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Comment Re:Price isn't everything (Score 1) 109

Like everyone else, I've seen the odd newspaper photo of a Fedex or UPS truck dangling from an overpass, but surprisingly, very few packages are evr misplaced.

There is, however, a cottage industry associated with following delivery trucks around to steal packages off of the stoop.

Going with a large retailer, especially if you can afford their membership fees, is a bulletproof option. Primarily, if there's any discrepancy, they bend ovr backwards for you.

Comment Re:Stick a fork in.... (Score 1, Flamebait) 610

Yes. What a conundrum... a loose cannon formerly known as a reality star who's probably not even a billionaire, a pathological liar with a sense of entitlement, or a throwaway vote to a weak third party candidate.

Is it possible, somewhere behind the curtain, there's a cabal that's decided the power of the US Presidency must be reduced even if by ridicule?

Submission + - Linking Disposal Wells to Earthquakes

rmdingler writes: A State of Emergency was declared in Oklahoma after a record 5.6 earthquake on Saturday. Fears of this phenomenon have appeared in print earlier this year and they now have the attention of a State that owes 1 in 6 jobs to the Oil industry.

Since the World is unlikely to be weaned off fossil fuels anytime soon, what are some other options for the disposal of drilling fluids and production brine that do not involve deep well injection?

Comment Re:We're fucked (Score 3, Insightful) 55

That we have to rely on corporations to make this fight for us is a sign of how bad off we are.

Maybe so, but at least there are some things so abhorrent,

(Amazon, Apple, Google, Fox News, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Mozilla)

a wide range of us can still rally together against them.

Comment By any other name. (Score 2) 29

tldr: Company fails to uphold implied electronic version of discretion etiquette.

We could just have one rule, and it would be likely as efficacious as the convoluted, attorney-necessary system we presently operate under.

A corporate entity that promises something they don't deliver has to forego executive bonuses this year. And maybe next year's, depending on whether or not the beaver sees his shadow.

Comment Re:How do you ban someone from passing on this cos (Score 2) 445

"....bans ride-sharing services from passing those costs on to their drivers or riders."

What a bunch of bullshit. The government wants to tax them on a ride-by-ride basis, and the government also demands that the company eat the entire cost?

Taxes are bad enough without Big Brother sticking its fat nose into your business and telling you exactly how to pay them.

Indeed, and it is virtually unenforceable since the legislation involves no provision for the local governments to regulate ride-sharing fees. These smells more like an attempt to quell a legitimate objection by the ride share companies. "See, we stuck it to the evil upstart, and without raising the taxpayer burden a dime, we added a revenue stream!" Back-patting all around.

This has become a disheartening trend, both in your more socialist American and European States, as there become fewer pockets to pick to fund programs.

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