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Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 2) 289

I work from home one day a week. And I miss having team mates handy to discuss something quick, or refresh my memory on an issue, or jsut to hear what they are doing and realize we have a site wide issue ballooning.

Working from home all the time would diminish our effectiveness. I'm not really happy being isolated that one day, but we adapt for that. To rely on 'instant' chat would be annoying - Skype for Business is annoying by itself, offering to make calls when all I wanted was the phone number off the contact page, please stop trying to help me, ok? OK?

While this may be a ploy to do a RIF without being spotted, around here the open plan cubeless floor layout was sold initially as a collaborative enhancement, then to permit teams to be flexibly located, and finally, the truth - save space when average vacancies were 20-30% every day but Friday when it was 80%. An instant reduction in required real estate of 20-30% solved a few problems. Going to Agile development also aided this, but that doesn't lend itself to WAH, just closer teams and collaborative, face to face (aka noisy) work environments.

IBM might be doing either or both; RIF by relocating, or getting face to face back in the business. I'm frankly surprised that creative teams can function better apart than together, but that just means I define 'creative' differently than they do.

Comment Long overdue (Score 1) 76

I've got a set of paper forms that were an anomaly back 'then', when GIFs were a novelty and it took three days to download all 28 pages. Fairly cool at the time, it standardized the process. I worked at an office machine dealer and scanned a set of mimeograph stencils to run them off for bunches of people. Laser printers were too expensive for me, and dot matrix was ugly, but I could enhance the scan original with a few tricks.

Then I got the worst idea of my young life. Put all this into a dBase III+ database, build some forms, and get all interactive. Yeah, even a dice roller no one trusted. Just as well, it was my waste of time project.

Which coincided with my discovering and gaining access to NovaNET, Avatar, and ashamedly I'bee been playing that through three platform changes and 3 major revisions. And this is as much DnD as I will eve, ever need again.

Still I get emails from old players, asking if I'm programming anything mobile. D&D Beyond should stop those calls, except for one who will try and figure out if Drake is actually playing.

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