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Comment By any other name. (Score 2) 27

tldr: Company fails to uphold implied electronic version of discretion etiquette.

We could just have one rule, and it would be likely as efficacious as the convoluted, attorney-necessary system we presently operate under.

A corporate entity that promises something they don't deliver has to forego executive bonuses this year. And maybe next year's, depending on whether or not the beaver sees his shadow.

Comment Re:How do you ban someone from passing on this cos (Score 2) 442

"....bans ride-sharing services from passing those costs on to their drivers or riders."

What a bunch of bullshit. The government wants to tax them on a ride-by-ride basis, and the government also demands that the company eat the entire cost?

Taxes are bad enough without Big Brother sticking its fat nose into your business and telling you exactly how to pay them.

Indeed, and it is virtually unenforceable since the legislation involves no provision for the local governments to regulate ride-sharing fees. These smells more like an attempt to quell a legitimate objection by the ride share companies. "See, we stuck it to the evil upstart, and without raising the taxpayer burden a dime, we added a revenue stream!" Back-patting all around.

This has become a disheartening trend, both in your more socialist American and European States, as there become fewer pockets to pick to fund programs.

Comment Re:It's not sabotage (Score 1) 85

I think there's a disconnect in the assumption that the grim task is the same for everyone.

I dread the thought of the necessary housework, and many other tasks to be quite frank, more than the actual doing of the house work. In so many cases, for me, the dreading is worse than the doing.

However, once the task is begrudgingly completed, I am pleased and content.

Comment Re:I have another theory (Score 1) 250

We the humans are stupid to think we have any ideas on how life is in the universe.

There was a Star Trek TOS episode where a giant cheeseburger ate tunnels through the stone underground on a planet. Since I saw that as a child, I've always wondered if we would even recognize life from other planets if we encountered it.

Like The Chase mentioned above, chances are good that if we did encounter similar life forms, we would share a common origin.

Comment Re:I believe it (Score 1, Interesting) 618

We offered food to someone who said they NEEDED money for food. They rejected the kindness with cursing.

We have daily beggars that we've pretty much made a sport of trying to circumvent. It's difficult to be a rock every day, and they eventually wear you down into some ill-advised stray-feeding.

Our running joke is that if one of them holds up a sign that says I need a drink! he gets a twenty.

We have a one-legged gal who Sharpied On My Last Leg as her cardboard plea.

Comment FTA: (Score 3, Insightful) 618

The programs work by giving one-time cash quantities to people on the brink of homelessness who can demonstrate that they will be able to pay rent by themselves in the future, but who have been afflicted by some nonrecurring crisis, such as a medical bill.

I don't know how many of you have experience with being really poor, but if the rent/mortgage/light bill money is in jeopardy, the medical bill is from the County Hospital emergency room... and it goes in the circular file.

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