, the combination vehicle was making a left turn from westbound US-27A across the two eastbound travel lanes onto NE 140th Court, a local paved road. As a result of the initial impact, the battery disengaged from the electric motors powering the car. After exiting from underneath the semitrailer, the car coasted at a shallow angle off the right side of the roadway, traveled approximately 297 feet, and then collided with a utility pole. The car broke the pole and traveled an additional 50 feet, during which it rotated counterclockwise and came to rest perpendicular to the highway in the front yard of a private residence. The 40-year-old male driver and sole occupant of the Tesla died as a result of the crash.

US-27A is a four-lane highway with a posted speed limit of 65 mph. A 75-foot-wide median separates the two eastbound lanes from the two westbound lanes. Additionally, at the uncontrolled intersection with NE 140th Court, both eastbound and westbound lanes incorporate left turn lanes, allowing for a median opening of about 132 feet. At the time of the crash, it was daylight with clear and dry weather conditions.

Eastbound. Afternoon. May. Aka, the sun was right behind him. Clear and bright outside. This is a perfect recipe for light-colored objects ahead to be overexposed, against other overexposed objects, potentially including the road and the sky. If you have a big block of RGB(255,255,255), how do you determine the boundaries? The best you can do is recognize that it's a threat and disable autopilot, while warning the driver.

A more appropriate solution, if this was indeed the case, would be a hardware fix: read the *raw* data from the camera. A potential alternative, if the frame exposure time can be adjusted, would be to read out alternating short and long exposure frames and combine them.

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