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Comment Re:Dear Mr.Ahmad (Score 1) 461

and also thanks for reminding us that Twitter is the place to memorialize things said before thinking. At least you followed-up to soften it a bit after reviewing the, you know, facts. Kudos for that; many Twitter-users who post something stupid would just as soon double-down on whatever idiocy they posted.

Comment Re:This'll go over well.. (Score 2) 147

Like a fart in a Megachurch.

Not sure I get that one. If the service is jumping with all the music and outstretched hands, drool and what-not, not unlike an Metallica concert, a good fart should go completely unnoticed, particularly the silent-but-deadly kind likely to be mistaken for B.O., which from the looks of a typical mega-congregation should be intense. Megachurch services are not quiet, seance-like affairs.

Now, a fart in a confessional, that'll lead to a few Hail Mary's.

Comment Re:Red Box is Cheap (Score 1) 382

True. It gets annoying when there's a queue browsing and looking puzzled at the machine. They haven't learned that that you reserve in advance, online (sigh, get with it people, there's an app on your phone). With practice, if you're lucky to be in an area with lots of these machines, you learn which ones don't draw the crowd of impulse renters, and you can quickly be on your way. And if you're on the road anyway to pick up some chips or a pizza, it's not a thing.

There's bound to be a day when online catches up price-wise... has to. But for some reason, it ain't here yet.

Comment Re:Racism (Score 0) 60

No, welcome to the Internet. A few trolls with OCD have become fixated on posting outrageous shit on any public forum they can find. Slashdot, New York Times, gardener's club, it doesn't matter - if it's public, they want to punk it with something offensive because ha-ha, it's so funny, you'll never catch me, I'm such a bad-ass, and mom I want McDonald's for lunch go get me McDonald's. Slashdot has a mod system for this kind of thing. Screen it out, move on. If you have mod points, mod them troll and mod the informative, insightful posts up.
And if you see his mother at McDonald's (she'll be ordering "to go"), give her a good punch in the mouth.

Comment Re:This is what happens when you fire the older ex (Score 1) 259

I don't think those are the people getting fired. They're just retiring, especially those who had the good stock options back from the Gates years and when the stock price was riding high. I understand most people getting the sack these days are the saps brought in from the Nokia acquisition, who were never real Microsoft anyway (and now, never will be).

But there's definitely a case of turnover going on. Youngsters who want to make their own name for themselves (read: make themselves non-fireable) rather than support some old guy's code. They re-invent the GUI, tossing years' worth of human-interface guidelines down the tubes because they're so young and hip and we know everything like how the desktop is dead and the flat look is just so much better it's ok to just make people use it with forced upgrades. Selling software is so old and balding, we're the future and we're pushing out software as a service! Course, if something breaks, something shitty gets released to the world, just push out a fix sometime. Whatever.

Comment Re:Take action (Score 1) 259

Whoa, there, Cowboy. I'm all for that stuff about votin' and duty (feel a duty comin' on myself). But do you really expect Congress to take action on... Windows 10? You really think that's a good idea?

Think it through, friend. The best that would happen, Congress holds a hearing, which is Beltway-code for "photo-op" and "time I don't have to spend doing stuff that matters". A few Microsoft execs get subpoenas to answer questions and stay in 5-star hotels, Congress-people reveal how ignorant they are about computers, and the execs respond with carefully worded answers scripted by their lawyers. Gets a few mentions on the evening news, then once the cameras go dead they all get together for beers, get toasted and throw money all over the place.

That's the best you can hope for. The worst that can happen is Congress declares Windows as a matter of national security, designates Microsoft a disaster area, and places the company under a specially appointed "computer czar" who will hold committee meetings until all bugs are ironed out or the funding runs out, whichever comes first. Satya might be released from Guantanamo Bay in about... 20 years. Throw Ballmer in there, too, 'cause this is all his fault anyway.

You really want to avoid "downtime"? Linux, seriously. There are pentiums out there been running Slackware since 1998 that haven't crashed yet. Might get boring, can't play the latest games, and plugging in a Kindle might not do anything at all (what part of "no warranty" do you not understand?), but you can completely stop sweating about Microsoft, totally, and feel smug about it, too.

Comment Re: Nah (Score 1) 174

What part of the term "splitting hairs" do you not understand?
Christ, AC's, 2.5 seconds 0-60 in a street-legal sedan that seats five is fuck fucking fast. That's an acceleration of 24 mph per second or 1.09g's.
At a fraction of the cost of a Bugatti Veyron. Probably less for insurance, too. So what if some hand-made toy for sons of oil barons squeaks 0.1 second more? You have better odds of strapping a solid-rocket to your Chevy than driving, much less obtaining, one of these so-called supercars that look so pretty in the magazines.
So, give it up, a little. The Tesla, at least, is on the horizon of obtainable, if you sell your house, raid the retirement and the kid's college fund, or wholesale a couple of keys of... no, scratch that last one.

