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Comment I'm pissed too (Score 1) 333

Windows 10 keeps forcing driver updates, which keeps fucking up my graphics drivers, and the only way that I've been able to find to bypass this is a registry hack to tell Windows Updater that my PC is on wifi while on ethernet, then to tell it the wifi connection is metered and to disallow updates on a metered connection.

The problem is that I don't want updates disabled, I want to APPROVE updates - and Windows 10 is a cunt about taking away choice.

I haven't done the registry hack yet because I shouldn't fucking have to hack my computer to make Microsoft stop breaking it.

Comment What? (Score 1) 104


Some privacy is better than no privacy. Google and Facebook might be the biggest data aggregators and sellers, but you can choose not to use them. You can't choose not to use your ISP. And there's not even competition to choose another ISP if the one you're using decides to collect and sell your information.

It was a good bill.

Comment In other news... (Score 1) 267

In other news, Moore's Law for War would defeat global conflict. We just need to halve killings every decade.
In other news, Moore's Law for Rape would defeat global rape. We just need to halve rapes every decade.
In other news, Moore's Law for would defeat . We just need to halve every decade.

When "researchers" point out obvious things like "Reducing carbon would defeat global warming they are philosophers.

Scientists would posit something with a body of evidence to bring new facts to bear on the world around them - they just provide data.
Lawmakers would enact legislation to effect change within their body of influence. And if they're good ones, add enforcement.
Philosophers make grand statements like, "If we do good things, good things will happen."


Comment Re:Again like I said! (Score 1) 401

Meaningful privacy laws would stop NSA overreach, warrantless wiretapping, and if solely about commercial interests.... ....then it would target the big offenders of data collection and selling.

Google. Facebook. Oracle. Apple?

I thought that FCC ruling was empty in the first place because it was a charade of privacy protection. It's like Trump's "Let's stop the terrorists from getting into our country by putting a travel ban on muslim countries" that then proceeds to ban muslim countries where the terrorists DON'T come from.

I want privacy, but neither the FCC ruling about ISPs or the legislation to overturn it are meaningful. In fact, since Google and Facebook have extremely liberal leaders, and this helps maintain their monopoly control on data aggregation and selling - you could say this was a cleverly orchestrated plan.

Comment Re:Open Source is Evil (Score 1) 128

We are trying to do to movies what we did to software with open source. Reduce its value so much that the people working in the industry struggle to survive. In a capitalist society if you dont pay cash for something you dont value it. We devalued software development by going from license fee based software to open source. Now we want to devalue entertainment by going from Studio funded blockbusters to all Indy movies made on shoestring budgets where the actors have to hold day jobs (Just like those contributing to open source have to hold day jobs)

Are you kidding? There are no shortage of people who will do things in front of a camera FOR FREE in the hopes that people will see them. Some are attention whores. Some are hobbyists. There are probably other categories.

Comment If the U.S. adopts a "dig once" policy... (Score 4, Informative) 172

Misleading headline. Saying "Dig Once Bill Could Bring Fiber..." implies that there is currently a bill undergoing consideration. The article says that the same guy has been proposing it over and over for 8 years.

You could also say "If US Politicians stopped being twats, it could bring internet to people." Or "If people stopped killing people, the world would be better." Or ...you get the picture.

Comment Re: Thanks Hillary! (Score 0, Troll) 109

It was because Trump promised something, anything. What did Hillary promise? Nothing.

That's not quite accurate.

Trump promised to build a wall, get immigration under control, make America great again, get everyone a free puppy, and anything else he thought the majority of Americans might want to hear. Chances of him delivering on his promises? I wouldn't take that bet....

Clinton promised to import immigrants, make America take its "fair share" of the trouble going on in Europe - something no one wants to replicate, given the hordes of troubled kids being bused in from South America - to expand government programs, raise our deficit enormously more than anyone else had ever even tried....chances of her delivering on her promises? Likely.

Except those aren't promises most people wanted to hear, which is why we have Trump instead of Clinton.

Comment Re:If it's legal... (Score 4, Insightful) 448

Seriously, if it's legal, what of it?

There is legal and there is ethical. Only people in the law profession put the former before the latter.

After all, everything slave owners did and the Third Reich (oh my Godwin!) was entirely legal at the time.

Paying more taxes is not ethical. Nor is it like slavery or nazis. Governments are necessary evils to maintain social contracts and civilization. Overreaching government is unethical. Government double-taxing is unethical.

And...corporate income tax is a dumb idea in the first place, when those funds have already been taxes through both income and sales.

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