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Submission + - Facebook censors posts not directy related to occu (latimes.com)

rbmyers writes: I shared a link from the LA Times, http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/world_now/2011/12/tahrir-egypt-protest.html, about police brutality to demonstrators in Egypt, on Facebook and asked rhetorically why we were having no such demonstrations here. That link remains. All of the comments to the link, none of which contain the flag-word "occupy," were deleted within minutes by facebook. The first comment by a friend was that we haven't been repressed long enough. My response was that my friend was too young by about ten years to remember cities in flames and protesters against the Vietnam War being beaten and killed. The third comment, which I never got to read, was from my one right-wing Facebook friend. The censorship had to have been performed by humans. I followed up with a snotty post about the Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg and freedom of speech. They haven't pulled that down...yet. Oh, brave new world.

Submission + - I only read slashdot firehose 1

rbmyers writes: "Has anyone but me found slashdot firehose to be far more useful than slashdot itself? Many of the most interesting stories never make it past firehose, and the discussion on slashdot itself is rarely interesting to me. The moderation system on slashdot produces results that seem to border on the bizarre. Sophomoric jokes routinely get high ratings while posts with real information or an important clarification get buried in the noise. In rare instances, I'll go to the main slashdot page, but I'm usually disappointed."

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