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Comment Re:This works for me (Score 1) 410

From the article:

Under a multi-category scheme updated in October last year, the highest incentive for so-called "Outstanding Talent" — a designation open for foreigners from 24 countries, including the United States, if the individual won a Nobel Prize in economics or physics — is an outright lump sum allowance of close to $1 million or 10 years free housing in a 2,200-square-foot apartment.

A lower category, an "Overseas Talent" who starts a business in the city, can receive a subsidy of up to $150,000.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 2) 367

I'd like a link to that source. I can't imagine a scenario where someone doesn't find the means to break glass and escape vehicle. I get that not everyone carries a safety knife with a glass breaker / seat belt cutter, but...being locked in a hot car and dying as an adult? Unless it has bulletproof windows...you're going to be able to ball your shirt around your elbow and shatter it.

Comment I'm suspicious (Score 2, Informative) 119

I'm suspicious of every article I see posted by BeauHD these days regardless of content, almost to the point of avoiding reading anything he posts - simply because of his tailored anti-Trump agenda, including his legendary twitter account posts that would have him twitter banned for hate speech if twitter uniformly applied their anti-hate rhetoric across political lines.

I only posted this because I just realized that I've been avoiding a good chunk of slashdot to avoid this garbage.

And now I'm sad.

Comment Re:Indiscreet Gaming (Score 1) 182

In related news, imagine Ventrilo / Teamspeak chat...

"Alright guys, I need everyone to hold off wanking it this week so that you can rub out a good five nuts on Friday to boost stats for the Friday night raid. If anyone needs recommendations, I suggest watching "Cock Hero" on Pornhub so that you can get maximum strokes per hour and exercise to cap your stat bonuses. See you guys Friday night - also drink those monster energys - make sure they're the ones linked to the in-game potions.

Comment Editor much? (Score 3, Insightful) 17

"A technical issue at with a computer..."

Slashdot has been getting harder to read because of what I assume to be the army of paid political shills chiming into every conversation about politics - which in my opinion doesn't belong on slashdot - but when the GOD DAMNED EDITORS CAN'T EVEN FORMULATE A SENTENCE?!?

Comment Re: Trump 2016!!! (Score 1, Informative) 2837

You say that Trump is a caricature of the worst stereotypes...aggressive, irrational, uneducated, greedy, and violently racist...

Those can be used to describe Hilary as well - including racist - and you can add the adjectives corrupt, immoral, criminal, and incompetent.

No one should be happy with this election. The two candidates put forward by their respective parties were both awful. I wasn't planning on voting; I planned on abstaining, but my wife begged me to vote. Ultimately, I voted for Trump because he can't do WORSE than Obama or Hilary. He might do a terrible job, but he can't do worse, and to my knowledge, he's not a happy criminal whose family has anyone who airs their laundry killed.

Comment Uh...math? (Score 1) 181

This article says that 34 billion gallons of sewage a day ....

Can be turned into 30 million gallons per year.

I'm too lazy to math that out (and my fingers are greasy right now from this egg roll) but that's a few assfulls of shit (more than a few), and a logistical nightmare to turn the theoretical into actuals.

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