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Comment Seven cent nickel? (Score 1) 702

The nickel today is not what it was fifteen years ago. Do you know what this country needs today? A seven cent nickel. Yes siree, we've been using the five-cent nickel in this country since 1492. Now that's pretty near 100 years daylight saving. Now why not give the seven cent nickel a chance? If that works out, next year we can have an eight cent nickel. Think what that would mean? You could go to a newsstand, buy a three cent newspaper, and get the same nickel back again. One nickel carefully used would last a family a life-time.

Comment Re:ARGH (Score 1) 720

significant removal of features

WMC to me was a waste of time considering all the great Linux based solutions out there.

How many of those "great Linux based solutions" support CableCard? I have TWC, and I want to be able to view and record programs. None of the Linux based solutions I looked at will support a CableCard-enabled tuner such as HDHomeRun Prime.

Comment Re:What's a reboot? (Score 4, Interesting) 252

I would say that "reboot" can mean different things, in much the same way that "Zathras" can refer to more than one individual, depending on how you pronounce it :) There is the one you describe (change the story line / concepts), but I think it's also possible to simply retell the story, or perhaps tell "more of the story" (i.e. start a bit earlier in the arc, or give additional background). Our technology has changed a bit since 1994 (I mean, gad, we were still running Windows for Workgroups back then!) so it makes sense that we can better imagine the future from this perspective. I respect JMS and believe he would not tamper with the core precepts in the series. And while there are lots of faithful fans who remember the original series, there is also a huge audience of people who aren't familiar with the original series & would enjoy an excellent space opera.

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