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Comment Not enough people care (Score 3, Informative) 104

By and large, this opens up a larger revenue stream for Google with very little backlash from their users.

It will be cussed and discussed on a few noble forums and everyone else will go on with their Facebook world, surrendering personal privacy for access to social media and the Google search engine.

Comment Re:Ignores the issue (Score 2) 114

These are TWO separate issues, and should be addressed as such. Trump could have flipped the whole "Trump and Putin are buddies" bit by Clinton by saying "I condemn the hack. But that doesn't eliminate the horrible dirty politics of the DNC, Media and Hillary Clinton that was exposed. Hillary, how do you justify Bird Dogging my campaign?" But Trump is an idiot. He'll never get how to flip attacks back onto the attackers. It requires a kind of mental judo he can't perform.

Pretty much this, with a side of, How do two candidates with such glaring deficiencies get this close to the Oval Office?

Comment Re:I shit in the ocean! (Score 1) 83

While it is disheartening to see the number of intelligent posters denying anthropogenic impact to the environment, it is also disingenuous to ascribe modifiers like nobody and ever to the phenomenon.

FTS: Showing people a possible future plays on the Ebenezer Scrooge fable, in that people can change if they are simply presented with the results of their actions. I'd like to believe that's the case, but the cynic in me says people are more likely to minimize their personal impact and sustain a planet-wide tragedy of the commons.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 885

Sure. I can see that. It may be as simple as the average person has neither the time nor the inclination to develop their own opinions about each issue, so they go where the body of work best supports their core issue(s) and assimilate the rest of the platform.

If your pickup has a Come and take it! bumper sticker, you are likely not getting your news from MSNBC.

Comment Re: Question about U.B.I. (Score 1) 885

Birth prevention from a variety of methods that are shunned less, and made seemingly more available, every year.

Teens having more access to birth control information at school, even in traditionally conservative regions, has been very progressive.

Do you know how many of you old farts were accidents?

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 4, Insightful) 885

Racism is simply a form of tribalism, one of the many settled belief sets it is difficult for the smitten to overcome.

Don't fall for the false power of outrage given to words. The irony is that racism and race-baiting for votes are equally distasteful strategies.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 2) 885

Even the on-topic comments about tech have gotten pretty bad, with tribal shit-flinging drowning out the rare piece of actual insightful commentary.

Even the smart ones are commenting with one half their brains tied behind their backs as the preconceptions inherent in us force us to be subjective despite our wish to deliver insightful, objective viewpoints.

However, much of the strength and insight of these threads is the diversity from which these preconceptions arise. We have liberals, libertarians, conservatives, and many more who are blends of the lot. You will still find yourself hard pressed to gain insight outside of your settled belief set anywhere else as much as here.

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