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Comment Re:Could climate science be affected, too? (Score 4, Insightful) 148

Its also good to point out that the fraud was in the review process, not the work itself. So the tools that did it were extra stupid in their laziness.

That's speculation. The only KNOWN thing is that the authors of the papers perpetrated fraud to get peer reviewed and published. No research has been done into replicating methodology, experiments, or results.

Comment Re:Millennials AREN'T a Bunch of Job-Hopping Flake (Score 1) 214

I love pho, so clicked that article to find out why - and it's a millennial spouting garbage that has nothing to do with why baby boomers aren't eating pho except "they don't think eating pho will make America great again because they're Trump nazis."

The "research" methodology seems quite biased to me. They are comparing a VERY narrow window of GenX (the year 2000 during the dot com bust) to today.

That's not an apples to apples employment comparison.

Comment Bad Research (Score 1) 344

This research includes *all* smart phone utilization while driving. Not just texting or talking.

Amazon Music, iTunes, Pandora, youtube, all the other means people have of listening to music on smart phones that no longer require toting around a separate device or tuning into the radio to listen to ads -

All of those are included in this. I'm a chronic smart phone user when I drive too. I get in the car, open my phone, go to my Amazon Music app, and listen to whatever it is I want to listen to until I get to where I'm going.

Comment Re: Good for them! (Score 4, Informative) 19

How? How can this be enforced?

What if Oracle simply says, "we're not paying"? What can even be done? Sure, they may have to close their offices in and be banned from doing business in South Korea, but I doubt those offices and business profits them more than $293 million to make it worth it (maybe long term, but remember, businesses generally only think short term, to please their shareholders).

Of course, the case will probably be appealed and held up in court for years, but thats irrelevant. I'm really curious how South Korea could enforce this, and not only because I hate Oracle and would love to see them pay up lol, but just for the sake of international business law.

Are you serious?

1. It was appealed and upheld.
2. Oracle sued in South Korea's highest court and the verdict was upheld.
3. There's no where else for them to appeal to.

And if you think Oracle will close up shop in South Korea over $293m in back taxes, I don't think you understand how taxes work. That's a portion of their profit. Closing up shop in South Korea would remove that portion of their profit, the rest of their profit, and all the REVENUE from the South Korean market.

Comment Re:Fact checking? (Score 2) 112

I would like to note that while CNN was a bit bold reporting the Steele dossier, they reported the news. They didn't claim the dossier was true.

Yes - ONE of those things on that list may turn out to possibly not be fake news, spin, or lies.

Congrats. That's precisely what *I* look for in a reputable news source.

Comment Re:Fact checking? (Score 5, Informative) 112

None of that is true. CNN did not attempt to shape the elections. They reported facts. You just don't like the facts.

Perhaps you should research the CNN blackout of Bernie Sanders to promote Hillary Clinton.

Or the CNN clip telling its viewers that it's illegal to read the wikileaks e-mail, and that we're only allowed to get information parsed through CNN. Here -

Or perhaps the January fiasco where CNN got themselves labeled fake news (again) by reporting that Russia had compromising personal and financial information leashing Trump? You know, the stuff no one else would publish?

You could google "CNN Fake news" or "CNN controversies" if you were really interested in seeing whether CNN is really just a fact reporting organization or not. I don't think you will though; your opinion is your opinion at this stage in your life, and rather than searching for facts, you search for spin that supports your view.

Comment Re:One semester (Score 1) 178

I wonder how the rest of your classmates passed this class.

At one point, I had a D- and was the highest grade in the class.

This teacher - a military officer named "Major Heath" looked and sounded like Major Payne from the movie Major Payne. I have a couple of distinct memories of his class - the first was him writing me up because my shoes weren't sufficiently polished during class one day.

The second: All the cadets in my class (myself included) were at the blackboards working out a problem. He stepped out of the classroom for a few minutes, and we were all stuck on this board problem - none of us could solve it. He came back into the classroom and addressed me:

Major Heath: "Cadet ____, what is the answer?"
Me: "Sir, I do not know the answer."
Major Heath: "Well if you DID know the answer, what would it be?"

Comment Re:One semester (Score 4, Interesting) 178

One semester I had a Monday 8am lecture, only lecture for that class.

Never made it to a single one. Never met the professor once. Still passed the course, somehow.

I went to West Point - missing a class resulted in disciplinary action. I had one professor that was so bad at teaching (one of my math classes) that I had to use my infinitely valuable free period to sit in ANOTHER professor's identical class to try learning something so I could pass - because failing a course also results in disciplinary action (and dismissal from school).

Part of me is jealous that you got to skate by, and part of me is grateful that schools like yours exist to distinguish schools like mine.

Comment Re:Overly High-Tech Solution (Score 1) 37

In the regions where land mines are buried, knowing the exact area or field where the mines are is the biggest problem. Because of the unknown area, there is no way to apply this in sprinking the bacteria except with a crop duster, and then it is useless when there is any overgrowth.

Then the whole "use a laser" bit limits this to formerly advanced economies e.g. the balkan nations, not the areas where there are major issues Thailand, Myanmar, etc.

What's wrong with crop-testing broad swathes of land with glowing e-coli?

Comment Re:that's the entire point of facebook (Score 1) 88

A lot of /. users love announcing that they avoid it (just like cable-cutters won't shut up about life without TV), but my guess is that most /. users are also FB users. Feel free to falsify information - They have exactly what you give them. I'm not an Instagram user, but my impression is that it's mostly media sharing - I'm not sure that's the aim you want to start out with for business use.

I'd like to point out that I've not had cable TV in 20 years, nor do I have a facebook account.

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