Comment Re:*The* Quickest, Not *Its* Quickest (Score 1) 174

True. From Digital Trends:

The automaker now bills the Model S as the quickest production car in the world, but there are a couples [sic] issues with that statement. Both the Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder are quicker off the line by one tenth of a second or so, which would make the Model S the third-fastest car in the world, not the first. Don’t worry though, Tesla has an explanation.

“Both the LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder were limited run, million-dollar vehicles and cannot be bought new,” the brand said. “While those cars are small two seaters with very little luggage space, the pure electric, all-wheel drive Model S P100D has four doors, seats up to 5 adults plus 2 children and has exceptional cargo capacity.”

Perhaps “quickest car in the world that can be purchased new in 2016” would be a better title, however that doesn’t exactly roll off the fingertips. At any rate, the Model S and Model X are now faster than almost anything on the road, and with its new power source, the Model S is the first production EV to cross the coveted 300-mile range mark.

Dubbed P100D, the electric powertrain [with the new, 100kWh battery pack] drops the Model S’ 0 to 60 time down to just 2.5 seconds, and total range has been increased from 294 miles to 315 miles. The Model X P100D sees similar improvements, as the heavier vehicle can now sprint to 60 mph in 2.9 ticks and drive for 289 miles without recharging.

Not bad. If you got the garage space and some change for a charging rig, they've got a superfast car you can use to take the kids to the pool... if you can stand telling them "no" a million times when they beg, beg, beg you to gun it in "ludicrous mode" off the traffic light (I said... DO NOT TOUCH!) and Tesla should definitely offer some super-secure teen-driver proofing so your kid with the freshly minted driver's license doesn't squish himself on a joy-ride whilst you and the missus are reconnecting on holiday.

Comment Re:Need Even more (Score 1) 111

So, make it all public. Then, the only people with a problem will be criminals. And people cheating on their spouses. And your boss might see you interviewing for a better job. And your GF may catch you sneaking into a movie you swore you hadn't seen, just as you watch your GF getting into a car with your best friend. And your boss spending a really long time at the massage parlor, your mom heading to the casino (that ain't no bingo parlor), the minister with the politician at the roach motel, and your kid sister going through the back door of a strip club. All lies exposed, a world gone insane. I can't wait.

Comment Re:Not a good idea (Score 2) 111

Scotland Yard, for one, has a bunch of specialists with a talent for grainy security footage. It's taken a while, but now that super-recognizers are actually looking through all that footage, it looks like the cameras in London are starting to put people in jail.

Where I live, it seems cameras have at least convinced crooks to put on ski-masks before they rob a bank teller or a convenience store. I've got mixed feelings about a world gone all Minority Report, but if you live in a neighborhood where this kind of shit-crime is common, you start to get frustrated at the grainy blob on the 11 o'clock news carjacking a lady at a gas station. It's these assholes who'll make it easy for toothy salesmen to sell politicians on armed security drones, DNA sniffers, cyborg security-dogs, and whatever else crazy shit the future has in store for us.

Comment Re:Kdenlive (Score 1) 512

AC inadvertently brings up an good point (get an account - expo... uh, express yourself). There are some good apps written under K's toolkit. But they don't require KDE (i.e., the desktop environment) to run... which is not necessarily a bad thing, but where does that leave KDE? What value does KDE add that you don't already have under the DE of your choice, including Mac OS and Windows thanks to porting?

The trouble with KDE, or any linux desktop for that matter, is that really useful apps written under GPL like Gimp or Krita will get ported to Windows and/or MacOS. Linux desktop, and KDE in particular, needs something really really great or users will continue to gradually bleed away. For a while, virtual desktops for example only existed on X (hacks existed for Mac and Windows, I know, but they weren't that good). Now even Windows supports virtual desktops natively. For KDE to be anything more than a demo platform for Qt and KDE Frameworks libraries, it needs to offer something really really really great, which might require more cooperation between kernel and KDE and distro packager to pull off.

Comment Re:It's not really dead (Score 1) 512

I'd heard that story, that Nimoy had to be enticed to agree to do the movie by way of the best death scene ever. But something doesn't jive. First, if he wanted to be done with it, then what convinced him to sign-on with that crappy follow-up? He could have said just said no (but I suppose there was a very big check). Second, the only reason Paramount did Kahn was because MP made money (in spite of its problems). So, a pattern had already been established that if Trek makes money Paramount's gonna make more of them. Thus, predictably, the only way Spock would stay dead is if Kahn was a box-office dud. It wasn't. Walking out of a packed theater, it was an easy (if somewhat cynical) bet for me and my friends that there'd be another, even if it meant literally bringing a character back from the dead (best death scene be damned). Nimoy surely knew that, too.

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