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Comment Re:A lot of truth in that.... (Score 1) 308

Allow me to fix the analogy for you:

This is akin to Hugo Boss advertising a suit that is guaranteed to get you laid at one out of three times. You buy it, you wear it to three dates and go "Hmmm... Well, it could be date number 5 and six out of six, right?"

So you go on three more dates. Still haven't been laid. So either you bring it back now, already MUCH too late to return it with any semblance of it being unworn, or you go for three out of nine. Some people are optimists, others desperate...

So who is the sleazeball in this scenario?

Comment Re:The problem isn't that they're old... (Score 1) 192

We went from HP/EMC to IBM converged and from Vmware to Hyper-V.

It was a costly experiment: First IBM couldn't get their shit running for over a year (with no refunds for us, obviously) and then they sold it to Lenovo and Lenovo did not feel responsible for paing for going back to conventional networking.

The company supposed to install our Microsoft based private cloud took a look at the IBM hardware and went "I'll try my best". You can imagine how that ended up going.

So we've spent a lot of time and money in getting this shit productive. Now that we are, they are thinking about replacing it all again because IBM sent us a licensing renewal bill of about 50'000 $.

When you're a company of about twenty people and don't work via POC, this shit is exactly what "exciting new ideas and insights" ALONE will get you.

From what I hear, few people are happy with HP nowadays so it seems to me that goes for global players as well.

Comment Re:Vote trump to get that! (Score 2) 56

Vote for a billionaire to get people to stop selling to the highest bidder no matter where they come from.... riiiight. The same Trump who has his merchandise produced in Bangladesh and China.

There's an old fable where mother sow brings her piglet to the butcher because he ought to know best how a pig works, right? Well... I'm actually not sure if such a fable exists, but it ought to.

Comment Yes, I installed N (Score 1) 151

I installed the version before this. Why? Because A, I wouldn't use a touch device to do anything of real importance anyway (so the danger of not being able to browse 9gag on the toilet is quite survivable if worse should come to worst) and B, the last version pissed me off anyway and lo and behold, this version actually did bring soothing to my life.

Comment Re:Seagate Fires 6500, Stock Soars (Score 3) 224

Are you sure there was more to be proud of a few decades ago? What happens around the world today is, basically, the result of the fuckups the west committed in the last century.

You sure the difference isn't just that you're better informed nowadays?

Also don't kid yourself. Central and South America, as the rest of the world, is densely populated with people. There's just as much to be ashamed of there as in the US or where I live.

The only difference will be that it's new bullshit which gets you another few years to get used to and then fed up with. So that might be worthwhile.

Comment Re:Really? (Score -1, Troll) 983

You already underpay them to an obscene degree. Now you want to weaken the sign of their badges by making them risk their lives on capturing someone alive who already killed their colleagues.

How dangerous and unattractive does the job of a police officer have to be? People are already griping about how dumb the average cop is. How on earth do you expect to get mentally more capable people on that duty if there is no security, literal or financial, nor respect anymore?

Comment Re:WTF is happening (Score 4, Interesting) 198

My year of birth is 1981 and I went to school in Switzerland.

I think you hit the problematic nail on the proverbial head: Attention span and learning by heart a bunch of dates.

See, I don't know whether an abstracted simulation of historical and social events is a good tool but let's not act like our schools (there are exceptions, of course) did a swell job of teaching us much of true interest.

I feel like I had to go over the Roman empire three or four times. My wife has similar trauma with the French revolution. However, nobody ever took the time to actually, truly teach what led to them and what consequences they had. Hell, in geography we had to mark rivers and towns and cities... Had they tied that in with history it might actually have led to an understanding of WHY our world is the way it is. Hell, rather than rivers they should have taught us about highways, at least that way we'd have some practical use for the knowledge.

It's good to know that hills were made by glaciers but that one sentence would have been enough information in that regard.

We had to become adults and be interested in history to learn that Celts weren't actually barbarians enlightened by the Roman empire but rather were providing fine jewelry and soaps on a quality level the Romans had a hard time achieving. And these were the people who were our forefathers. Instead we glorified the conquerors.

  We had to find out much later that while the French revolution was, more or less, the founding of todays understanding of democracy and the people's power, the people leading it were just as much opportunistic aristocrats as the ones who ended up on the guillotine (and nobody ever told us how many innocents were killed that way either!).

It's the same thing with people like Magellan or your very own Columbus. So much of what we were taught about these people was so very wrong it's appalling.

Frankly, I believe we should take kids when they enter school, show them how google works an ask them to tell us their opinion (!) on how much their book might be wrong about certain events in history.

Children are so very inquisitive and they can be like freaking drug sniffing dogs when they feel they're being lied to. Let's use that! It'll teach them to gather information and build an opinion just as much as how to question that which kinda feels too comfortable to be the absolute truth.

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