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Comment Re:There will be no train (Score 2) 373

High speed rail will tie these two great regions even closer together, compensate for our overcrowded highways and airports, and benefit the entire state.

Sure, but wouldn't that scenario be good for the State of California, and thus, less inspirational for the "government is always wrong" posting numbers?

Comment Re:Woosh (Score 1) 125

My guess is Trump'll blame the bumblee deaths on a conspiracy of his enemies in league with NASA and NOAA in league with other bumblebees.

If you didn't get todays Trump big conspiracy, he just said that Democrats and Republicans had conspired to make up the Russian spy claims, and its all the work of political sleazebag operatives. He promises a new report within 90 days that will totally exonerate Russia.

Sad to see the bumblebee endangered, but it is equally unpleasant to witness the near extinction of respectable politicians. I'm not a fan of Trump, but if the media had done a better job of delivering news instead of trying to influence opinion, we wouldn't be in this wagon.

Repeated attempts to spin everything positive or negative, depending of the sphere of intended influence, has worn thin on folks and made the crooked press a mud-slinging that sticks.

Comment Re:'Developed a Clear Preference' For Trump (Score 1) 731

Counted one way, the US people favored Trump. Counted another way, the US people favored Clinton. Almost without exception, political observers now profess a clear preference for the vote-counting method that would have worked best for their favored candidate: Clinton supporters have discovered a new passion for using the aggregate popular vote, while Trump supporters see great virtue in the Electoral College. Politics as usual.

That's an oversimplification. It's likely that if you ask most voters, they didn't favor either choice... they were once again forced to pick their personal lesser of two weevils.

Comment Re:Gee, I wonder... (Score 1) 731

Because of the recent lack of credulity, there's a void in news delivery that's been created by the traditional news sources. The vacuum created gives other, less vetted sources an opportunity to win hearts and minds.

Assange has merely done what many men of less than perfect character would if they had been stuck in the Ecuadorian embasssy in London for four years and counting with no positive poutcome in sight...He's sold his credentials to the highest bidder.

Comment The 3D film Avatar smashed all box office records (Score 1) 433

You're onto something there coward. There's a sound argument to be made that the production's quality has everything to do with the success of a 3D project.

The reason Avatar was such a box office success, other than Cameron's genius, was the forking budget. The theatre experience was worth the inconvenience of wearing the glasses because the best 3D tech available was available. It seems like many copycats were looking to play up the 3D angle while not delivering the same quality of goods.

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