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Comment Re:Of course, so many from Wall St have gone to ja (Score 1) 287

That was because of taxes and because they were insane enough to think that Americans would be dumb enough to fall for Mitt Romney.

Make no mistake. Obama 2008 was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wall Street. He expected raising money from them to be just as easy the second time around, because he had done everything they asked. They wanted more.

I've spent so much time publicly cataloging the long list of lies, grotesque appointments, and errors of omission and commission that I'm not going to repeat them for a quoter of irrelevant statistics such as you are.

The Dow was down 313 points the day after Obama was elected. They had bet on the wrong horse the second time around. Why haven't we seen a temperamental fit of reprisal from Obama? Why should he bother? He won't be running again. People who embarrass him, though, like Aaron Swartz, Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange, there's something worth getting worked up over.

The REALLY grotesque irony is that Romneybot would have been a disaster for Wall Street. As it is, we never saw meaningful Wall Street reform and we never will, for reasons that have been crisply explained by others.

Comment Of course, so many from Wall St have gone to jail (Score 2) 287

What baloney. Prosecutors make decisions about whom to go after and for what all the time. The law is the law is just total BS.

I will repeat, so I can be labeled as flamebait again, that the real culprit here is Mr. Unequal Justice himself, the POTUS and his slimy DoJ, of which the Boston prosecutors are just cogs in a smoke manufacturing machine.

Comment Re:Look to the White House (Score 1) 430

You're so f**king smart. I voted FOR President-for-Life Obama. My stocks are doing great. Romneytwit would have been a disaster for Wall Street. I really, truly think the money people lost their minds in the election cycle. Your consummate mastery of popular wisdom and the single entendre is simply stunning.

Comment Re:Look to the White House (Score 1) 430

Barack Obama was and is the bought and paid-for stooge of Wall Street, none of whose really bad guys have gotten even a slap on the wrist. One of them became Secretary of the Treasury. To show what a tough guy he is, he bombs the s**t out of people who can't shoot back and makes sure that people who do things like Occupy Wall Street, cooperate with Wikileaks, or do anything that embarrasses him, are treated harshly. As to what you do or do not know about Chicago politics, or its history with Presidential elections, not to mention your ability to evaluate mental health, stick to your day job. As to his mastery of technology, you'd have done better to have cited his election day performance, which actually demonstrates an understanding of how to use technology to do direct marketing. For a president, we have a fantastic call center director with a really mean streak, which most call center directors do have.

Comment Look to the White House (Score -1, Flamebait) 430

1. Don't ever cross or embarrass Barack Obama. 2. Don't use technology, about which he knows nothing except how to pick up the phone and order another drone kill. 3. If you intend to do something illegal, and you failed to give POTUS or his agent hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in advance, you are going to be in big trouble. And do look at the treatment of Bradley Manning. Can't blame that on Boston prosecutors. "Don 't get mad. Get even," said one of the also Chicago-mob-connected Kennedys. It's how they do business there. This all has little or nothing to do with a couple of twits in Boston and everything to do with President-for-Life Obama, with perhaps the continuation of millions of dollars in defense contracts for MIT Lincoln Labs thrown in.

Comment Getting out the vote is Democracy 101 (Score 1) 209

And politicians since time immemorial have used any method they could conceive of to do it. I scanned the posts quickly to see if anyone had already stated this very, very, very basic fact about democracy.

Voter turnout among young and minority voters has been a big problem for the Democratic party for a long time. The GOP tried to make it an even bigger problem. The Democrats used technology to solve a real problem in one of the most basic realities of democracy: what voters think doesn't matter unless they actually vote. Romney was astonished that he lost only because he expected the Democratic voter turnout problem (along with dirty tricks) to win it for him. What a shock. Democracy won, and technology helped. Yes. That's news.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 2) 125

Let all of us who are old enough raise a glass to toast the days when people who wrote programs, who rarely referred to themselves as programmers, understood full well that they didn't know what they were doing and were going to make mistakes.

Comment Re:It's a big world (Score 1) 349

Spoken like a witness from Microsoft arguing for more H1-B visas. Slashdot is dominated by software types, and if the world is run by bad software, I don't know why you would look for a hard-hitting and insightful discussion of the subject on slashdot.

The old-timers, the ones who weren't born into a world of smug software fantasy, know that good and reliable software is not only hard, it is expensive, and that "See, it works" must be scrutinized very closely and sometimes at great cost.

The whole situation is a perfect storm: the cost of doing it right is high, the moment of truth is often delayed in time, and blame for the mess too hard to pin down to prevent recurrences by prominently displaying a few severed heads near the Tower of London.

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