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Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 84

Never before has "those that give up freedom for security deserve neither" has been truer, and more blatantly obvious. We gave up our privacy and what did we get in return? An OS where every update has become a gamble whether it's going to boot up after again or whether we have a brick now. An OS that is STILL every bit as insecure as every predecessor.

Comment Re:$50 - an hour? (Score 4, Insightful) 77

My personal time is sold at market rates. For the simple reason that I could sell it at market rates at any time. IT security people are sought after and, let's be honest here, we can pretty much demand what we want and it's being paid.

The point is, why should my personal time be any cheaper than my "professional" time? It's not like I'm doing what I really enjoy doing when upgrading an OS, we're not talking about playing my favorite game.

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